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Conspiracy Truthers: 20 Theories Now Widely Accepted as Fact

There are a remarkable number of conspiracy theories that are now widely recognized as fact. This list of 20 — some widely known, some lesser-known — merely scratches the surface. Nonetheless, we are providing it as a useful rebuttal to those who use the term “conspiracy theorist” as a disparaging label synonymous with “crazy.”

Keep in mind though that — given the disappearance of independent and ethical journalism, the increasing censorship of social media and the growing star chamber justice system — proven criminal conspiracies such as these will be increasingly relegated to rabbit holes.  Although not all conspiracy theories are valid or should be treated equally, we hold that there are many truth bombs that are widely discounted and ignored by the public.

1. Project MKUltra / LSD Conspiracy

Theory: The CIA tested LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs on Americans in a top-secret experiments on behavior modification.

Fact: FOIA documents have revealed that indeed the government did conduct such experiments for a special program known as MKUltra. It was very real. The CIA started the program with volunteers, and the novelist Ken Kesey was one notable subject. But program heads soon began dosing people without their knowledge. MKUltra ultimately left many victims permanently mentally disabled.

From 1953 to 1964, the CIA secretly dosed individuals with LSD to test the potential effects of mind control. The MKUltra project involved thousands of U.S. citizens, who were given LSD without their knowledge or consent. The CIA resorted to fessing up to the program, and President Clinton offered an apology. The truth however is that this program today is as advanced as ever.

Read “The Narut Revelations: Mind-Controlled Manchurian Candidates”

2. Big Brother Conspiracy

Theory: With the advances in technology, the government is using its vast resources to perform unwarranted tracking and spying on citizens.

Fact: In 2016, government agencies sent 49,868 requests for user data to Facebook, 27,850 to Google and 9,076 to Apple, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (the EFF), a major nonprofit organization that defends civil liberties in the digital world and advises the public on matters of internet privacy. You’ve probably also heard that your computer camera could be used to spy on you. Here’s the real likelihood someone is watching you through that camera.

3. CIA Embedded in the Media

Theory: The CIA spy on, conspire with and control American media.

Fact: The CIA project known as Operation Mockingbird spied on members of the Washington press corps, starting in the early 1950s. As part of this operation, they paid journalists to publish CIA propaganda, wiretapped their phones and monitored their offices to keep tabs on their activities and visitors. The CIA paid student and cultural organizations as well as magazines to serve as front organizations. The covert operation was finally uncovered in Senate hearings in the mid-1970s.

Read “Spielberg Movie ‘The Post’ Omits Newspaper’s Deep State Connections to The Georgetown Cesspool”

4. Cointelpro Conspiracy

Theory: Cointelpro (short for “Counterintelligence Program”) was a systematic and organized effort by the federal government to investigate, infiltrate, discredit and sometimes destroy political groups deemed hostile to the U.S. Among the groups illegally infiltrated and damaged by Cointelpro were communist organizations, the Civil Rights Movement, the Rainbow Coalition, the anti-war left and women’s rights organizations.

Fact: The 1971 burglary of an FBI field office exposed the conspiracy. It hasn’t gone away.

Read “The Assassination of MLK and Agent 500”

5. Operation North Woods False Flag Conspiracy

Theory: The U.S. government planned to commit false flag domestic terrorism and blame Cuba.

Fact: Approved by the Pentagon chiefs, the Department of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA, Operation Northwoods was a proposed plan to fabricate acts of terrorism on U.S. soil. If carried out, it would’ve killed innocent citizens to trick the public into supporting a war against Cuba in the early 1960s. The operation even proposed blowing up a U.S. ship and hijacking planes as a false pretense for war.

See 9/11 Reading List

6. Iran-Contra Conspiracy

Theory: As part of a complicated scheme involving the highest levels of government, the U.S. sold weapons to Iran in exchange for the release of seven hostages being held in Lebanon and used the money to support Nicaraguan militants. An offshoot of this was drug and arms running.

Fact: It was revealed and collapsed into a flurry of hearings and jail sentences.

7. Nayirah Conspiracy

Theory: Leading up to the Gulf War, a young girl identified simply as “Nayirah” testified before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus in 1990. She told fake stories about the treatment of the Kuwaitis by the invading Iraqis, which horrified members of Congress and many Americans.

Fact: Although many people did die following Iraq’s invasion, it was later revealed that Nayirah’s testimony was made up. She was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S., and her testimony was set up as part of a public relations campaign called “Citizens for a Free Kuwait” that was run by Hill & Knowlton, a public relations firm.

8. Big Tobacco Conspiracy

Theory: For decades, tobacco companies buried evidence that smoking is deadly.

Fact: At the beginning of the 1950s, research was showing an indisputable statistical link between smoking and lung cancer, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that Philip Morris, the nation’s largest cigarette maker at the time, even admitted that smoking could causes cancer.

9. Lysine Price Fixing Conspiracy

Theory: In the mid ’90s, multiple conglomerates, including American industrial giant Archer Daniels Midland, conspired to fix prices of the animal feed additive lysine.

Fact: The plot was uncovered by a whistleblower and the FBI prosecuted the companies as an international cartel. ADM was fined $100 million for this and another conspiracy to fix the price of the chemical citric acid. The entire affair was dramatized in the 2011 Matt Damon film “The Informant!”

10. Alcohol Poisoning Conspiracy

Theory: During the prohibition years, the government poisoned alcohol to discourage people from drinking it.

Fact: Manufacturers of industrial alcohol had been mixing their product with dangerous chemicals for years prior to prohibition. But between 1926 and 1933, the federal government pushed manufacturers to use stronger poisons to discourage bootleggers from turning the alcohol into moonshine. That didn’t stop the bootleggers, however, or their customers. By the end of prohibition, more than 10,000 Americans had been killed by tainted booze.

11. Contaminated Vaccines Conspiracy

Theory: Contaminated polio vaccines spread a cancer-causing virus.

Fact: In 1960, it was discovered that monkey kidney cells used to make the Salk polio vaccine could cause cancer. Americans were not told about this. Between 1955 and 1963, nearly 100 million children were given this contaminated vaccine. Although the cells were removed from polio vaccines in 1963, scientists around the world continue to identify them in human brain, bone and lung cancers of children and adults.

Read “Lyme Disease: An Affliction Crafted By the Usual Suspects?”

12. Tuskegee Syphilis Conspiracy

Theory: The U.S. government knowingly, deliberately and secretly performed syphilis experiments on the public.

Fact: In what was later revealed as the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, the CDC withheld potentially lifesaving treatments from black men with syphilis under the guise of a medical experiment. Once the conspiracy became public, hearings were held and a $10 million settlement was reached for its victims along with lifetime medical care for their families and no-cost burials.

13. Gulf of Tonkin Conspiracy

Theory: The Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 2, 1964, was faked false flag to provoke American support for the Vietnam War.

Fact: Declassified intelligence documents have since revealed that the Maddox had provided support for South Vietnamese attacks on a nearby island and that the North Vietnamese were responding in kind, according to the U.S. Naval Institute.

14. Conspiracy to Hide the Effects of Radiation Exposure

Theory: Government deliberately hides from the public the dangers of radiation exposure.

Fact: Research linking X-rays to leukemia and other cancers was published in 1911, but X-rays — used everywhere from doctors’ offices to shoe stores — were generally considered safe until the National Academy of Sciences issued a report condemning these practices (including use in pregnant women) in 1956.

15. FBI Conspired with White House to Oust John Lennon

Theory : The FBI was spying on former Beatle John Lennon.

Fact: Like many counter-culture heroes, Lennon was considered a threat to the status quo.

“Anti-war songs, like ‘Give Peace a Chance,’ didn’t exactly endear former Beatle John Lennon to the Nixon administration,” NPR reported in 2010. “In 1971, the FBI put Lennon under surveillance, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service tried to deport him a year later.”

16. Weather Conspiracies

Theory: The U.S. government can manipulate the weather.

Fact: Operation Popeye was a five-year project in which the U.S. government used a technique called “cloud seeding” to increase precipitation during the rainy seasons over the North Vietnam Army’s moving of vehicles, weapons, and rations across the trail. The general idea of cloud seeding is to send an airborne object, typically an airplane, flying through a cloud while releasing small particulates that give water vapor something to cling to so that it can condense and become rain.

Read “‘Tinfoil Hat’ Folks Get the Last Laugh: Former CIA Chief Brennan Lauded Chemtrails in CFR Speech”

17. 19th Century Trust Monopoly Conspiracies

Theory: A small group of powerful and wealthy business owners conspired to monopolize their various interests. This was done through price-fixing, bribery, intimidation, union busting and running small business into the ground through unfair competition. An enormous amount of wealth was eventually concentrated in a few giant combinations, called trusts, which were almost as powerful as the government.

Fact: These trusts were eventually broken up through lawsuits and legislation, but many of their successor companies still corner the market today in oil, mining, manufacturing and food production.

18. Black Hand Conspiracy

Theory: A secret society existed called the “Black Hand” that was made up of Serbian nationals seeking to unify various Serbian enclaves. Members of this group conspired to assassinate the Austrian archduke. Their goal was to break off the southern Slavic provinces of Austria-Hungary and create a unified Slavic nation.

Fact: Six members traveled to Sarajevo to carry out the deed, having been trained and equipped by additional conspirators in the Serbian military. One of them, Serbian student Gavrilo Princip, succeeded. Austria’s response led to The Great War (WWI).

19. Steroid Conspiracy in Baseball

Theory: Dozens of “edge gamer” baseball players and their clinicians concocted a conspiracy to take steroids, obtain fraudulent prescriptions and hide the effects of the drugs they were taking. Major League Baseball, at least to some extent, knew what was going on and looked the other way — as long as the players involved kept making money for the game and the league.

Fact: The racket finally fell apart when a 20-month Congressional investigation led to a long list of players who had taken illegal substances, and baseball instituted a new drug testing policy under enormous fan and government pressure.

20. Big Pharma Conspires with Prescribing Physicians

Theory: Pharma executives conspire to, among other things, illegally promote certain products to treat diseases off label, hide incriminating safety data that questions the efficacy of drugs, fix prices and provide kickbacks to doctors in exchange for promoting their drugs.

Fact: GlaxoSmithKline was the subject of a massive criminal investigation for the aforementioned activities and was fined $3 billion — the largest fine ever levied against any pharma company by any government.

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7 Comments on Conspiracy Truthers: 20 Theories Now Widely Accepted as Fact

  1. For me… late into the game: conspiracy theorist since early 2013; when “Fast and Furious” became a “fact”.

    All the poisonous elements were there: state conducted violence (though proxies, of course), law breaking, deceit, secrecy and, ultimately, mind control for political purposes. That is, if violence in Mexico is NOT produced by illegal, imported guns from the US, well – we’ll make it so – flood Mexico with powerful weapons, kill a couple hundred Mexicans and see!? – Violence in Mexico IS the result of US guns (and now, please, hand over your own).

    The reality was disclosed by one very brave MSN (CBS) reporter – the Obama admin blamed it on the Bush administration. And POOF! – down the memory hole – how many college freshmen – just 6 years later – could identify any single item relative to Fast and Furious? or even what the term referred to – 2,3 %?

    From there it was on to May 2013 and the pathetic hoax of the Boston Marathon Bombing – and the ridiculous photo of the man in the straw hat pushing a man seated in a wheelchair who has just had his lower leg blown off … but who doesn’t seem too upset about it. (FACT: Boston Marathon was a practice run for an illegal suspension of the 4th Amendment; were the “residents” chanting “USA! USA!” while the troops performed the heavily armed warrantless searches crisis actors or just stupid people?)

    Then I started working my way back – WTC and the Arab teenagers – Oklahoma City (dress rehearsal) … etc etc

    Forgive the personal reminiscences.

  2. Next is the big ag cover-up. The ag-gag law was the beginning. Preventing surveillance of factory farming practices. Along the same note would be USDA and FDA looking the other way when processed meat and now any meat, eggs and dairy are strongly linked to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Which is why Canada, for instance, has already omitted most of them from their nutritional guidelines.

  3. How Big Oil Conquered the World

    Illuminati Banker Interview: Ronald Bernard

    Inside Auschwitz.

    Low Solar Activity.

    Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates

    The Jews Who Own The Media(banned on youtube)

    Baltic Ethnic cleansing

    Setting The Record Straight-Ernst Zundel

    Yuri Bezmenov Full Interview & Lecture – HQ
    Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)

    “The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key that will unlock the New World Order”
    Mikael Gorbachev 1996.

    “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true”
    Paul Watson, Co-Founder of Greenpeace.

    “Unless we announce disasters no one will listen.”
    Sir John Houghton,First Chairman of IPCC.

    “No matter if the science of Global warming is all phony… Climate change provides the biggest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.”

    Christine Stewart ,former Canadian Minister for the Environment.
    Lima Declaration

    The Hope: Churchill & the Jews

    Hungarian uprising.
    The Jerualem Conspiracy.

  4. What about some present conspiracies:
    Global warming hype, sea water rise hype.. study geology and you will see that climate and sealevel always changed by itself

    Drugs trafficking by CIA and FBI ,drugs for weapons,creating drugs consumer mostly black underclass
    Hyping the danger of low level radio activity and keeping out of the discours latest findings of non LNT dose response relation which means that practically all radiation danger is harmless under practical circumstances. Radiation is save until level 10times that is considered now. 1 time doses 100 times under .5 sievert. It causes restriction if nuclear power usage. Aim is monopolisation of the nuclear industry.
    All humans are equal… Not their productivity ,it is kept out of the conversation
    Races have different average IQ levels.. Quota rules are a kind of subsidy for lower productive segments of multy racial society.
    Extra judicial murders by the people in power on journalists,whistle blowers and witnesses
    False flag events organized by secret services..9_11 ,omaha, bombing, countless air disasters,shooting down of airliner above the Ukraine MH 17, MH 37
    Shooting incident false flags to form a political platform against personal weapons against 2d amandment
    Unconstitutionality of most taxes
    Extensive socialist agenda while pretending free market, continuous growth of the are bureaucracy
    Using poisons and biological weapons against civilians for targeted killings and macro events like coved19
    Printing money and creating wealth destruction by central banks
    Creating enemy images of normal decent societies by propaganda. Much of what is known of Germany under Nazi rule is invented.. Fake journalism is propaganda, leads to fake history. Much what wat is happening now could be better understood if the real reasons of the first and second WW were known. Socialist world empire in the becoming. Empire is anti democratic,cruel,anti democratic,elitist,bureaucratic,evil
    Fake science CO2..
    Fake technology..electric cars,windmills..impossible solutions with low return on energy investment
    Overrating of the influence of chemicals on cancer
    Coved19 measures create an unseen death rate by economic depression..typical socialist program propagandized seen advantage against unseen disadvantages as with bureaucratic interference of the bureaucracy in economic mater’s
    The failure of the programs of black emancipation..
    Fine dust danger overrating. It just creates extra bureacracy
    Blame the whites for all history misdeeds
    This is not all
    The creation of a new aristocracy for the next feudalistic society with a Marxist legal working structure
    Topling of Caribbean leadership’s in the 50s was the first step in denazification later followed Rhodesia and south africa.
    Venezuela Chavez was secretly supported by CIA
    All leaders of the world are chosen by a secret over government with help of the CIA, not by elections

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