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Time to Clear the Deck of Alex Jones and Joe Rogan (Updated)

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After the most recent Joe Rogan-Alex Jones spectacle, it’s become clear that it’s time to tune out these operative actors. Like many of you, I was at one time an Alex Jones fan. But increasingly in recent years, he has exposed himself as a limit hangout Judas Goat for the controlled opposition.

I suspect he was compromised and/or bought off in some manner about four years ago. Jones’ excuse for his changed behavior is that he had a “minor psychosis about four or five years ago” that “reoriented his thinking about conspiracies.” Accordingly, he then jumped on the kakistocracy’s campaign to demonize “conspiracy theorists.”

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Reframing the Language Used

While we are at it, the time has come to reject another of Jones’ many bogus dialectic terms: the “elites.” We have all fallen into this habit to some degree. Point of fact is that there’s nothing wrong with being an “elite scholar” or an “elite athlete.” One should aspire to that. If we were actually ruled by meritorious elites, I would just go away and be a happy camper.

Rather, the real issue is the kakistocracy, which means government or rule by the worst persons. This is the opposite of meritocracy. So drop the “elite” verbiage and go with kakistocrats, the Kakistocrat Question (KQ) or Crime Syndicate. Unfortunately, the word is a bit of a tongue twister, but get it down (kah-key-stoh-krat and kah-key-stock-rah-see).

In the following Rogan-Jones exchange, there are less-than-subtle attempts to label conspiracy theorists as “schizophrenic.” I know for a fact that Rogan and Jones have no qualifications whatsoever to diagnosis the debilitating mental illness of schizophrenia. Furthermore, Rogan has been in Hollyweird for decades. In his role as host of the show “Fear Factor,” he encouraged pathological suffering and fear. One episode involved donkey semen/urine episode, for example.

Rogan was involved with gory and violent fights by the UFC, and he often talks of getting high on drugs on his talk show. And this guy has the audacity to call conspiracy truthers who question the statements of known liars “schizophrenic”? Really? Here is the routine, sliced and diced by Paul Romano of “Pocketsofthefuture.”

The other trick you will see with Rogan is an attention-deficit (ADD) persona. He constantly changes the topic with irrelevant insertions right when it gets interesting and things start to get over target. The scene is like a tavern debate. They even get up to take leaks. He really can’t focus on anything and typifies the dilettante zeitgeist, which is probably why he’s so popular.

The treatment of World Trade Center Tower 7 (WTC 7) in the Jones interview was a poor disjointed distraction and misdirection. He attempts to convey detail and knowledge but is actually a phony in his real understanding and interpretative framework. Watch this little trick in the following video at minute 00:07:38. Jones and Rogan work to totally neuter WTC 7 discussion. How anyone would find these drunk clowns informative or entertaining is perplexing to me.

Not a real interview- Dr. Phil is imposed over Jones’ fake rants scam on Rogan. We are now seeing neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and gas-lighting taken to new heights for the manipulation of the pajama people.

An intelligent person should know that “conspiracy” is commonplace in normal human interaction. That is not debatable. So the kakistocrats have coined a new definition: “A conspiracy theory is the fear of a nonexistent conspiracy or the unnecessary assumption of conspiracy when other explanations are more probable. Evidence showing it to be false, or the absence of proof of the conspiracy, is interpreted by believers as evidence of its truth, thus insulating it from refutation.”

We don’t operate that way. Who would just reject clear evidence? Pajama people. Are we seeing clear or valid refutes in the cases we examine? No, most rebuttals are fallacious or circular arguments and are often in the form of gaslighting, which is what no-value Rogan offers up.

According to hack political scientist Michael Barkun, conspiracy theories rely on the view that the universe is governed by design and embody three principles: nothing happens by accident, nothing is as it seems and everything is connected.

Once again, dishonest hacks like Barkun use the over-reaching, all-encompassing assumption that nothing happens by accident, or nothing is as it seems, everything is blah, blah. We would say all-or-nothing views are not even remotely part of the equation. We are more humble than that and suggest that we — as outsiders looking in — may never be able to fully resolve every particular of Crime Syndicate conspiracies.

Furthermore, we know that accidents can happen, but debunkers ask us to believe in Hanlon’s Razor run amok and that there’s no malice afoot. That explaining-away-of-malice razor is what good conspiracy theorists reject. THAT is the core issue. And, as importantly, not all conspiracy theories are equal. Some are bad, some indifferent and some over target. Some are just made up for gaslighting purposes by the kakistocrats to be promoted by their agents like Alex Jones and Joe Rogan.

Finally, it should be noted that a countless number of conspiracy theories have been proven. They are no longer theories, just conspiracies. But if no one ever put forth the theory, would the conspiracy have ever been revealed? No.

It’s up to you to decide which conspiracy theories have value and which don’t. Bottom line: Don’t ever let somebody — be it clowns, the media, controlled opposition, governments, criminals, identitarians or whoever — try to shame you away from asking critical questions.

17 Comments on Time to Clear the Deck of Alex Jones and Joe Rogan (Updated)

  1. I Quit AJ about the time you did.In the early 2000’s I feel he did some really good work. His interviews with people such as Russel Means, Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt, and Catherine Austin Fitts were first rate. Shortly after these very well done video’s his channel went rapidly down hill. I left about the time Aaron Dykes and Melissa did who were soon to be married and start Truth Stream Media, which I find to be a top notch alternate info channel.

    The one video that did it for me was Alex’s disruption of a pro gun rally in Texas. After viewing this there was no doubt in my mind he had become a full blown shill.

    • The debate: was AJ controlled opposition from the get go, or “ages ago” as you put it. I don’t quite see it that way. He was a gateway for awakening pajama people to take the next steps. I thank him for that part of my own evolution. But about four years ago that really started to change. And now he is all in.

  2. It’s not actually Hanlon’s Razor- it’s Bloch’s Razor. This clever little rhetorical cloak for criminality was actually dreamed up by one Arthur Bloch, and authorship was attributed to Hanlon, likely to disguise it’s Jewish origin.

  3. Personally, I could care less about either one of these clowns. Watching AJ and his team during the race riots of 2014 made me suspect that he’s either an op or a self-serving POS. Seeing his
    Trump train performances in 2016 confirmed the latter. Now he’s smokin’ dope with Rogan? Sheesh. What’s next, touring with “dangerous faggot” Milo Yiannopoulos?

  4. Not a real interview- Dr. Phil is imposed over Jones’ fake rants. We are now seeing neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and gaslighting taken to new heights for the manipulation of the pajama people.

  5. I kept seeing people commenting on how great this recent podcast was so I took a listen. I lasted about 15 min when Jones said Sandy Hook happened basically exactly how we were told, kept going on and on about how evidence he thought that proved it was a hoax was debunked, but never actually said what evidence he was alluding to. Then, as the author mentioned, both he and mainly Rogan went on a gaslighting spree of saying conspiracy theorists are schizophrenics. Really disappointing, but that was to be expected.

    • Same here. That’s when I realized he had become a turncoat. Stopped buying the products, promoting the site, etc. AJ was good ten years ago and before. Those days are over. He’s compromised.

  6. That was a fine read. Yes, it certainly is time, well past the time, to clear the deck (the poop deck, more like it) of the likes of Rogan & Jones. I wasn’t even aware of the whole Dr. Phil thing….cringe!

  7. USURY -abolished– our republic in 1933.

    They have pulled off their RED CHINA handover agenda.

    And the ‘under the radar’ SPOOKS of ‘alternative’ mass Medea –remain KEY.


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