The Ancestor and Old Culture Reclamation and Revival

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There is a revival in old ancestral music typified by Heilung an experimental folk band of members from Denmark, Norway and Germany. They perform music based on texts of original artifacts from the Iron Age and the Viking Age. The languages used vary from German, English to Gothic, Latin and Iron Age Norwegian dialects. The band’s first performances were in 2017 at Castlefest and at the Midgardsblot Metalfestival.

The instruments are items that were available in the Iron Age, such as drums, bones, horns or spears. The vocals bring back throat singing and the chirping whisper. This is primitive music set in the dark woods and meadows.

Costumes originate from Eurasian circumpolar peoples or historically correct images of Viking-age clothing.

The time frame is pre-Viking, more closely aligned with the Roman era (0 A.D. to 500 A.D.). The female vocalist is singing in early German, or proto-German. Tacitus and Saxo Grammaticus described the throat singing as being like “howling dogs.” The low growling and hissing and forked fingers are based on descriptions of Seiðr folk magic.

I remember when this first came out back in 138 A.D. Feel old yet?

I played this song for my dachshund, and he turned into a wolf. Now we go raiding together.

This video has nearly 12 million views on You Tube.

Post-rock music from Hungary. Black Hill & Silent Island – Tales of the night forest:

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