Pizza-Map Podesta Tells ABC News He Hopes Stone Goes to Jail for Hacking His Email

Hillary Clinton’s ex-campaign chairman, victim of 2016 campaign hack, thinks cell door will shut on Roger Stone

John Podesta still believes Stone played a role in releasing his hacked emails.

By Cecilia VegaChris VlastoMatthew Mosk and John Santucci | 26 February 2019

ABC NEWSHillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman John Podesta still harbors strong emotions about Roger Stone, the Republican dirty-trickster he believes played a role in releasing his hacked personal emails to try and gain an edge in the final month of the 2016 presidential contest.

“I think Roger Stone’s on his way to prison, quite frankly,” Podesta told ABC News — as Stone awaits trial on allegations he lied about his indirect communications with WikiLeaks, the organization that blasted his hacked emails into cyberspace.

“I think at the end of the day, he can strut and he can do his Nixon impressions,” Podesta concluded. “But, maybe when the cell door clanks, he’ll feel a little bit more remorse.” […]

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