NTT Docomo Develops Underground 5G Base Station

NTT DoCoMo said it expects to start deploying this new 5G antenna next year

By Juan Pedro Tomás | 30 April 2018

RCR WIRELESS NEWS — Japanese telecommunications operator NTT DoCoMo has developed a 5G base station which is designed to be buried in the ground to support deployments in areas with a shortage of space, Japanese press reported.

The waterproof 5G base station is designed to be placed into a 70-centimeter-deep hole and then covered with reinforced plastic that allows the transmission of radio waves.  NTT DoCoMo’s new 5G base stations will adjust the intensity and direction of the radio waves in order to not affect pedestrians, according to the reports.

NTT DoCoMo said that the new antenna will allow telcos to avoid the increasing limitations put on deploying infrastructure on towers and building roofs. The operator aims to start deploying this new 5G antennas in March of next year, according to the reports.

In February, NTT DoCoMo announced plans to launch an open partner program to enable local business and government organizations to explore and develop new use cases for 5G. […]

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