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Facebook Censorship of Alternative Media ‘Just the Beginning,’ Says Top Neocon Insider

At a Berlin security conference, hardline neocon Jamie Fly appeared to claim some credit for the recent coordinated purge of alternative media.

By Max Blumenthal and Jeb Sprague | 23 October 2018

GRAY ZONE — This October, Facebook and Twitter deleted the accounts of hundreds of users, including many alternative media outlets maintained by American users. Among those wiped out in the coordinated purge were popular sites that scrutinized police brutality and U.S. interventionism, like The Free Thought Project, Anti-Media, and Cop Block, along with the pages of journalists like Rachel Blevins.

Facebook claimed that these pages had “broken our rules against spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior.” However, sites like The Free Thought Project were verified by Facebook and widely recognized as legitimate sources of news and opinion. John Vibes, an independent reporter who contributed to Free Thought, accused Facebook of “favoring mainstream sources and silencing alternative voices.”

In comments published here for the first time, a neoconservative Washington insider has apparently claimed a degree of credit for the recent purge — and promised more takedowns in the near future.

“Russia, China, and other foreign states take advantage of our open political system,” remarked Jamie Fly, a senior fellow and director of the Asia program at the influential think tank the German Marshall Fund, which is funded by the U.S. government and NATO. “They can invent stories that get repeated and spread through different sites. So we are just starting to push back. Just this last week Facebook began starting to take down sites. So this is just the beginning.” […]

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  1. The following words are those of U.S. Senator James A Bayard concerning the administration of Lincoln and his “Red Republicans”.

    In July 1862, United States Senator James A. Bayard wrote to his son before leaving Washington for the summer recess describing the political atmosphere in the United States. “We are living under a petty but ruthless tyranny,” he said, “and God knows what folly this admin and its members are not capable of….It is sad, very sad, to think and feel how low the nation has fallen, and how little reason, knowledge of civil liberty, or high tone sentiment or even humanity of feeling is left.” He lamented that the American people were “ready for any folly barbarism or brutality those leaders chose to perpetrate.” The past year-and-a-half had been a brutal stretch for civil liberty in the United States, and Bayard could sense that things would continue to worsen, particularly in his home State of Delaware. He was correct.

    How many times can we point out that those who fail to study history are bound to repeat it?

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