Notorious Israel-Linked ‘Terror Journalist’ Gutjahr Crushed by German Courts!

Richard Gutjahr PHOTO: Vietmeier

By Kevin Barrett | 22 July 2018

VETERANS TODAY — Remember the amazing “terror journalist” Richard Gutjahr? The man with the uncanny ability to show up, pre-positioned, to take iconic footage of “Islamic terror” attacks?

Gutjahr, married to Israeli black ops specialist Einat Wilf, just happened to be on a balcony in Nice, Franceto film the beginning of the “truck attack.” His footage was essentially the ONLY footage of the event ever seen by the world.

Then one week later, Gutjahr and his daughter both just happened to be at the shopping mall in Munich where the next big “Islamic terror” event burst into the headlines. Once again, the MSM led with Gutjahr’s (and his daughter’s) footage.

It takes chutzpah to pre-position yourself to get the lead footage of two “terror attacks” one week, and 800 km, apart.  But it takes even more chutzpah to sue journalists who report your apparent foreknowledge. […]

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  1. “Entitlement mentality” describes a condition wherein the sufferer thinks they deserve money, houses, jobs, i.e. material things, without doing anything to “earn” them. The “chosen” people, or rather, the Talmudic mindset that infects a sizable number, emboldens them with this belief.

    But not only that, no, they should also be able to MURDER, MAIM and KILL to achieve their ends, and not only just “get away” with murder, pooh bah!! but the impertinent ‘goyim’ or cattle (us) that dare to question their actions, should pay, and pay dearly. This is the true meaning of CHUTZPAH.

    Hence the Irgun, Haganah, and Stern gang (many of whom ended up as Israeli Prime Ministers) could murder Palestinians in cold blood, bulldoze their houses, assassinate foreign diplomats that got in their way, create terror and mayhem to force the hardier souls among the Palestinians to leave, bomb the King David hotel in Jerusalem, killing 28 British nationals, and bomb the USS Liberty, killing 34 US sailors, even strafing survivors in life rafts to death, and get away with it scot free. And those are just the highlights of a much much longer list which extends all the way to 911 and beyond.

    The King David hotel bombing displayed the classical Israeli terror MO. The perpetrators dressed as Arabs when they planted the bombs. They have used the same MO repeatedly before after that, time and time again, and the brain-dead western world buys the lie that ‘Arabs did it’. Most of the western world have never heard of the King David hotel bombing, or the USS Liberty, and if they have, they have never bothered to study the details.

    Gutjahr and Wilf are just the latest manifestation of this Israeli terror/psy-op MO. They have gotten away with it for 70 years. They are entitled to. And no one should dare question it.

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