Failing Comedic Actor Sacha Cohen Mocks Conspiracy Theorists in ‘Who is America’

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Before I became more awakened to the mental gaming being waged by the usual suspects, I thought Sacha Baron Cohen was funny, particularly his Ali G character. However, as his characters evolved over time, I came to realize he is one of worst, most despicable “performers” being promoted. He’s no George Carlin or Bill Hicks. He’s the lowest common denominator.

His past couple movies were huge flops, including “Grimsby.” His time seemed about up, but the masters of the entertainment universe continue to try and shovel his garbage at us.

Although Cohen has repeatedly stated that his early Ali G persona is a parody of suburban, privileged youth acting in a way that they think is typical of black people, many commentators have opined that the force of the humor is derived from stereotypes of blacks, not poseur whites. The latter don’t really exist other than as a passing fad. Thus the suburban background written into Ali G’s character is — surprise, surprise — false.

The town he was from, “Staines Ghetto,” is a largely an upper-middle class commuter community and hardly an inner-city ghetto.  Primarily, the goal of Ali G was to stigmatize non-politically correct people and throw in cheap shot stereotyping of white people, a common theme of his. At the time, this type of attack had some effect. Today, it’s more worn and obvious.

In reality, Cohen came from an elite privileged Jewish background. He was educated at Cambridge. It wouldn’t take much of a stretch to assume he was a made connected man, hence all the opportunities to present his snake-oil toxin.

As Ali G, Cohen “somehow” got access to an incredible array of celebrities and personalities, including Donald Trump. Some seemed genuinely ambushed, but one wonders how many were in on the game.

After Ali G ran out of steam, he invented a bizarre Austrian homosexual character called “Bruno,” who would hit on his targets and engage in generally degenerate behavior. Here is his “comedic” routine pulled on poor Ron Paul. Eat shit and fade away is all I can say.

No such luck. He came out with the character “Borat” in 2006, just when the usual suspects needed to coyly demonize and mock Muslims. Borat was portrayed as another degenerate from Kazakhstan who has sex with animals and his sister and had a crush on Pamela Anderson. Mostly, Borat goes across the southern U.S. lampooning whites as backward, racist, and anti-Semitic. Today, the real racist Cohen admits this character would never fly.  2012 bought on yet another Muslim demonization satire, The Dictator.

For his latest project, a series on Showtime called “Who is America,” conman Cohen appears to have teamed up with Cass Sunstein and Crime Syndicate types to run interference on mocking “conspiracy theorists.” I don’t think these knuckleheads realize just how dated and out-of-the-bag this kind of gaslighting is.

In one of the episodes of his latest con, he plays the role of a conspiracy theorist, one Billy Wayne Ruddick, Jr., PhD. The photo at right shows this creation with a none-too-happy Bernie Sanders. This catastrophe is bombing in the ratings and backfiring, like everything else Cohen and his owners touch.

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In a parody wrapped into another stupid parody, “Cohen” even had his character tweet this out. Looks like the cognescenti are listening to this “Ruddick, Jr.”.

Update: Cohen’s entire script for his web site was plagarized from this Reddit poster from April, 2017.

Here is the “Ruddick” conspiracy site on 9/11 that the stooge has put up. He calls it You will see various talking points laid out one by one in bulleted format. Of course, a real truth site might take a bullet point and provide links to give the viewer information and content. For example Shanksville is listed. So Thursday, we actually decided to cover Shanksville properly — make our day. Anybody actually watching the eyewitness interviews we provide would hardly call it funny or think us “crazy” for being deeply skeptical and much more.

He also provides a bullet point that says “Larry Silverstein says he ordered them to pull it” (referring to Silversteins’ ownership of WTC 7). Yes, sounds “crazy” — except the only problem Cambridge-educated Cohen has is that we have Silverstein in the flesh saying that, yes, indeed, they decided to pull it. Whodathunk?

Instead, he has a rolling-eyes gif of Oprah observing the whole scene. You think mocking precludes people from actually examining? We won’t go over the rest of his bullet points as by now, thank God, more and more are on to this tawdry and not the least bit funny gaslighting game.

10 Comments on Failing Comedic Actor Sacha Cohen Mocks Conspiracy Theorists in ‘Who is America’

  1. Humiliating the goyim is funny until it isn’t. Then the wailing commences in earnest.

    Ironic that he married a non-Jew, a “convert”.

    It is interesting that he chose this particular segment of Americana to lampoon. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    • Maybe I should tone that criticism down a notch. Baron Cohen has punched up, too, at the Israeli right. David Frum not amused at his making fun of Republicans’ reflexive support for Israel. He’s got the IDF swagger down pat.

    • Jews love comedy because they can make fun of the goy in public in its name. THe Jewish sense of humor is on full display when a goyim dares promote Jewish soap or some such. He has none when it comes to himself

  2. He’s typical of those in his culture who are America-hating or part of the scheme to bring America down.

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