More Psychopaths Live in This Part of the United States than Anywhere Else, New Study Shows

PHOTO: Lions Gate Films

By Dana Dovey | 18 June 2018

NEWSWEEK — If you feel like you’re constantly surrounded by psychopaths, it may be that you live in the wrong city. New research measured which areas of the country are home to the individuals with psychopathic personalities and found that the Northeast hosts a larger percentage of these individuals, with Washington, D.C., and Connecticut housing the most.

The study was conducted by Ryan Murphy, a research assistant professor at Southern Methodist University in Texas. In the paper, which hasn’t been peer-reviewed yet, Murphy used data on state personalities that had previously been collected in a 2013 study that estimated regional differences in personalities. The prior research used five separate samples of individuals to create an idea of the average temperament of individuals from a specific region. Using this data, Murphy then estimated psychopathy levels state by state.

“These results are the first estimates we have, to the best of my knowledge, on the degree of psychopathy found in each state,” Murphy told Newsweek. […]

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