Is Bunker Discovered in Desert a Pedo-Sex Dungeon or Human-Trafficking Stopover?

A disturbing story emerged this week concerning the discovery of a bunker hidden underground near Tucson, Arizona, and what some are calling “rape bindings” on adjacent trees. The story is generating considerable buzz and speculation about the meaning of the discovery. Near the tiny bunker, there’s a stroller, car seat, food packets, a makeshift toilet, hair dye and porn magazines. Inside the crude, makeshift cell, there’s children’s clothing, furniture and toys. The walls of the plastic bunker are too high for a small child to climb out without assistance. Was someone imprisoned and abused here? Judge for yourself, starting with the following one-minute video.

Another aspect of this story that raises a red flag is the presence of large numbers of pervert justice warrior (PJW) types in the discussion forums who are dismissing the discovery. Sure, it’s natural that there would be some skeptics — but what’s bothersome is the behavior of the skeptics. So far, such commentary looks like organized astroturfing, similar to what we saw with Pedogate 18 months ago. Reddit is riddled with PJWs, and their comments tend to exhibit a certain Luciferian air. Too much doth-protest-too-loudly gaslighting and debunking for our sensibilities.

Part of the story, or backstory, involves obstacles that are being put in the way of the veterans groups that are searching scrub lands and deserts for encampments and shelters. One such group, called Veterans on Patrol, was formed specifically to assist homeless people and vets. According to this group’s intel, the bunker is part of a camp on drug-cartel turf. For the record, and for whatever it’s worth, Tucson police ruled out human trafficking at this site. Update: Researchers including Stolpman suggest that Veterans on Patrol is cointel.

In the 30-minute video below (skip to minute 3:45), Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil does a good job of delving deeper into the bunker story, including addressing “de-bunkers” comments and his thoughts pertaining to Craig “Sawman” Sawyer.

Incidentally when we use the work of others, it is not the same as “endorsing” or “promoting”. To accuse us of that is called fallacy of the origin. We believe that work or insights from others doesn’t necessarily have to pass some source or origin purity test to be used.

Organ harvesting

TNN Takeaway 

The Crime Syndicate and its associates are operating here at a different higher level as facilitators. Gangs traffic both adult and child migrants through rat lines. We suggest sites such as the bunker are a stopover in a mass-production process.

The human stable is then culled for different purposes: adoption, cheap labor, domestics, prostitution, farming, drug trafficking, underground medical experiments (MK Ultra), organ harvesting, etc.

Some are just dumped into bankrupt jurisdictions to drain the welfare system to the breaking point. This is standard Saul Alinsky/Cloward-Pivan weaponized migration.

Only the more attractive are taken away for brothels, porn production, private and street prostitutes. Much smaller numbers are exploited for more extreme criminality, such as pedo rape, snuff films, etc.

The pedo angle is probably exaggerated, but the rest is more than we could ever imagine. The emotion-ladened pedo storyline understandably gets a rise out of people. But it also gives the criminals the ability to gaslight and mock us as “crazy conspiracy theorists” while the real story is more general harvesting and Alinskyite nation wrecking. [See “Cloward, Piven, Alinsky and the Deliberate Takedown of America“]

Any signs you see of sexual exploitation is more about the trafficking gangs, mules and MS-13 types. No local John is going risk going out to such a sketchy location for that. They are up in Vegas in a five-star hotel or, in most cases, a two-star.

Beware of a poisoning the well trick with the enhanced pedo story. The mind game employed is to plant information (about a pedo ring in a bunker) which is preemptively presented to an audience. The intention is to discredit or ridicule something that the target person is about to say. In other words the broader brush of large scale human trafficking can be dismissed as the rantings of those crazy pizzagate conspiracy theorists, while unimaginable crimes receive less notice. This too illustrates fallacy of origin.

Nothing to see here, move along? Doesn’t pass our smell test.

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  1. Saw this earlier this week and knew you would post it. Don’t doubt hundreds of these places exist. Houston is probably a hot bed of them with our trafficking problem and illegals.

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