The Fuck You School of Contemporary Art Brings Architectural Tagging to Carcassonne

'Contemporary art' in Carcassonne. PHOTO: Occitanie Tribune

‘They never will love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate.’ — Edmund Burke 

Well fuck you, too.

Felice Varini is a 66-year-old graffiti tagger and snake-oil salesman who rolls into beautiful towns to vandalize traditional historic architecture and public spaces. One of his latest tagging trophies targets European history via the medieval French castle of Carcassonne.

The castle is now under government ownership; and, obviously, we would submit under the control of the usual-suspect inverted Luciferian types and pervert justice warriors who permitted this.

See “More Modern ‘Art’ for the Wall of Shame

Swiss hipster tagger Felice Varini

Varini did not reveal the cost of the work, which took a month to install, but said most is being covered by France’s national fund for monuments. At the same time that these shit shows are being funded, we also learn that French heritage sites are at risk from a lack of funds. This is aggression and malice at work, not stupidity.

The contemptuous criminal minds behind the scheme no doubt enjoyed a good chuckle at public expense. Here is Varini’s abomination from a distance. The goal is clear: Destroy and piss on European heritage, culture and history. The New Nationalist (TNN) hereby dubs this the Fuck You School of Contemporary Art. Yes, dear readers, it is a great irony that we are the ones labeled and, I submit, tagged as “crazy.”

The Fuck You School of ‘Contemporary Art’

The scheme was part of the castle’s 20-year anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage site. (UNESCO signed off on this?) The glass-half-full view is that the tagging was done with lightweight aluminum attached to the walls and will be removed in September (a five-month duration shit show) and supposedly will not to cause any damage to the ancient stones. Meanwhile, so long as the travesty endures this summer, a local shopkeeper lamented, “It’s ignoble. And it’s expensive.”

Here are a few more examples of this “artist’s” shit shows. Unfortunately, he is quite prolific. See ’em and weep.

I had ether administered to remove my tonsils when I was 4 years old. The following image looks close to what I recall about the experience.

The Tonsils Removal by Ether School of Art
The Brain Tumor School of Art

As we have seen with other cultural vandals and reprobates, there is a whole cottage industry developed around these characters. Puff pieces are written about them and absurd praise lavished (just Google “Felice Varini” for examples). Critics are relegated to the back pages. One can only imagine how many talented artists are being neglected in favor of this postmodernist scam.

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  1. Has Frankfurt School tones to it.
    It’s art if we say it is art!
    And you and I are not the ‘we’ that gets to define that.

  2. 🙄 I agree!! I have been shooting nontoxic paint up my ass and then blasting it into canvas that has been primed with semen and urine. It is breath taking. I hope to do larger canvasses once my abdominal muscles develop more and I find more assistants to Jack off on my linen…

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