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Anti-Popes Double Down On Luciferianism


The Paul VI Audience Hall (Italian: Aula Paolo VI) shown above is a building in Rome named for Pope Paul VI (1958-1978). Italian architect Pier Luigi designed the building with reinforced concrete and a seating capacity of 6,300. It was completed in 1971. The structure is dominated by a 8-metric-ton bronze/copper-alloy sculpture by Pericle Fazzini entitled “La Resurrezione” (The Resurrection).

Paul VI, referred to by his opponents as the “anti-pope,” was a crypto-Jewish infiltrator who turned Church process, direction and legacy upside down via the Vatican II Council, or New Mass/Novus Ordo.

Paul VI stated it bluntly in a speech to the UN assembly in New York, March 6, 1967:

Your vocation is to bring not just some people, but all people together as brothers. Who can fail to see the need and importance of thus gradually coming to the establishment of a ‘world authority’ capable of taking effective action on the juridical and political plane. Delegates to international organization, public officials, gentlemen of the press, teachers and educators, all of you, must realize that you have your part to play in the construction of a New World Order.

This new anti-pope’s “tolerance of immorality” and “live-and-let-live” stance led to a Pandora’s box sodomite crisis in the Roman Catholic orders, including a tendency toward pedophilia. Homosexuals entered the priesthood in droves and masculine men were driven out or turned away. Also see the book Goodbye! Good Men, which describes how merit and vocation in the seminaries was purged.

Michael Rose in Goodbye, Good Men (pp. 56-57)

“According to former seminarians and recently ordained priests, this ‘gay subculture’ is so prominent at certain seminaries that these institutions have earned nicknames such as Notre Flame (for Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans) and Theological Closet (for Theological College at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.). St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore has earned the nickname the ‘Pink Palace.’”

This is the diametric opposite of what Pope Pius XI spoke to.

Seek also from elsewhere, wherever you can find them, men really fitted for this noble task. Let them be such as teach priestly virtues, rather by example than by words, men who are capable of imparting, together with learning, a solid, manly and apostolic spirit.

Anti-pope Paul VI came from the influential leftist Montini family of Italy. He never spent a single day as a parish priest before becoming a pope. The video explains the infiltration and operation of papal power by a leftist communist homosexual clique backed by money from the (((usual suspects))).

Montini was also a compromised homosexual. This was discussed in a book by Franco Bellegrandi, an insider at the Vatican and a member of the honor guard of the Sovereign Pontiff.

In Rome and throughout Italy the rumor is out that Montini would be a homosexual. Hence, vulnerable. Hence, open to those who aim to use him to achieve their own goals.

To close our case, the following photos are from inside the Paul VI audience hall and speak for themselves.

Serpent’s mouth, fangs, and eyes used as the audience hall stage. There are no high profile crucifixes or crosses visible in this abomination.

The image below depicts a bizarre apocalyptic bronze statue of Jesus’ second rising from nuclear ruin. This second-coming propaganda has also badly tainted Evangelical Protestant Christians and is a central evan-Zio belief [see “The Roots of Christian Zionism: The Scofield Bible Apostasy“].

Overhead view of this nasty building shows it is completely out of character with traditional surroundings.

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  1. Indeed snake-eye Luciferian ‘church design’ above. Possibly large-scale ‘celibacy’ promotion was always a smoke-screen for gays, with paedophile dangers included, given human nature & the chance to abuse ‘holy man’ prestige. And tho Mel Gibson is right that the popes ‘changed’ 1958 onwards, the Vatican was corrupt 1000 years ago & always mostly tacked to prevailing winds.

    A big thing we can do in the West, is confront what seem to be major ‘ancient Israelite’ Bible frauds, plus the satanic, genocidal horrors of the Bible itself e.g. “God ordered to kill all the women & children too”, “Israelites slaughtered every man, woman and child in Jericho” etc, a Bible actually much more violent than the Qur’an. One actor reading the Bible to prepare for playing Moses was shocked to discover Moses was a ‘psychopath’ & a genocidal ‘war criminal’ in modern terms. Another actor, Hollywood’s Gary DeVaney, keeps a website on pscyho stuff in the Bible, ‘The God Murders’.

    Maybe it is easier to critique the Bible for those of us who follow South & East Asian spirituality, parts of Hinduism Daoism etc, as we don’t feel a loss by scorning Mid-East ‘desert bloc’ religions, which we see as terrorising (‘eternal hell’!), enslaving, conquering, predatory, fanatic ‘my way the only way’ wipe-out-local-culture schemes … versus Asian approaches that are much softer & open-minded & experiential & non-coercive in core spiritual ideas, tho sharing some flaws, e.g. having gay-boy monks too

    Significant scholarship suggests the Bible is a large-scale Jewish fraud to a degree little guessed by the public. Archaeological evidence of older ‘ancient Israel’ is famously un-discovered. Dr Ashraf Ezzat marshals evidence the Jews were ancient Arabs near what is now Yemen, who gave lustre to petty tribal village squabbles by fictionally re-setting some desert blood-letting as an epic victory against great Egypt.

    Scholar Russell Gmirkin did a powerful book arguing the first 5 Bible books were a Jewish fraud composed in 3rd century BCE, propaganda to counter more reliable history, where multiple sources cite apparent Jewish ancestors as trouble-makers with diseases whom ancient Egypt expelled & banished. The ‘creation’ stories were borrowed out of Babylonia literature, & other Bible stuff was cribbed from various texts on the shelf at the great Alexandria library. The Alexandria Greek ‘Old Testament’ in fact remains the oldest text of much ‘Israeli Bible’, the ‘Hebrew’ versions being later rabbi texts. Recent article on Gmirkin’s work on Unz review:

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