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Bella Dodd Warned of Diabolical Pederast Conspiracy Against Catholic Church

IMAGE: Roman Catholic World News

Pope Benedict XVI, in his first speech in April 2005, said, “Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.”

Many believe he was speaking about the Lavender Mafia, a homosexual collective that infested the church. The following video shows the pope getting the cold-shoulder treatment from a group of German cardinals and bishops (wolves?). A 2018 report states that 5% of German clergy were involved in abuse.

The problems of the Roman Catholic Church and clergy pederasty have been coming fast and furious in the last decade. There have been large legal settlements resulting from the infestation of the church by homosexual pederasts.

Citing just one example among many, on May 31, 2018, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis agreed to pay victims of clergy sexual abuse a $210-million settlement. By the time the settlement was issued, 91 priests who served in that archdiocese were accused of sexually abusing 450 victims.

On June 27, 2018, the archdiocese filed for reorganization in order to find enough money to pay the settlement. Once approved, the settlement became the second largest in any Catholic bankruptcy case in U.S. history and the largest overall for any archdiocese forced into bankruptcy.

Cartor, Cimbolic & Tallon (2008) found that 6% of offending clerics in the “John Jay Report” are pedophiles. But the primary issue was homosexual ephebophilia (aka pederasty), which is defined as sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 13 to 18. Among sexual offenders, 32% were ephebophiles. Fifteen percent preferred 11 and 12 year olds, both male and female, and 47 percent were indiscriminate, or mildly indiscriminate. According to the report, 81% of the abuse victims in the U.S. were male. A separate study by Dr. Thomas Plante concluded the number may be as high as 90%.

Only 1% of the scandals among male priests involved adult women, and only 2% involved male adults. Heterosexual predation of female teenagers and children is a fraction of homosexual predation of male teenagers and children.

These events have tarnished the reputations of the many righteous clergymen in the Roman Catholic Church.

Did this just develop organically or was it more by conspiratorial design? Prior to the 1930s such pederasty was not nearly as common. What caused the change? Is this a function of our 5th Columnists infiltration theory as applied in other institutions?

Bella Dodd (1904-1969) ranks with Whittaker Chambers as a leading converted communist. She was a member of the party’s National Committee. In 1949, totally disillusioned with Communism and Cultural Marxism, she become a Catholic and told of her involvement in a plan contrived by Joseph Stalin to mass infest the church with amoral impostors and homosexuals. The scheme was not so much to attack Catholicism head on but to undermine its hierarchy.

Dodd testified before the U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee. In an a public affidavit witnessed by a number of people, including Paul and Johnine Leininger, she stated:

“In the late 1920s and 1930s, directives were sent from Moscow to all Communist Party organizations. In order to destroy the [Roman] Catholic Church from within, party members were to be planted in seminaries and within diocesan organizations … I, myself, put some 1,200 men in [Roman] Catholic seminaries.”

Alice von Hildebrand also recalls what Dodd told her:

When she was an active party member, she had dealt with no fewer than four cardinals within the Vatican who were working for us, [i.e. the Communist Party]| Christian Order magazine.” [“The Church in Crisis”, reprinted from The Latin Mass magazine]

Sexual abuse of minors and the practice of sodomy is the perfect way to demoralize the church and cause it to lose its moral authority in the eyes of the public and among believers and cause people to abandon the faith. For the conspirators, this operation has been a resounding success, causing irreparable damage.

The next blow is what we see constantly today: the suppression of free speech, the tyranny of political correctness and the vicious political and psychological persecution of anybody who gets in the way.

A 1961 document titled “Careful Selection and Training of Candidates for the States of Perfection and Sacred Orders” states that homosexual men should not be ordained. However, this was left to bishops to enforce, and most did not.

The point of the spear mentioned by Dodd were predatory homosexual communists. Indeed, the 2004 John Jay Report commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops states, “The problem was largely the result of poor seminary training and insufficient emotional support for men ordained in the 1940s and 1950s.”

However a report by the National Review Board was more blunt, and it pointed to major deficiencies on the part of seminaries: failure to screen candidates adequately.

In the late 1940s, American Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald founded the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete, a religious order that treats Roman Catholic priests who struggle with personal difficulties, such as substance abuse and sexual misconduct. In a series of letters and reports to high-ranking Catholic leaders starting in the 1950s, Fitzgerald warned of substantial problems with pederast priests. He wrote, for example, that sexual abuse offenders “were unlikely to change and should not be returned to ministry.” He discussed the problem with Pope Paul VI (1963 –1978) and was “in correspondence with several bishops.”

According to a 2004 research study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 4,392 Catholic priests and deacons in active ministry between 1950 and 2002 were plausibly accused (neither withdrawn nor disproven) of under-age sexual abuse by 10,667 individuals. Estimating the number of priests and deacons active in the same period at 110,000, the report concluded that approximately 4% have faced these allegations.

The report noted, “It is impossible to determine from our surveys what percent of all actual cases of abuse that occurred between 1950 and 2002 have been reported to the Church and are therefore in our dataset.”

A number of books, such as “The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church” by Randy Engel, argue that homosexual priests view sex with minors as a “rite of passage” for altar boys and other pre-adult males. The problem is not so much pedophilia but pederasty, a perversion in adult homosexual men attracted to pubescent and adolescent boys (as opposed to little children).

Several studies suggest that the incidence of homosexuality in the Roman Catholic priesthood is many multiples higher than in the general population as a whole. Available figures for homosexual priests in the U.S. ranges from 15% to 58%. This has been dubbed the “homosexual collective”; who, in turn, engage in in-group behaviors of promoting and covering for their running buddies and partners.

Studies by Wolf and Sipe from the early 1990s claim that the percentage of priests in the Catholic Church who admitted to being in homosexual relationships was well above the national average for the country.

Elizabeth Stuart, a former convener of the Catholic Caucus of the Lesbian and Gay Christian movement said, “It has been estimated that at least 33% of all priests in the RC Church in the United States are homosexual.”

The Jay Report suggested that homosexual men entered seminaries in notable numbers from the late 1970s through ’80s. 

A 2002 Los Angeles Times nationwide poll of 1,854 priests (responding) reported 53% of priests who were ordained in the last 20 years (1982-2002) affirmed such a subculture existed in the seminary when they attended.

On May 13, 2017, Pope Francis acknowledged that the Vatican had a 2,000-case backlog of sex abuse claims.

When a wave of old scandals broke over the church this year, Pope Francis began accusing victims of fabricating allegations. But, by April, and after harsh backlash, he was apologizing for his “tragic error.” By August, he was expressing “shame and sorrow” for the tragic history without, however, introducing concrete measures either to prosecute abusers or to help victims.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò states that Pope Francis helped cover up sexual misconduct — an accusation the pope has so far declined to answer.

Theodore Edgar McCarrick (born July 7, 1930) served as Archbishop of Washington from 2001 to 2006. He was elevated to the cardinalate in February 2001. Pope Francis accepted his resignation from the College of Cardinals on July 28 of this year after a series of sexual pederast misconduct allegations.

Viganò claims the appointment of Joseph W. Tobin to Newark was orchestrated by McCarrick and others. Newark has been another source of trouble.

One journalist claims that, in a conversation with Tobin, he said that around the time he came to Newark in 2016, he heard “rumors” about McCarrick having slept with seminarians but chose not to believe them, stating that at the time they seemed too “incredulous” to be true.

McCarrick, Vigano says, “had become the kingmaker for appointments in the Curia and the United States, and the most listened to adviser in the Vatican for relations with the Obama administration.” Thanks to McCarrick, Viganò tells us, Cardinal Burke did not retain his place in the Congregation for Bishops – which plays a vital role in selecting bishops – and Cardinals Wuerl and Cupich were parachuted into the congregation. Another McCarrick associate, Archbishop Ilson de Jesus Montanari, allegedly became Secretary of the Congregation.

In September 2011, a submission was lodged with the International Criminal Court alleging that the pope, Cardinal Angelo Sodano (Dean of the College of Cardinals), Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (Cardinal Secretary of State) and Cardinal William Levada (then-current Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) had committed a crime against humanity by failing to prevent or punish perpetrators of rape and sexual violence in a “systematic and widespread” concealment that included failure to co-operate with relevant law enforcement agencies.

Father Dariusz Oko became world famous in 2013 for his bombshell essay on clerical homosexuality. In “With the Pope Against Homoheresy,” Oko asserted not only that homosexual priests and bishops have abused seminarians, teenagers and children, but that there is a “mafia” of powerful clerics protecting these men and ensuring their advancement in the Church’s ranks. Oko told Life Site News that part of the problem is that up to 50% of American bishops have homosexual “inclinations.”

In 2013, Oko wrote, “Along the road, members of the homo-clique can achieve such positions and influence that they come to believe they have extraordinary powers and will go unpunished forever.”

Key Catholic Archbishops May Have Stacked the Decks

Cardinal Spellman (1889-1967) served as the sixth Archbishop of New York from 1939 until his death in 1967. He had previously served as an Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Boston from 1932 through 1939. He was named a cardinal in 1946. He appointed 33 bishops and likely with fellows from the homosexual Lavender network.

John Cooney, one of Spellman’s biographers, cited four interviewees who stated that Spellman was homosexual. Cooney was convinced of the veracity of the claims and stated unequivocally, “For years rumors abounded about Cardinal Spellman being a homosexual.”

The journalist Michelangelo Signorile, who describes Spellman as “one of the most notorious, powerful and sexually voracious homosexuals in the American Catholic Church’s history,” reported that Cooney’s manuscript, “The American Pope,” initially contained interviews with several people with personal knowledge of Spellman’s homosexuality, including researcher and historian C. A. Tripp.

Both Signorile and John Loughery cite a story suggesting that Spellman was sexually active and carrying on a relationship with a male member of the chorus in the Broadway revue “One Touch of Venus.”

Additionally, Curt Gentry, biographer of J. Edgar Hoover, says that Hoover’s files also had “numerous allegations that Spellman was a very active homosexual.” It is well established that Spellman had a close personal and client relationship with the notorious Roy Cohn.

Read “Roy Cohn and the New York City Cesspool Matrix”

Cardinal Bernardin was another kingmaker. He appointed 28 bishops and was a major influencer on so-called “modernist” church policy.

Joseph Kellenyi, who figured prominently in Michael S. Rose’s “Goodbye, Good Men,” implicates the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin (pictured left), formerly Archbishop of Chicago, in developments over the past several decades.

Kellenyi, who was once a seminarian at Mundelein in the Chicago area, makes the following statement about a conversation he had with the Rev. John F. Canary, the rector of Mundelein Seminary, in August of 1999, according to Dale Vree, editor of New Oxford Review [July/August 2004, pp. 14-15]:

“I told Rev. Canary that I had some problems with the Chicago Diocese. I told him that I perceived that while Cardinal Bernardin had probably lived a celibate life, and may not have abused Steven Cook, that he also was flamingly gay. I said that I perceived that under Bernardin’s regime, Chicago had become like Santa Rosa under Bishop Ziemann. I said that in Santa Rosa, those priests and seminarians not in the bishop’s gay clique were treated unjustly, and that the same was true of Chicago under Bernardin.

“I said that I perceived that Bernardin fostered and promoted a network of gay priests and bishops, and that they protected each other, covered up each other’s ‘mistakes,’ and promoted one another to positions of responsibility in Chicago and the church at large. I alluded to the fact that Bernardin had appointed Rev. Canary, and that he in turn had appointed the formation faculty. Rev. Canary’s response was ‘Your perception is accurate. The question is what are you going to do about it.'”

Kellenyi subsequently took a lie detector test to vindicate his testimony on Oct. 21, 2002, at the offices of the Polygraph Security Services in London (Kellenyi then resided in Belgium). The result: “There is no doubt that Mr. Kellenyi was truthful in all his responses,” according to the Polygraph Security Services. [The relevant documents, according to Vree, can be found in AMDG Fall/Winter 2003, the periodical of Roman Catholic Faithful (call 217-632-5920)]

In his book “Amchurch Comes Out: The U.S. Bishops, Pedophile Scandals and the Homosexual Agenda,” Paul Likoudis also implicates Cardinal Bernardin, who he describes:

“[the] bishop-maker who … gave the American hierarchy its pronounced pro-gay orientation. … Bernardin acquired power rapidly. As his friends back in Charleston continued buggering little boys, Bernardin used his influence, starting in 1968, as General Secretary of the U.S. Catholic Conference, to select bishops (many of whom are still ordinaries) who would, to put it charitably, condone and promote homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle and tolerate the sexual abuse of children by priests.”

Infestation in Milwaukee

Rembert Weakland was the Archbishop of Milwaukee from 1977 to 2002:

“He openly admitted to being gay and to having had many partners in life. Throughout the term of his office – for 25 years – he continuously opposed the Pope and the Holy See on many issues, particularly criticizing and rejecting the teaching of the Magisterium on homosexuality.”

“He supported and protected active gays in his diocese,” Oko continued, “helping them avoid liability for sexual offences they repeatedly committed.”

Source: Following public testimony by victims before a combined session of the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committee, a report on the sexual abuse of minors by clergy in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee was published in September 2003. The report revealed that allegations of sexual assault of minors had been made against 58 ordained men, who were under the direct supervision of the Archbishop of Milwaukee.

On January 4, 2011 the Archdiocese of Milwaukee announced that it would file for bankruptcy. The church was facing more than 23 lawsuits, and attempts to reach a mediated settlement with victims failed in December 2010. The Milwaukee archdiocese has paid out over $29 million to settle 200 cases over the last 20 years.  An attorney for some of the victims alleges that there were more than 8,000 cases of abuse by more than 100 staff.

Infestation in Boston

In 2002, criminal charges were brought against five Roman Catholic priests in the Boston, Massachusetts, area (John Geoghan, John Hanlon, Paul Shanley, Robert V. Gale and Jesuit priest James Talbot), who were all convicted and sentenced to prison. The ongoing coverage of these cases by The Boston Globe brought the issue of “sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests” into the national spotlight.

The investigation focused on Cardinal Bernard Francis Law. Documents revealed his extensive role in covering up the incidents of sexual misconduct among his priests. For example, Cardinal Law moved Paul Shanley and John Geoghan from parish to parish within the diocese despite repeated allegations of molestation of children under the priests’ care. Later, it was discovered that Father Shanley had addressed a 1978 conference that led to the formation of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Geoghan, allegedly molested over 130 children during his ministry.

In 2002, the Boston Archdiocese agreed to pay $10 million to victims of Geoghan. The following year, it paid an additional $85 million to 552 victims and parents who had filed civil lawsuits over the ignored abuse. In some cases, insurance companies balked at meeting the cost of large settlements, claiming the actions were deliberate and not covered by insurance. This caused additional financial damage to the Archdiocese, which already faced the need to consolidate and close parishes due to changing attendance and giving patterns.

In June 2004, much of the land around the Archdiocese of Boston headquarters was sold to Boston College, in part to raise money for legal costs associated with the scandals.

Infestation in Philadelphia

On Sept. 21, 2005, a grand jury, impaneled by the Philadelphia District Attorney, announced that Archbishop John Krol (1961 to 1988) was involved with the cover up of a sex scandal against accused priests throughout the archdiocese, as was his successor, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua (1988-2003). Krol and Bevilacqua transferred accused priests to other parishes throughout the archdiocese.

Using records subpoenaed from the archdiocese, the jury examined “secret archive” files for 169 priests and two deacons. To expose the extent of abuse and a “continuous, concerted campaign of cover-up,” the jury documented 63 examples of abuse and where the abusers were assigned at the times of those attacks. The grand jury also demonstrated that nobody could be prosecuted due to Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations and other conditions that protect the archdiocese from being criminally accountable.

Infestation in Portland

The Archdiocese of Portland filed for Chapter 11 reorganization on July 6, 2004. An open letter to the archdiocese’s parishioners explained the archbishop’s motivation:

This is not an effort to avoid responsibility. It is, in fact, the only way I can assure that other claimants can be offered fair compensation. We have worked diligently to settle claims of clergy misconduct. In the last four years, we have settled more than 100 such claims. Last year alone the Archdiocese paid almost $21 million from its own funds. Major insurers have abandoned us and are not paying what they should on the claims.

Two cases are set for trials beginning today. One plaintiff seeks more than $130 million in compensatory and punitive damages, the other $25 million. We have made every effort to settle these claims fairly but the demand of each of these plaintiffs remains in the millions. I am committed to just compensation. These demands go beyond compensation. With 60 other claims pending, I cannot in justice and prudence pay the demands of these two plaintiffs.

In time, the archdiocese settled more than 100 previous claims for $53 million.

One of the most influential people in the church of his time was Marcial Maciel Degollado (1920-2008), who was founder of the Legion of Christ. He turned out to be bisexual and reportedly perpetrated serious sexual offences against many church members and underage students in his own congregation, including his own son.

Infestation in Los Angeles

Priests accused of molesting children or adults in Los Angeles’ parishes were typically reassigned without informing new parishes of charges against them. The church protected its staff. Changes in policy then took place and a dozen priests were dismissed in 2002. The church issued an apology and a detailed report in 2004. In 2007, the L.A. archdiocese reached a settlement with 508 victims for $660 million, a record-breaking amount.

Other bishops belatedly removed for preying on young men or boys in Los Angeles included Patrick Ziemann of Santa Rosa, California (1999); Juan Carlos Maccarone of Santiago del Estero, Argentina (2005); Georg Müller of Trondheim and Oslo, Norway (2009); Raymond John Lahey of Antigonish, Canada (2009); Roger Vangheluwe of Brughia, Belgium (2010); John C. Favalora of Miami, Florida (2010); Anthony J. O’Connell of Palm Beach, Florida (2010); and Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Edinburgh, Scotland (2013). All removals but the first were carried out during the reign of Pope Benedict XVI.

Infestation in Baltimore

The quite incredible Netflix series The Keepers explores the unsolved murder of nun Catherine Cesnik in 1969. Cesnik was targeted for attempting to expose a pederast ring in a girl’s school in Baltimore. The series is must viewing for those seeking background on how these church pederast rings conspire, infiltrate and function. The Baltimore ring was involved with law enforcement, a pattern repeated elsewhere far too often.

15 Comments on Bella Dodd Warned of Diabolical Pederast Conspiracy Against Catholic Church

  1. Gay historians have been saying for some years that the ‘celibate holy person’ idea has been a cover for gays for thousands of years

    And they talk about how the New Testament stories of Jesus seem to gays like a gay adventure story – guys leaving their families to pal around, the ‘disciple whom Jesus especially loved’ and so on

    Gay priests back long ago serving monarchs and aristocrats, could function similarly to LGBT leaders today being front-line servants of the Soros wing of current oligarchy

    Maybe nothing new under the sun

    An acronym cast about these days for those clerics with altar boys, is MAPs – Minor-Attracted Persons – now elbowing in to seek full LGBTQ privileges and protection

    They sometimes cite Jewish leading libertarian figure Murray Rothbard, who asked re children and teens, ‘But What If They Consent Tho?’

    That’s where we are in these ultra-modern ‘woke’ times

  2. “When the power of the holy people has finally been broken all these things will have been accomplished ” Daniel 12:7

    If anyone is of the opinion that the end of the world hasn’t arrived think again!!!!

  3. Anyone read “The plot against the church” by Maurice Pinay?

    I dont know if i can trust that book, but im about the same opinion the church is long time undermined/infiltrated to be used as tool for destruction.
    Destruction of values and societies plus more, maybe with self destruct of the catholic church itself, well or sure christianity as endgoal.

    But one can sure read it themself, again free and legal on archive

  4. I commented a few days ago about Brabantian, saying that he had an obvious Stalin crush. Here it is for everyone who hasn’t seen it, like bullshitpoliceblog… Not only does he completely ignore the fact that Bella Dodd testified that infesting the church with pederasts was a plan carried out by communists under Stalin’s leadership, he then does a pathetic job of deflection, talking asinine bullshit about how “gay historians” liken the New Testament to a “gay adventure story”. This is literally the stupidest comment yet by the obvious atheist Brabantian, and transparent in its intent to deflect from the facts by citing utter bullshit and some factoids that barely have anything to do with the article. I see you Brabantian, I’m going to make sure others do also.

  5. The most important passage in this interesting article:

    Sexual abuse of minors and the practice of sodomy is the perfect way to demoralize the church and cause it to lose its moral authority in the eyes of the public and among believers and cause people to abandon the faith. For the conspirators, this operation has been a resounding success, causing irreparable damage.

    As a result, the media has largely replaced the Christian Church (the Catholic Church is the largest of the Christian denominations) as the purveyor of public morality — this is why anti-racism seems like a pervasive cult/religion.

  6. Ezra Pound. Yup, Brabantian duly (self) outed and noted. Brabantian, you think “Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword” fits your sick, heretical fantasy? Vade retro Satana!

  7. Initiates im the Priesthood of Melchizedek are tantric. Men generally marry and father children before initiation or as acolytes and even some higher initiates because of benefit. Initiates involved in other areas are strictly tantric and everyone is married and enjoys a helpmeet and personal intimacy. To the pure all things are pure. Light is cultivated through desire and so there is light. Adoration of the feminine (projection within you) in the traditions of chivalry is the prerequisite.

  8. I should add that it’s a choice and a responsibility to continue to cultivate light through holy desire for the white priesthood and their wives. As we know from the eastern traditions where these things are spelled out, tantra, or sexual arousal and activity without spilling seed, is only a step on the path to sacrificing oneself entirely and having no further desire, which was presumably the original intent in Catholicism. But even as a celibate lay person one has to know how to allow the energy move through the body with breath work and no judgment, mental blocking alone will never work because the mind is dual. Catholics are given the idea that priests simply decide once with a vow and that’s the end of it, or at least that’s what Irish literature would have us think. There can be no doubt that hundreds of thousands of Catholic monks and and nuns, as well as some priests… over the ages attained high levels of spiritual development and enlightenment (which is not the same thing as salvation) and we’re thereby able to effect the holy Christic beauty enjoyed all over Europe and beyond.

  9. “…homosexual priests view sex with minors as a “rite of passage” for altar boys and other pre-adult males. …” Which is why my own brother quit being an altar boy at about age 13 and quit Parochial School for regular HS at age 14. But he never told our parents about it. He did not give up Roman Catholicism until much later. I pretty much gave up on it after I graduated HS and went on my own course.

  10. Let’s talk some facts:

    Bella Dodd never provided any names, not even in her last will and testament.

    She never mentioned any of the priesthood infiltration during her Senate or HUAC testimony.

    No communist agent sent to infiltrate the church ever came forward.

    The FBI and CIA would have still gone after the Catholic Church as harvesting communists even if no names were given. They never did.

    The CIA took out many proponents of Liberation Theology during the 1970s and 80s. They never went to Rome to take out Bella Dodd’s four communist cardinals.

    Ex-communist confessionals like School of Darkness were a dime a dozen during the mid 1950s when McCarthyism was peaking. Many ex-communists would play up the alleged conspiratorial nature of the CPUSA and its activities in order to give the McCarthyites more credibility. Most of the time they wouldn’t say what happened but what the FBI and McCarthyites/McCarranites wanted them to say happened.

    When she agreed to testify to the Senate Committee, Dodd became an FBI informant. She spent the rest of her life working with the feds against communists and alleged communists. When she would give talks she was accompanied by FBI agents who were protecting her. So, she drops the ball on a massive communist infiltration plot during her public talks, all while she’s surrounded by feds, and the feds don’t investigate these claims at all? Highly suspicious.

    It’s much easier for communists to take over a labor union than it is for them to take over a rigid institution like the Catholic Church. The fact that Dodd recruited communists into the Teachers Union isn’t evidence she recruited communists into Catholic seminaries.

    All of Dodd’s other agitation activities as a CPUSA member were brought to light with paper trails.

    A mass infiltration plot involving over 1000 people would leave a huge paper trail. In this case there isn’t one.

    There is no other evidence for anything she has claimed beyond hearsay.

    You (like Bella) are breaking the 8th Commandment by bearing false witness. Snitches are some of the worst people on earth, and McCarthyism was extremely brutal.

    • Giving the ol’ razzle dazzle …

      It’s a fact that the Catholic Church protected Communist Jews. Do you really think they’d create a paper trail for that at that time? What are you smokin’, man? The vast majority of evidence and information collected by the CIA and FBI never sees the light the day. Their records aren’t open for public scrutiny, so what they did or didn’t investigate isn’t known unless they choose to reveal it. What is known is that Dodd needed protection. Period. And the idea that large institutions can’t be taken over is absurd. It starts with instilling bad leaders and eventually the entire culture of the organization changes.

    In his Book of Gomorrah, Saint Peter Damian first attacks the problem of clerical moral laxity and sexual perversions from the top down beginning with members of the Catholic hierarchy, that is, bishops and religious superiors who turn a blind eye to the moral depravity within the ranks of clerics and monks under their rule.
    When he speaks of “do-nothing” superiors, the reader can almost feel the earth shake under him:
    Listen, you do-nothing superiors of clerics and priests. Listen, and even though you feel sure of yourselves, tremble at the thought that you are partners in the guilt of others; those, I mean, who wink at the sins of their subjects that need correction and who by ill-considered silence allow them license to sin. Listen, I say, and be shrewd enough to understand that all of you alike are deserving of death, that is, not only those who do such things, but also they who approve those who practice them.
    Having launched that thunderbolt, Damian then attacks, with even more vehemence, those reprobate bishops and religious superiors who themselves are guilty of heinous sodomitic acts and who prostitute their own spiritual sons – seminarians, priests and monks under their care.
    “In fact, this vice cannot in any way be compared to any others, because its enormity supersedes them all. Indeed, this vice causes the death of bodies and the destruction of souls. It pollutes the flesh, extinguishes the light of reason, and expels the Holy Spirit from His temple in the heart of man, introducing in His stead the Devil who is the instigator of lust.
    “It steers the soul into error, banishes all truth from the deceived soul, sets traps for those who fall into it, and then caps the well to prevent those who fall in from getting out. It opens the gates of Hell and closes the doors of Heaven to them, turns a former citizen of the heavenly Jerusalem into an heir of the infernal Babylon, transforming him from a heavenly star into a straw for the eternal fire. It wrenches a member from the Church and plunges him into the voracious flames of the fiery Gehenna.
    “This vice strives to tear down the walls of the heavenly motherland and rebuild those of the ruined Sodom. Indeed, it violates temperance, kills purity, stifles chastity, and cuts the head of virginity – which is irrecoverable – with the sword of a most infamous union. It infects everything, stains everything, pollutes everything; leaving nothing pure, nothing but filth, nothing clean. ‘All things are clean to the clean,’ as the Apostle says, ‘but to them that are defiled, and to unbelievers, nothing is clean; but both their mind and their conscience are defiled.
    “This vice expels one from the choir of the ecclesiastical host and forces one to join the ranks of the possessed and those who work in league with the Devil. It separates the soul from God and links it with the devils. This most pestiferous Sodomite queen makes those who obey her tyrannical laws repugnant to men and hateful to God, forcing them into a nefarious war against God and obliging them to enlist in the ranks of the perverse spirit.
    “It [this sin] separates him from the company of angels and deprives the soul of its nobility, imposing on the unfortunate soul the yoke of its own domination. It tears its henchmen from the arms of virtues and leaves them exposed as prey to the arrows of all the vices. It leaves one to be humiliated in the Church, condemned at court, defiled in secret, and dishonored in public. It gnaws at the person’s conscience like a worm and burns his flesh like fire …
    “The miserable flesh burns with the fire of lust, the cold intelligence trembles under the rancor of misgivings, and the unfortunate man’s heart is overwhelmed by hellish chaos, subjecting him to countless pains of conscience as he is tortured in punishment.
    “Yes, as soon as this most venomous serpent plunges its fangs into the unfortunate soul, it is immediately deprived of its senses and memory, the edge of the intelligence is dulled, he forgets God and even himself.”
    “Indeed, this scourge destroys the foundations of the faith, weakens the forces of hope, dissolves the bonds of charity, annihilates all justice, undermines fortitude, eliminates hope, and dulls the edge of prudence.
    “And what else shall I say? For it [the sin of sodomy] expels all the forces of virtue from the temple of the human heart, and, as if pulling the door from its hinges, allows the entrance of every barbarity of vice ….
    “In effect, the one whom …. this most atrocious beast has swallowed down its bloody throat is prevented, by the weight of its chains, from practicing any good work, and is precipitated into the abysses of his uttermost iniquity.
    “Thus, as soon as someone has fallen into this abyss of extreme perdition, he is exiled from the heavenly motherland, separated from the Body of Christ, censured by the authority of the whole Church, condemned by the judgment of all the Holy Fathers, despised by men on earth and rebuked by the society of heavenly citizens. He creates for himself an earth of iron and a sky of bronze.
    “On the one hand, laden with the weight of his crime, he is unable to rise; on the other hand, he is no longer able to conceal his evil in the refuge of ignorance. He cannot be happy while he lives nor have hope when he dies, because here and now he is obliged to suffer the ignominy of men’s derision and, later, the torment of eternal condemnation.”

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