Syrian War Explained by Occult Dogma of ‘Creative Destruction’

Russian TV instructs viewers on how to pack for nuclear bomb shelter. IMAGE:

11 April 2018

HENRY MAKOW — I had planned to post a story about homosexuality but I repeat this instead because a horrible war may be unfolding in the Middle East, signaled for months by the irrational Russophobia and Skripal poisoning. The Zionist West cannot countenance their ISIS failure in Syria and are doubling down: deliberately instigating a wider war.

Naturally, I hope this can be averted. But the Cabalists (Freemasons, Satanists) in charge believe in destroying everything that is good in order that their evil dispensation may arise from the ashes. Cabalists are determined to foment another world war to establish a world Communist dictatorship. They need to turn the world upside down so that Satan, who represents their own demented megalomania and perversion, can be on top. The insanity displayed by the Masonic leaders of the West can only be explained by the occult. They are deliberately instigating a wider war; the gassing is just a tawdry pretext. […]

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