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John Brennan: A Trotskyite Who Became a Tool for Shadow Government

Former CIA Director John Brennan has been an active player in the “Russian dossier” and “collusion” stories and generalized tit-for-tat shit storms with Trump. This drama is strange indeed because the claim is that Brennan’s British intelligence source paid Russian sources for the dirt on Donald Trump. Then, while functioning as CIA chief, he leaked it to the lugenpresse. Is that how unbiased spy craft works?

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This would serious enough even if it weren’t for Brennan’s suspicious background. A CNN article reveals Brennan reminisced about being asked a standard question for a security clearance in his early days when applying to the agency: Had he ever worked with or for a group that was dedicated to overthrowing the United States?

“I froze,” Brennan recalled, as he shared the moment at the annual conference of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. “This was back in 1980, and I thought back to a previous election where I voted, and I voted for the Communist Party candidate.” That would be Gus Hall, who was no tame socialist but a hardcore Trotskyite.

So we are asked to believe that the CIA doesn’t vet admitted Trotskyites, but instead allows them to assume powerful positions in Homeland Security and the CIA?

The claims that Brennan is a Muslim are unconfirmed. However, in an ultimate act of hypocrisy, strange-duck anti-constitutionalist Brennan was sworn in to office not on a Bible, but on a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Image result for john brennanBrennan’s role of late is senior national security and intelligence analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, where he spews warmongering rhetoric involving Russia, who he considers a threat that Trump has underestimated. This, and his CIA post under Obama, gives the cognoscenti the impression that he is highly partisan. In reality, he is a high-ranking member of the Shadow Government and played a major role in skulduggery in the George W. Bush administration.

Brennan was born in North Bergen, New Jersey. He received a Jesuit education and graduated from Saint Joseph of the Palisades High School in West New York, New Jersey, before enrolling at Fordham University in New York City. He received masters degree from University of Texas, and he speaks Arabic fluently.

Image result for john brennanIn the CIA, Brennan advanced rapidly. It is not entirely clear how Brennan was sponsored, but in an interview he stated, “I had met with and briefed President George H.W. Bush, who was one of my real idols because he was a former director of CIA, the only one who became president.”

Obviously Bush Sr. was the key figure picking and choosing high ranking intelligence operatives even under Clinton. The Bush family ties with the Saudi puppets is well established. It’s no coinkydink that Brennan’s early key role was CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia in 1996.

With the Cold War winding down, the Shadow Government needed new scams and enemies and Brennan was a good fit as a “Middle East expert” with internationalist Trotskyite leanings. A few weeks after he arrived in Riyadh, in a sheer coinkydink, boogeyman “Osama bin Laden” (aka Tim Osman) faxed out a fatwa, declaring war on the United States.

He moved on to be daily intelligence briefer for President Bill Clinton. In 1999, he was appointed chief of staff to George Tenet, then-director of the CIA. Brennan became deputy executive director of the CIA in March 2001. Senior CIA officials were blunt: “Brennan is a creature of George.”

TNN Takeaway: Brennan was in key intelligence positions leading up to the Crime Syndicate/Shadow Government’s 9/11 false flag and subsequent takedown of the Middle East. This was done in key appointments under two administrations: Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Post 9/11, Brennan was a key player in the phony war on terror. He was director of the newly created Terrorist Threat Integration Center from 2003 to 2004, an office that sifted through and compiled information for President Bush’s daily top secret intelligence briefings and employed the services of analysts from a dozen U.S. agencies and entities.

One of the controversies in his career involves the distribution of intelligence to the Bush White House that helped lead to an “Orange Terror Alert” in late 2003. The intelligence, which purported to list terror targets, was highly controversial within the CIA and was later discredited.

From 2005 to 2008, Brennan served as CEO of a defense contracting company The Analysis Corporation (TAC), which specialized in data mining and watch lists. In early 2008, TAC was implicated in a scandal when it was revealed that someone at TAC had scoured the passport records of presidential candidates Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. As ABC noted, “passport files would provide basic information like birth dates and background on where candidates have traveled. But the files would also include sensitive information like Social Security numbers, which could be used to track down credit reports and other personal information.”

Upon inauguration to his first term on Jan. 20, 2009, Obama appointed Brennan to the position of Homeland Security adviser and immediately started ramping up domestic surveillance and spying.

Brennan was a key player in the Bin Laden ruse, including his assassination in Pakistan. We are asked to believe that when U.S. intelligence had the opportunity to capture one of the greatest treasure troves of direct intel, they instead shot the unarmed Bin Laden dead. He also spouted complete — though highly influential — falsehoods to the world in the immediate aftermath of the Osama bin Laden killing, including claiming that bin Laden “engaged in a firefight” with Navy SEALS and had “used his wife as a human shield.”

When individuals who advance failed policies get promoted, it should be viewed a red flag. Brennan is no exception. Consider his lead role in the Saudi-proxy genocide of Yemen. Brennan was the leading promoter of terroristic drone strikes.

Brennan says, “I find the Arab world a fascinating place.” While he might have unique insight into the Arab mind, actual Yemenis and journalists reporting from that country [see herehere and here] say that they hate drones strikes. There is also a strong correlation between targeted killings in Yemen — since December 2009, primarily conducted by U.S. drones — and increased anger toward the United States and sympathy or allegiance to AQAP.

Between 2007 and 2011, U.S. (overt) aid to Yemen’s puppet government was $642 million: $326 million in security assistance primarily for counter-terrorism and border security, and $316 million in civilian assistance for development and humanitarian work. Of course, the big ticket was arranging for military sales to Saudi Arabia. Such sales, in fact, are the true objective of the Shadow Government. This alleged strategy of foreign aid led to the collapse of the Saleh regime, widespread anti-American sentiment and the tripling of al Qaeda. For this, Brennan was promoted to CIA director.

Brennan was a vocal advocate of immunizing lawbreaking telecoms for their role in the illegal Bush-NSA eavesdropping program. His role in spying on Trump is just the tip of the iceberg. Outcome: promotions.

Brennan supported enhanced interrogation and the transfer of terrorism suspects to countries where they might be tortured (extraordinary rendition). Then, when the Senate was looking into this, the Shadow Government was caught wire tapping this process. Outcome: promotions.

Glenn Greenwald wrote:

Brennan last year got caught outright lying when he claimed Obama’s drone program caused no civilian deaths in Pakistan over the prior year. Brennan has also been in charge of many of Obama’s most controversial and radical policies, including “signature strikes” in Yemen — targeting people without even knowing who they are — and generally seizing the power to determine who will be marked for execution without any due process, oversight or transparency.

TNN Takeaway: Do you know how you can tell John Brennan is lying? His lips move. The same is true of Donald Trump. They are running a matrix of disinformation, confusion and misdirection, with the word “Russia” inserted in a nonsensical, disconnected manner.

Also see “Robert Mueller: Crime Syndicate Operative Extraordinaire.

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  1. Such a joke the actor who purportedly killed Tim Osman in 2011 or whatever is still floating around as legitimate. I fully expect his brain washing to snap and him go off the deep end soon.

  2. Increases military spending AND withdraws from Syria??? Are there bigger fish to fry??Does Trump have a history of walking away from bad deals when money is no object??Or is a new proxy about to emerge? I suspect all roads lead to Iran

    • No, no. Don’t forget he’s declared we need a new space program!! And he’s giving the military raises, right?

    • Yesterday from Rasmussen, the more accurate USA polling – Eight years ago, on 2 April 2010, Barack Obama was at 46% popularity … Yesterday on 2 April 2018, Donald Trump was at 50% popularity, 4 points higher than Obama at the exact same point in his presidency

      As is noted, most mainstream media adored Obama, but constantly bash Trump … yet Trump is more popular despite media bashing … For average normies in the USA or Europe, the increasingly leading political issue is migrants migrants … And this sentiment grows despite pro-migrant media

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