Willam Kristol’s Hamilton 68 Truther Tracker and Q Anon Disinfo

IMAGE: RenegadeTribune.com

By Rollie Quaid | 4 March 2018

RENEGADE TRIBUNE — Many of the “Truther” accounts on Twitter that are disseminating content about what really happened during the Parkland Hoax are labeled by Hamilton 68 as “Twitter accounts believed to be under Russian sway,” according to NPR.

Hamilton 68 is part of a Deep State plan to scrap the 1st Amendment and to label free speech as fake news, manufactured by teenagers in Macedonia who are on the Kremlin payroll, and paid Kremlin speech does not need constitutional protection. By clicking or searching for a hashtag on Twitter, you could be labeled as being complicit agents of Moscow’s sprawling dezinformatsiya campaign.

Hamilton 68 is a data-gathering operation headed by NeoCon William Kristol, who is the head of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, and their goal is to make pro-2nd Amendments and “Truthers” accounts appear to be Kremlin-linked accounts.

In Putin’s Russia there is no such thing as free speech or the right to bear arms. The Bolshevik Revolution put an end to the free circulation of guns, and Putin continues the Bolshevik tradition of no guns for the Russian public. […]

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