Predictive Programming: In the TV show ‘Jericho’ a Nuclear False Flag is Blamed on North Korea


24 April 2017

50 SHADES OF PISSED OFF — Watched a video by TruthMediaRevolution titled “Forget Gotham Shield….Operation Jericho is in full swing” where he talks about a video he made in 2015 about the really popular TV series “Jericho” that aired in 2006.

In this 2015 video he had gone into how “Jericho” was simply predictive programming….programming the public for what’s to come in the future. Planting ideas in the subconscious mind of the masses so that when they actually happen later, they are more easily accepted.

The show aired eleven years ago in 2006, which seems far enough away for plausible deniability if the exact scenario just happens to play out in real time.

What he then points out (in the video he just made) is how he just noticed that in “Jericho” IRAN AND NORTH KOREA WERE THE SCAPEGOATS for a nuclear false flag pulled off by our own govt. […]

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