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Skipping All Stages of Grief at Staged Events

By Aria Whitebeam | 19 June 2016

RENEGADE TRIBUNE — All of the staged events from Sandy Hook to the Homocaust always have plenty of signs that show us they are unreal. They are events being used to change public perceptions and guarantee support to the system and its unrelenting agenda. As actors they are given a script, as we know, and gun control talking points fall out of their mouths instantly. There are also plenty of highlight-able mishaps that many great people are documenting and sharing in their own fantastic articles reports. I think the scriptwriters like to put in these ‘accidents’ or ‘anomalies’ to make us all look mad if we want to talk to the normal person about anything conspiracy related. As soon as we start laughing about indestructible passports and telling people that actors circle buildings for media pictures like in Sandy Hook, we sound mad. The elite Jewish-controlled governments want us to be laughed out of conversations, with rolling eyes and ‘next you will be telling me Michelle Obama is trans’. Well, now that you mention it…

They like for us to look mad, but just one stone is never thrown, and there is so much going on within one supposed action. From the very beginning of these ‘mass shootings’ I have found the grief of the actors not just to be shitty acting, but also bizarre. They do not act grief out properly, skipping to the last stage of grief within 24-48 hours. The ‘victims’ families seem eerily okay with it all within a very short space of time. If they wanted this to look real, then they would show what looks like real grief surely? They would have real snotty-nosed distraught people, as crying isn’t pretty, and real grief is heartbreaking to witness and people can sound like howling, grunting animals trying to attain breath. They will often be in shock, silent, dazed and unable to talk. They will pace, rant, and try to console themselves. Watching real grief sticks in your throat and sinks your heart. Grieving people who have been shocked by the death of a loved one do not sit and smile telling you about how good the victim was, and how they forgive the perpetrator and how guns are the only problem.

Are they trying to implant behaviours in us so we will act robotically as they want us to during a disaster? So that we will emotionally remove ourselves from it? So when there is real disaster we will accept it, just like others are doing? Maybe they are just bad actors, but they are bad actors with a script. Maybe it is just a bad script?

There is never only one agenda; everything they achieve is through layers and layers, with intertwined agendas. When learning applied psychology for healthcare, it was about messaging people on every level to gain their agreement. To gain agreement from people for gun control or whatever. they would need to see grief, but we are not seeing grief. Theoretically to alter a behaviour, you would show the masses the behaviour you want for them to emulate, and soon they will believe this is a norm and copy it.

Do the lovely leaders assume that out of respect we will not question the reactions of the victim’s family members? Is the average IQ becoming so low that they do not have to portray reality in the perceived non-reality? This unnatural portrayal of grief could be because our Jewish-elite leaders are unnatural, or maybe they are gloating that we all accept our circumstances they give to us, just as the ‘grieving’ actors appear to straight away accept their circumstances also. I know they are monitoring our responses to see what we question and what we do not; we know they are forward planning, to an extent I could never predict. The monotone ‘that is strength’, ‘they are so strong’ after each interview, when these people are unemotional and lacking strength likely has something to do with a behaviour modification programming.

There are five main stages of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, then finally Acceptance.

Denial shows itself when we say, ‘this can’t be true’, and this normally lasts up until burial, cremation or the service to say goodbye, or perhaps a few weeks after. Anger is when we then blame; people blame for days, weeks or months, some forever, especially in this kind of circumstance, where a shocking event has taken place and somebody has robbed you of your loved one. My neighbour’s parents were both massacred in a shooting at their jewelry store, and over ten years on she cannot discuss it without showing more emotion than all of these ‘actors’ put together, because her grief was real, and you will not hear her accept their killer’s position – never.  She does not blame the guns or the jewelery, she blames the piece of shit that took her family. Anger to some never goes away because of the circumstance in which the loved one was taken. These shootings often have families forgiving the shooter immediately, and maybe this could happen in some freak occurrence, but not across the board, no way. Bargaining is when we pray to a higher power to reverse our current situation – ‘dear god, I will do anything if you bring them back.’ When god does not answer the impossible, people will become depressed, this is perhaps the longest stage of grief because it is the beginning of acceptance, and it hurts. Finally we come to a point were we accept our position and the events that have happened. Although there is no timetable upon grief and loss, some people can come to acceptance after weeks, others months or years. But nobody in just a few hours or days will skip all steps of grief and go straight to acceptance; they maybe miss one or two, shuffle them around, but you do not outright accept the unacceptable.

In fifty years will they be teaching us that acceptance is the first stage of grief, showing students the videos of the ‘victims’ families happily accepting their grief? Will anyone who shows normal grieving in the future be deemed insane or unfit? Because emotional people who react to things are a problem, a big problem. Passionate people get things done. Whether you like fiery people or not, they lead us to the future, while the submissive do not.

‘Families’ are giving us such in-depth philosophical wisdom when they should be in denial or be very angry. After Sandy Hook a family was smiling and laughing about how it was starting to snow whilst they were interviewed and this was a message from their loved one, and how their passed loved one ‘wouldn’t have it any other way’. When my partner’s beloved Nan passed away, he was on the phone to his brother and grandfather in another town, when all of a sudden over our town and theirs a massive rainbow appeared. We saw the rainbow and straight away, whether true or not, we all believed the rainbow was for us, and it was very sad, sweet and consoling, but very sad. I know how they are tapping into our reality with their emotional pinching, but they are messing with it, and re-designing man.

Nothing they do is for one reason alone. Everything is operating on a macro level, which is how almost everyone is captured in their grasp, because they have many hands. There is nothing that they do, which does not have the intent of moulding humanity.

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