Iran Warns of Crackdown as 200 Protesters Arrested

Protest or rally? A demonstration in Iran on Dec. 30, 2017, featured signs and flags that read 'Down with the USA.' PHOTO: Iman Jannatik/FARS

Protests have been taking place in dozens of cities across Iran, a day after demonstrations turned deadly. Authorities warned they would crack down on any violence and challenges to the government.

31 December 2017

DEUTSCHE WELLE — Some 200 people were arrested during Saturday night’s protests in the Iranian capital, the semi-official ILNA news agency reported, citing an official in Tehran on Sunday.

“These individuals are now with the judiciary and some others have been freed out of clemency,” Ali Asghar Nasserbakht, a security deputy for Tehran’s governor, said.

Several hundred people gathered in Tehran and the western city of Khorramabad on Sunday evening in the fourth day of demonstrations.

Another semi-official news agency later quoted a government official saying two protesters had been killed at a rally overnight. The Mehr news agency reported Sunday that the two protesters were killed in Doroud, in Iran’s Lorestan province. […]

1 Comment on Iran Warns of Crackdown as 200 Protesters Arrested

  1. Could all be an induced drama to make the oil prices go up, which they’ve been doing … billions in extra revenue for Iran, Russia, Tillerson’s friends at Exxon …

    Plus by letting the fake ‘colour revolution beginning’ get started, Iran can rat trap its own dissidents, identify them, arrest them and hang them … which also seems to be underway

    Not to say the US-Nato propaganda against Iran should be believed, but it’s true that Iran is a super-surveillance and super-internet-control society. It is improbable that what is happening was not foreseen by Iranian authorities, clearly monitoring if not censoring all the social media etc platforms. They easily see all the Western, Israeli etc incoming electronic traffic.

    It is somewhat logical, that Iran itself is allowing the Western-supported colour-revolution feint, in collusion with everyone … with good profits for the parasite cabal who would have been tipped off the oil price spike was underway

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