Bombshell Report Reveals Up To 30% Of Federal Inmates Are Illegal Immigrants

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By Tyler Durden | 22 December 2017

ZERO HEDGE — The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released its findings on the immigration status of federal prison inmates, as mandated in a controversial Executive Order signed during the President Trump’s first week in the White House.  The report reveals that of the 37,557 confirmed immigrants in the federal prison system, 35,334 (94%) of them are in the United States illegally – which means out of a total of 185,507, federally incarcerated individuals, over 19% are confirmed illegal immigrants – which, in 2014, cost U.S. taxpayers $1.87 billion to house.

It should be noted that the 19% figure is based on known illegals in federal prison – while 58,766 individuals are “known or suspected” to be illegal. If we apply the 94% confirmed illegal rate to the “known or suspected” population, it brings the total number of potential incarcerated illegal immigrants to 55,240 — or 30% of federal incarcerations. 

DHS Alien Incarceration Report , Q4 2017

The report also points out that the federal prison population is roughly 10%, with state and local facilities containing the vast majority of incarcerated individuals in the U.S. 

“The American people deserve a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interest,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions, adding “But at the border and in communities across America, our citizens are being victimized by illegal aliens who commit crimes. Nearly 95 percent of confirmed aliens in our federal prisons are here illegally.  We know based on sentencing data that non-citizens commit a substantially disproportionate number of drug-related offenses, which contributes to our national drug abuse crisis. The simple fact is that any offense committed by a criminal alien is ultimately preventable.”

Immigrant rights groups predictably had a major problem with the report, claiming racism and manipulated data. […]

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  1. I worked at a forensic mental health facility for years and there are many illegals there. A lot of patients illegal or not were malingering too.

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