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Trump Commutes Prison Sentence of Sholom Rubashkin

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The New Nationalist doubts there are few who are serving prison time that benefited from intensive lobbying by so many high ranking political figures as Sholom Rubashkin. We have also received clues about Trump and the sistema’s ideas of justice. Yesterday, Trump commuted the prison sentence of Rubashkin, 57. He had served eight years of a 27-year sentence.

Rubashkin, as manager of the family-owned Agriprocessors meat plant ($300 million annual revenue) in Postville, Iowa, was convicted in 2009 of financial fraud for submitting fake invoices to the plant’s bank that made the company’s finances appear healthier than they were so that it could borrow more, according to the Times of Israel. Its bankruptcy revealed a $26-million scheme of fraud.

In addition, in one of the nation’s largest illegal-worker busts, federal authorities raided the plant and detained 389 illegal immigrants in 2008. ICE determined at the time of its raid that two-thirds of the plant’s workers were undocumented. It turned out that the company itself was cranking out fake social security cards.

There were also 9,311 counts of child labor violations in the indictments, as well as horrific safety violations.

Plant supervisors in this hell on earth were involved the in rape and sexual abuse of workers. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) also documented and filmed what they called the worst animal abuses and extreme cruelty ever witnessed.

Rubashkin’s criminal exploits and methods were documented in the CNBC series “American Greed: The Slaughterhouse.” The video has now been scrubbed from CNBC’s website; however, it was mirrored elsewhere. Watch now because it may not be online long.

Rubashkin is a member of the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic sect. The next video shows of one of Rubaskin’s sons as he demonstrates attitudes toward non-Jews (aka goyim). It also offers clues as to the manner in which Rubashkin ran the largest kosher slaughterhouse in the U.S. TNN earlier provided additional color on Chabad, whose members include Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

In 2010, a son-in-law of Rubashkin was given a slap on the wrist after being charged with four counts of sexual molestation of two boys. The Jewish Forward reported that, in a plea bargain, Rabbi Yaakov Weiss pleaded guilty to child endangerment and admitted his guilt to other counts in the indictment under oath in court. He pleaded guilty to “advising” (witness tampering) one of the boys in a phone call to lie to his mother and to police about what had occurred. Weiss “touched his penis to the boy’s buttocks,” states the indictment. It charges that Weiss did the same with the other boy.

One month before the charges, Rabbi Weiss delivered an invocation about “ethics and morals” to the New York State Assembly. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail but was released early, having served just 38 days.

One might think the Hasidic community would want to lay low and avoid the spotlight as Rubashkin came home. Instead, last night he was greeted as some sort of conquering hero, as thousands poured into the streets in a mass celebration.

We have no idea what these lunatics are on? Were some given passes out of the asylum for the evening? What could possibly go wrong here? Watch what happens at 0:22.

Alt Right “spokesman” and Trump cheerleader Mike Cernovich joined in on the celebrations with this tweet. Revealingly, he also treats Rubashkin as a cause célèbre.

This follows soon after another case was dispensed of in the “justice” system. Rabbi Samuel Hiller, 59 — the former head of one of New York City’s largest providers of resources for pre-schoolers with disabilities — admitted to stealing $5 million from special-needs students.

Hiller copped to charges of first-degree grand larceny in April as part of a plea deal. In October, Queens Supreme Court Justice Joseph Zayas sentenced Hiller to one to three years in state prison. With good behavior, TNN doesn’t anticipate Hiller will be there long.

18 Comments on Trump Commutes Prison Sentence of Sholom Rubashkin

  1. None of this is a surprise. The Chabbad group is rapidly putting a target sign on their backs as the most depraved, immoral group ever. The more news gets out about them the better. The local paper started a series about the growing Chabbad population of Lakewood, NJ a few months back and then it just fizzled out and we haven’t seen an article since even though more were promised. They don’t seem to be in control of the media however and they’re more involved in gross financial fraud of every kind and buggering as the British say, largely because the Talmud equates women with being one step above a dog and molestation of boys is permitted in the Talmud. They have no problems ripping off and deceiving the government which they view, despite the large number of Jews in it, as a fundamentally goy institution. The one good aspect of all this is that the Khazarians hate Chabbad and don’t object to bad press about them. Let the games begin.

    • Yes, but look at all the political pressure they successfully brought to bear to go light on these criminals mentioned in the article. Meanwhile 87 year Ursula Haverstack stews in a German jail for vocalizing revisonist history.

      • For sure, but the entire ethnic group whether orthodox or reform has near total control of everything when you think about it so it’s a pleasure to see them at each other’s throats. Whatever weakens them, strengthens us. I am sadly aware of the sorry plight of Ursula Haverstack. David Icke’s book promotion in the UK which was originally supported by Manchester United was canceled at the last minute because a certain group managed to bully the soccer team management. The situation seems far worse in Europe than it is here. Germany is practically a Stasi state these days.

  2. Also, Russ have you heard about the organization Birthright Israel? Apparently it begins to inculcate young Jewish males very early on about their supremacy and the battle to control the planet. Seems Kushner went through that madrassa. Do they pick the best and brightest or the easiest to convince?

  3. Any thoughts on the UN resolution against the embassy move to Jerusalem and Trump’s reaction? Some are thinking he’s using it as a way to shut off the foreign aid spigot. Do you agree or do you think he’s serious about the move?


      If he wants to shut off the foreign aid spigot: cut the $4 billion plus we give to the fascist theocracy of Nazi israel and help Puerto Rico recover from the devastation. If we don’t help them in a timely manner: All of them will come up here and bring their criminal activities and filth with them. I lived on the outskirts of a large Puerto Rican neighborhood in a major city in the north east. Most of the residential buildings are pock marked with vulgar graffiti and bullet holes. Their gangs and associated criminal activities make MS13 look like a misbehaving kindergarten class. They don’t take care of their residences, they dump garbage, urinate and defecate in the hallways of the apartment buildings. They have very poor personal hygiene. When they start moving into a neighborhood: Property values plummet, typically by more than half of what it was before the invasion.

      • I hate to see you lump all the Puerto Ricans into one profile but I won’t argue with them lowering property values and trashing neighborhoods. Trump’s Chabbad connections will steer him in the direction they want. The most encouraging event for 2018 would be the departure of Kushner.

  4. True “justice” for that inbreed is a 10mm hole in his filthy forehead. That is the kind of “elected leaders” we have in DC and every state and municipal body. The jews have been run out of 109 countries so far. Do our country a huge favor and make the U.S. number 110.

  5. they own him, there is a video of them saying trump was bankrupt in the 90s and they decided it was more useful to have him than to not, so they bailed him out and he is their man.

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