Vegas Timeline Stories Distract from Real Issue: Where’s the CCTV, Eyewitness Video Imagery?


There’s a new narrative being spun surrounding the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and it seems to be totally designed to test the gullibility of normies. In the following television interview Mandalay Bay building engineer Stephen Schuck claims he was on the 32nd floor that fateful moment the shooting began. He told the “Today” show that he had been called to check on a fire exit door and was walking down the hallway when he “started to hear shots ring out.” Coworker Jesus Campos warned him to “take cover.“

Then, a full nine days after the event, Las Vegas Police Department “changed the timeline” to include this new narrative about how Jesus Campos, a security guard was shot by super-gunman accountant Stephen Paddock on the 32nd floor hallway 6 minutes before the shots “rained down on the festival crowd.” Two hundred shots were fired down the hallway, which certainly seems like overkill to deal with a security guard on an unrelated service call.

This, in turn, has stimulated new drama that Jesus Campos might’ve been an accomplice. A pair of dubious social media investigative actors posing as reporters, (((Tokes and Loomer))), are on the trail, and even went to Campos’ house to confront and interview him without success.

Additionally, it has been determined that Campos is not licensed for security work by the State of Nevada. Now, after being scheduled for five Lugenpresse appearances, including with Sean Hannity, Campos was a no-show and has mysteriously “disappeared.” Not a single photo has emerged or been released from the man of the year – the alleged fake Jesus Campos. There is zero reason for that as well with all the Tabloid photographers and CCTV camera at large.

Nowhere in this stream of misdirection and decoys does anybody ask the most obvious question. The Mandalay and environs are heavily surveilled. So just show us the video surveillance camera footage of everything Paddock-related. Explain why you didn’t fully understand the timeline on Day 1 or Day 2 at the latest? Show us the video surveillance camera footage of everything festival-related both inside and on the streets. This would include the emergency response. Twelve days after the event, there is nothing. In fact, there never is at these performances. Do we look like we have stupid written all over our faces? No, not here at The New Nationalist.

Twelve days post-event, there have also been a stunning dearth of eyewitness videos. There are some which we have preserved in our main Las Vegas post, and those point to fakery and crowd-stampeding. You can see that by examining them.

Now we are learning why nothing else has been forthcoming. Eyewitnesses are reporting that phones and cameras were confiscated post-event by the FBI. A week and a half later, the devices were returned, and the owners claim that all evidence – including photos, videos and messages – were carefully scrubbed.

According to an eyewitness who posted on Facebook earlier today:

A bunch of people that worked the Route 91 said they got their cell phones back today. They all said that all their phones are completely wiped clean! All messages and info from that weekend are completely gone. Anyone else experience this?

A few different people who were vendors there are all saying the same thing,” the woman later confirms.

Another Route 91 worker confirmed the story, commenting, “Of course. It’s an active federal crime scene. They can wipe it clean. I was the beverage manager for the entire event. My laptop is wiped clean.”

This eyewitness video has emerged. It shows nothing visually but is of interest to me because it records the single shots targeted individuals theory I have alluded to in previous posts. First, a single shot rings out at the 3:26 mark, followed by second single gunshot at the 3:36. Even this may be a rabbit trick, as most likely black ops hit men would use silencers.

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  1. The two single shots were high caliber outdoor shots. Pistols have a low volume, high frequency ‘pep’ or ‘pop’ noise outdoors at a distance. Those sounded like rifle shots (deer hunter experience).

  2. I googled “cell phones confiscated Las Vegas” – zero hits (it seems) – there is (of course?) a story about how one woman’s cell phone stopped a bullet and “saved her life” – otherwise, lots of items from 5+ years ago about the complicated legal and constitutional issues of cell phone confiscation of e.g. drivers involved in fatal accidents –
    if cell phones etc were confiscated from persons not charged with an offense… that would be hugely illegal … right? – and the civil libertarians over on the left would be in an uproar, … right?
    anyway – soon down the memory hole – in the Sandy Hook timeline – about two weeks out – the parents were flying to DC on Air Force One – … yet a strange hush seems to be descending on this event – MSNBC (which my sweet elderly mother watches) – seems to have dropped it completely — it’s all Russia and “unstable” Trump again

  3. I go with hoax. I have seen zero evidence of anyone hit. There is only sounds and hearsay with the latter coming from some duboious (a la Alex Jones) pseudo truthers.

  4. Laura Loomer, “Investigative” Alternative Media “Journalist”, is Provably a Likud Asset… and She May Not Even Know it Herself October 8, 2017

    Someone has to tell the world who she really works for because she poses a grave danger to the hardcore investigative rebellion.

    I have already seen enough to know for a fact that she is an asset of forces that she may not even be aware of, but I doubt that the latter is the case though.

    She has been spouting decoy after decoy in the ongoing Las Vegas shooting news cycle (Stephen Paddock is “the killer” is a decoy, the hotel room receipt is also a decoy. Both prove nothing and only put up a smoke screen.) and it is time that someone exposes her for what she really, and merely, is. I bet the Irgun Likud party is having a ball over her online escapades at this very moment. They’re enjoying their bowls of seasoned falafals as they take note of the success that she has had so far.

    So, the sad part is that many have already been duped at this stage.

    Provably she is a zionist jew (don’t be fooled, zionists fund all sides of conflicts, see Rothschilds et al; and also in Ukraine for instance [1, 2, 3]) that is being used by the Likud party to poison your mind with anti muslim and anti islam propaganda – specifically using this shooting and trying to link it to ISIS. This has demonstrably been one of the goals of the Israeli press since day one, on October 1. I told you that the event is about something else and that Paddock was not the shooter, although the patsy.

    Her MO is a popular one. First inject your poison in the alt media and truther community through platforms like Infowars and then create a character for yourself that people will look up to. Even if based on false information and deception. Most “truthers” won’t ever find out anyway or are too stupid to actually see what is unfolding in front of them. Loomer proves this all by herself that that is the reality because there are already hundreds (if not thousands) out there who see her as some kind of respectable leader figure. Go figure…

    A swift glance over her Facebook page and Twitter feed instantly raises red flags, it shows that she is poison and that she therefore should be avoided at all costs. Once you allow her to establish credibility in your mind you are lost and put on a sidetrack where you mean no harm anymore. Whether you know it or believe it or not.

    You should know that there is no ISIS in the Philippines, not three months ago – not today. Yet if you would take her waffling serious you’d be of the opinion that there is. “Vegas shooter wires $100,000 to ISIS [in the Philippines]”. What a lie, how poisonous. This smells (stinks) like Likud propaganda from miles away.

    Here’s another one of her Irgun traps:

    “I have received intel that the woman who went to the front row of the concert in Las Vegas and told people ‘you’re all going to die’ is in custody and she is Muslim.”

    Aside from her fraudulent “sources” she is the only one spouting this nonsense but it seems that many Trump groupies are buying it nonetheless.

    The fact that she is directly affiliated with Ezra Levant, also a hardcore zionist jew, proves that his outfit “The Rebel Media” is a limited hangout and that there is nothing rebellious about it. This last part I already knew for a very long time but it is now appropriate to mention this here.

  5. Aside from Jesus Campos, Chad Nishimura who was working at Mandalay Bay, and said Stephen Paddock seemed normal and did not have many bags, apparently has disappeared

    Kymberley Suchomel, age 28, is mysteriously dead after being in Las Vegas, being unhurt there, but posting that there were multiple shooters. Her husband left for work and she was dead shortly afterwards.

    After the FBI spoke to another Las Vegas ‘person of interest’, John Beilman, it is claimed he killed himself and his daughter.

    The FBI still is said to refuse to talk to Rocky Palermo who says he saw multiple shooters

    Gordon Duff posted a long photo piece on Veterans Today re Las Vegas, showing the low rooftops etc much nearer the concert site than the Mandalay Bay hotel, where snipers could have easily lodged killing some of the people in the crowd … a few hours later the post was completely erased, someone tapped Gordon on the shoulder (VT is a curious mix of truth / limited hang-out / distraction … the Jewish Gordon Duff has even said out loud that 30% of the material on his site is false, ‘so they won’t murder him’)

    Las Vegas seems as if it may have a real killings / massive fake victims mix. Possibly a good number of the 60 deaths are real, but most of the 520 wounded are not. Paul Craig Roberts has been posting a lot of material from experienced physicians chiming in on how fake is everything they see.

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