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The Dubious July 16, 1945, ‘A-Bomb’ Trinity Test

Los Alamos director J. Robert Oppenheimer is seen in silhouette as he oversees final assembly of the Gadget at the Trinity test site in July of 1945. PHOTO: via The Atlantic

This post is a follow up to yesterday’s article on the U.S. firebombing of Hiroshima, and focuses on the Trinity atomic bomb test. As a point of reference, the Trinity explosion was said to have occurred on July 16, 1945. The Hiroshima bombing was on Aug. 6, 1945, three weeks later. Nagasaki was three days later, on Aug. 9, 1945.

I am condensing the low-hanging fruit from Miles Mathias’ work on the Trinity test. Another source for these articles is the “Big Lies” section on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Mathias asks fundamental questions. First, the Manhattan Project test left serious doubts about its true outcome. Successful first tests in advanced technology are a rarity. So it’s quite curious that the bomb tested at Trinity was a plutonium device. The bombed dubbed “Fat Man” that was allegedly used at Nagasaki was plutonium. However, the first “A-bomb” used at Hiroshima was a uranium bomb that was never tested. Why would you choose to use a bomb you haven’t tested instead of the one you have, especially if the outcome of its test was truly a success? It makes no sense.

Mathias describes the photographic images and footage from Trinity as trickery.

I want to pause for a moment on the topic of goggles, which some onlookers were said to have worn to shield their eyes from the atomic flash. If these atomic bomb tests had been real, they would have emitted a dose of gamma rays that would have been a terror on the eyes. Distance makes less of a difference with gamma rays than with other particles, since gamma rays are photons that travel the speed of light. That means they would have traveled the distance to these stupid photographers in about 0.00001 seconds. In that time, they would lose no energy, so standing back a few miles doesn’t help. Gamma rays have such a high energy that most goggles wouldn’t help. Closing your eyes wouldn’t help, since the rays would go right through your eyelids like they weren’t there. The photographers should be looking through double- and triple-shielded binoculars. Instead, we are supposed to believe they are just standing there with their eyes open.

Sunrise in central New Mexico on July 16, 1945, would have been at about 6:07 a.m. (MT). The detonation was alleged to have gone off at 5:29 a.m. (MT). That’s is still 38 minutes before local sunrise. Mathias observes:

So how did they get all the daylight images? The length of the shadows actually proves this is not at sunrise, much less before sunrise. The seated soldier in the middle of the photo above [at right] is about ½ inch tall on my screen. His shadow is 1.5”, giving us an increase of 3 times. Which means the sun is about 18 degrees above the horizon. That indicates a time of about 8 a.m. We can call this Operation My Watch Has Stopped.

The next observation is typical of what The New Nationalist (TNN) has noted about these endless deceptions even up to this day. We are told the photography group employed some 50 different cameras, taking motion and still photographs. Special Fastax cameras taking 10,000 frames per second would record the minute details of the explosion. If so, then why are all the images from Trinity the sort of garbage we have seen all too often — grainy, blurry, shot
from a distance and in 7/8 shadow? Why is Aeby’s pathetic photo still trotted out? Why are the films of this quality?

The only color photo of the event, said to have been taken by environmental physicist Jack Aeby, was supposed to have been taken at f-stop 4. Since this was at 5:30 in morning, why didn’t he open the lens up to f-2.8? Did he want to be sure the shot was garbage? It looks like the film was ISO 1600, instead of 100. Why else would it be so grainy? His shutter speed was 100. What, he had never heard of a tripod? And why did the U.S. government have to get its only color photo from an amateur? They couldn’t afford to hire any professionals who knew how to use color film and tripods? C’mon, this story is such obvious bullshit. Operation Get Outta My Face.

The photo at left shows Major Gen. Leslie Groves and Robert Oppenheimer at Trinity ground zero shot tower remains a few weeks later. The white overshoes were to prevent trinitite fallout (atomsite or Alamogordo glass) from sticking to the soles of their shoes. I will give you a few moments to stop laughing. They are standing at ground zero a few weeks after the test, with no protective clothing except white canvas bags over their shoes. A 20-kiloton bomb is supposed to have exploded just 100 feet above that point they are standing, and yet all we see is a little pile of sand that’s not even scorched. Look at the ground. It is just cracked dirt. It should have been heated to extremely high temperatures and turned to magma or aerosol. It just looks like cracked clay, as in any normal desert!!! Where is the hole or scorching? 

TNN note: Robert Oppenheimer, the head of the Manhattan Project, is yet another in a long, long list of (((coincidences))). As rabbit holes go, he’s probably worth a separate post. Oppenheimer, who was from an elite Jewish family, is a rather shadowy, spooky character. He was even described as an “actor” by contemporaries. He was very much a fake persona and drama queen.

He brought a slew of his (((fellows))) into this lucrative project. A good case could be made that the project itself also served the purpose of spreading military-industrial complex warmongering largess and booty around ($26 billion in 2016 dollars) to a select group of war profiteers in a manner similar to the modern “war on terror.” The project established highly secretive, off-the-budget, unaccountable programs that exist to this day.

Then there’s the big difference between “The Gadget” and “Fat Man.” “The Gadget” is what was exploded at Trinity. “Fat Man” exploded at Nagasaki 24 days later. Well, that begs a question: If “Fat Man” was already built and was smaller and simpler, why was “The Gadget” so large and complex?

Mathias concludes:

William Laurence, The New York Times‘ spook on the ground at Trinity, wrote of the event this way:
“A loud cry filled the air. The little groups that hitherto had stood rooted to the earth like desert plants broke into dance, the rhythm of primitive man dancing at one of his fire festivals at the coming of Spring.”

That loud cry should have been the cry of hundreds of idiots having their eyes blasted into permanent blindness by gamma rays and the fertility in their testicles permanently blighted. Conveniently, that didn’t happen.

11 Comments on The Dubious July 16, 1945, ‘A-Bomb’ Trinity Test

    • Russ, it’s good to see you & TNN pick this theme up … I wonder if it could become as big of a TNN hit as your ‘Israeli art student’ story on the Twin Towers.

      A while back I thought of some of these big-lie themes as not-so-important curiosities … now I see them as much more important, making the cabal more nervous over time. The fake nuke story can be wound down with the UN initiative just voted to ‘abolish all nuclear weapons’ … and one can note too they are beginning to wind down the ‘Space Station’ (‘Fake Station’?) story with the Russians saying it looks like the end of that game now too.

      Possibly all space travel is fake, I am not quite sure; but the alleged ‘trips to the moon’ & ‘moon landings’ of 1968-72 are to many of us not only an impossible event, but a story impossible to wind down … and a bit scary precisely because this big lie is so hard to walk back. Some moments I have a fear that the 50th anniversary of the ‘1st walk on the moon by Neil Armstrong’ of 16 July 1969 – in 2019 – is the ‘deadine’ for the cabal to install the NWO, as the ’50th anniversary of trips to the moon’ with no one going back since ’72, will make it clear that all the major governments of the world have been lying to us for decades.

      For a final laugh … here is an official Chinese gov ‘Mission Control’ photo from one of China’s ‘trips into space’ … look closely at the Chinese guys in in front of their boxed computer screens … where are the keyboards?

  1. More vintage ‘nuclear detonation’ laugh riot … Here is JFK’s brother Robert F Kennedy himself, watching a ‘nuclear detonation’ at a distance of circa 3000 metres (!) of a portable ‘Davy Crockett’ mini-nuclear weapon (see also W-54, M388) allegedly made in the thousands in 1950s-1960s, here fired as an artillery shell, a ‘nuke bomb’ around 30kg in weight … and which according to the Veterans Today distraction fairy tale, were given by the hundreds to Israel, & then ‘verified by Sandia Labs’ as being the ‘mini-nukes’ that brought down the NYC towers on 11 Sep 2001 – HA! – vid 1min15sec

    • I can’t reconcile the deployment of nuclear weapons on September 11 with the lack of heat, evidenced by the mountains of unsinged paper floating around.

  2. The whole fake nukes thing ranks right up there with the flat earth jew psy op. The one thing
    they fear the most is 911 being exposed as a nuclear terrorist event. Do not be fooled by these hasbara trolls.

  3. Did this nuclear hoaxing continue on after 1945? Open question for me, but maybe somebody could explain how you explode a nuke like this and the clouds don’t even move and are unaffected? Inquiring minds would like to know. Baker underwater test in 1946.

  4. These images are ridiculous

    Which ones and what in particular is ridiculous about them?

    … where are the keyboards?

    Many are easily seen, e.g. in the left/upper half of the 2nd row from the left you can see many keyboards — also at other locations keyboards/keyboard-like input devices are visible — some/many of those screens are probably sensor monitoring stations that may or may not be computers which may or may not have/need a conventional input device like a keyboard.

    So how did they get all the daylight images?

    No idea where the foto to the right of this text block comes from, but it is not a foto of the Trinity test, and “ridiculous” does describe anyone who claims it is.

    I will give you a few moments to stop laughing.

    I’m not laughing — believe it or not, there was a some ignorance at the time re radioactive byproducts of fission explosions (after all, they hadn’t happened before), and the risks associated with them — teams were sent to both Hiroshima and Nagasaki to collect samples and evaluate that.

    Also there was something akin to a macho culture among physicists and technicians — this led to carelessness and risk-taking that would be seen as shocking today, e.g. manually handling dangerous quantities of Pu (sub-critical hemispheres that if brought too close together would become critical) led to criticality accidents which killed both Harry Daghlian (1945) and Louis Slotin (1946) –> link.

    These were brilliant men and advanced theoretical calculations were very important to the work — due to the theoretical and experimentally verified properties of U235, there was very high confidence that the gun type bomb used first on Hiroshima (‘Little Boy’) would work — when compared to the Pu bomb used on Nagasaki (‘Fat Man’), the gun type bomb was not a complicated device — due to the completely different fission profile of Pu, theory already told them a gun type bomb would not work with Pu — so the sophisticated high explosive lenses were developed for the implosion device using Pu.

    The Trinity Site is normally open to the public 2x per year: on the 1st Saturday in both April and October — I visited in April 1999, and while it’s forbidden, I did leave with a small piece of green glassy material formed when desert sand was fused by the heat of the blast (as a bow to the content here: allegedly).

  5. The first bomb was tested. By the Germans near Rugen Island. The Germans didn’t have a reasonable chance to get a heavy airplane intact over London or they’d probably have blasted it. We’ll probably never know because the myth making went into high gear immediately.

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