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The Memo: Trump Base Shows Signs of Cracking

PHOTO: The Washington Post/Getty

By Niall Stanage | 20 May 2017

THE HILL — President Trump’s previously resilient base is showing signs of cracking.

A new Reuters/IPSOS tracking poll, released Friday afternoon, showed the president with a job approval rating of 75 percent among Republicans.

Political professionals generally view it as worrying for any commander-in-chief if his approval ratings with his own party dip below 85 percent — and downright alarming if they go below 80 percent.

“Seventy-five [percent] is certainly a new number and I would want to see something that would either back that up or refute it,” said GOP pollster David Winston, whose resumé includes work for former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.). “Certainly, if it were true, that is not where you would want to be.” […]

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  1. “signs of”?? everybody left the train when he bombed syria for the first time as he was elected ONLY bc he pledged no more wars… then when he started sucking holohoax cock on the official WH channel everyone was done. fuck trump, fuck israel

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