Manchester Arena Bombing Verdict: Deception Beyond the Pale

This is one of the first pictures of Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, 'taken some years ago' during a class at a mosque. Photograph: handout/The Guardian

I waited three days before commenting on the Manchester Arena bombing, anticipating that eyewitness footage from the thousands of attendees would show up on Youtube, Live Leaks and other sites. While the faux media promotes the official narrative, I and other sleuths are forced by necessity to wait for scenes captured by the real public eyewitnesses. Incredibly, although not surprisingly, after our wait, little has emerged. That includes CCTV. Perhaps the lack of quality images is due to massive censorship. If anybody reading this was an eyewitness and has quality footage that is being censored, contact us at The New Nationalist and we will run it.

My criteria for “real footage” is that it be taken with modern camera technology. I have extensively reviewed the numerous “terror event” images over time and am now rejecting out of hand as nonsense anything comparable in quality to the Zapruder footage from JFK’s assassination. Here is an example of one from the Brussels airport “bombing” shown on CNN that should insult the intelligence of any thinking person. These are fails.

Some 96% of cell phones in the current year are 2013 models or newer, which are excellent resolution cameras. Only 4% of the iPhones in use today are 4s or older. Almost all cell-phone cameras in use are Galaxy S4s, iPhone 5s or newer. And yet there’s a consistent lack of quality eyewitness footage and an abundance of poor, grainy images.

Here is a camera test between a 2013 model of the Galaxy S4 and an iPhone 5. These were excellent older cameras with very good resolution.

That said, the following video provides some audience perspective as the event unfolded. The concert appears over, the arena has already begun to empty out and you can hear the boom sound coming from the box office foyer.

The next video is of better quality; however, what it shows is a stark contrast to the narrative. There are no signs of a stampede or trampling. It shows concert attendees calmly leaving the arena with a reassuring American-accented voice in the background on the loud speaker.

After the “explosion,” the arena wasn’t exactly swarming with paramedics. And if they haven’t arrived yet, it’s hard to imagine 22 dead and 120 wounded from the following image at the foyer where the device was detonated. Par for the course, it’s also impossible to tell with any certainty whether people on the ground are real or dummies. There’s no visible char or damage to the walls or floor. It’s a strange photo indeed. Click here for a better resolution.

And now, as Paul Harvey would say, for the rest of the story. The U.K. Mirror is reporting that firefighter medics were “stopped” from helping bomb victims” until 90 minutes after attack.” Emergency responders spoke of their “shame” as they were “forced to watch the horror unfold on TV just half a mile from the attack.” Perhaps this explains the bizarre lack of paramedics and activity in the lone foyer photo provided by the faux media?

In the next photo, we have individuals who appear to have sustained head injuries and leg wounds. Keep in mind that the improvised bomb was said to have spewed out lacerating nails, screws and bolts, which effectively functions as shrapnel. These wounds do not look the least bit plausible.

And what’s with the three blurred covered people with the balloon? What kind of injuries did they sustain from a blast? And if one trips and falls in a scramble, do you go back and pick up your balloon? Really?

What sort of “injuries” did these characters sustain? The bunny ears are a nice touch.

Next is one of the more rare videos of an alleged injury. Again, remember this person has been shredded by shrapnel projectiles. There is a little drizzle of blood and a demonstration of modest discomfort.

TNN asks readers to get back into the real world and away from this cartoon-world black-magic conditioning. This may be hard to watch, but we feel the contrast it shows is crucial and necessary. The following is a video of a war reporter being hit by shrapnel at minute 0:25. Notice the considerable blood splatter. He’s spitting blood. Then he ends up on his back, not standing. I have seen nothing even remotely close to this among the relatively few casualty images of the Manchester bombing. In the rare instances where you clearly see casualties in other “terror events,” the scenes don’t combine either. We should be seeing large quantities of blood and splatter for a bombing event that leaves 22 dead and 120 wounded. Instead, we see a little drizzle here and there and “injuries” and pain that don’t combine.

To further illustrate and to refute the “in shock” nonsensical narrative, here is the reaction of a U.S. Marine upon being hit by shrapnel — and he was protected by padding. This is a milder example, there are far worse. Again, we should be seeing scores of people in agony and real pain at Manchester.

There was a Tucker Carson interview with an eyewitness, who at minute 2:30 indicated there was no security getting into the arena. At minute 4:00, he said cell phone service was down after the boom sound. So no firefighter paramedics admitted and no cell phone service. Very, very fishy indeed.

Adding insult to “injuries,” the British newspaper The Sun on Wednesday published a fabricated-looking photo of Manchester Arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi. Once again, who has a camera like this in this day and age? And it wasn’t the only grainy, extremely poor-quality photo of Abedi, as the photo below the headline above shows. [Here’s the link to the original.]

But even setting aside the poor resolution, what human being has a neck of that shape and length, and notice the unnatural shadowing, discoloration and super-sized neck tendon on left side. His eyes look drawn in by a 9 year old. Notice freakish non-symmetrical left eyebrow. The hairline on top is indistinguishable from the background. The hair on left side of head is sheer vertical as if drawn with a ruler. No tapering near the left ear, and what’s the white line on the right edge?

An observer on Reddit remarked that the most telling indicator that this image has been Photoshopped isn’t the reptile-like left eye but rather the hard-edge aliasing that occurs where his neck line meets the collar and the shadow on his right side (on the left side of the picture).

Last but not least, the following fuzzy-looking, cartoon-world, Zapruder-style “CCTV footage” has emerged of “Abedi.” His face is white, masked out and unidentifiable. He looks like a monstrous apparition. This imagery is designed to further traumatize the mind-numb population.

16 Comments on Manchester Arena Bombing Verdict: Deception Beyond the Pale

  1. The queen visited the ‘victims’ of the attack. All we needed to know about it.

    Side note: My at work virus/proxy is blocking TNN as a malware/ad content site.

      • I tried to go to ‘Memory Hole’ blog, Professor James Tracy’s legacy web site, and both Google and Firefox threatened me with computer death for doing so.

    • Is it just this Web page, the home page or the entire website? We don’t even collect cookies! Crazy.

      • Company’s web proxy is filtering linking through Disqus, even the local news station was blocked. But if I access directly it is fine..

  2. If there had actually been an explosion in that arena that was capable of causing injury, most of the injuries would be from hearing damage. Bombs are REALLY LOUD and a bomb indoors is much more intense.
    Once, after a particularly loud explosion, my head rang like a bell for three days.

    • Good point, but did you notice all the lights were on and working. My light bulbs will blow if I shout loudly. I mus find out where they buy theirs………Rick

  3. One thing I noticed on the film of people leaving the arena that was first ran on ABC, nearly everyone had a pink balloon still in their hands. The second strange thing is, why would parents take their young children to see this adulterous former child star from Nickelodeon? She has the whole whorish katy perry vibe to her.

  4. What amazes me is that the “Open Borders” voices are still louder than the “Stop Immigration” voices. I recently moved from Atlanta to Eastern Washington. And although I feel unbelievably safer; at least in rural Georgia, I found pissed off people. So far folks here in Eastern Washington thinks ‘diversity’ is just like the ride “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland.
    It is shocking to me that ((( they ))) can get away with all these false flags and still convince us we need brownskinned immigrants. At first I rejected the notion of false flags because I would ask myself, “why would the Jews want to provoke our fear of immigration?” But then after a dozen false flags………………NO ONE CARES!!! So why not.
    Truly Orwellian = Hate them ‘over there’. Love them here. Is this not the definition of Insanity?

  5. I wouldn’t believe any of these deep state operations and don’t. The press and the govt apparatchiks are frauds and are unbelievable and why they continue to get away with these deep state fishing expeditions and false flags like this one too doesn’t speak too highly of John Q (or Susie Q) Public, does it??

  6. Its all about banning “dangerous hateful ideologies” that radicalize people “on the internet”.

    The left behaves the same way as the blind alt right does during the staged hoaxes by white people.

    Example: Roof & Breivik. Both fake.

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