Donald ‘The Red Queen’ Trump Looked Robotic in Passover, Easter Holiday Address

In an April 14 address, Donald “The Red Queen” Trump’s eyes look droopy and uneven. His right eye was nearly shut during the entire delivery, almost like an allergy. The left eye is only half open and squinting. He hardly blinked during the speech and, when he did, it was barely a flutter. It’s as if he’s frozen, not his usually animated self. He appears robotic and low energy. His body and shoulders barely move. The speech and word emphases sound canned.

The production quality is rather poor for something coming from the White House. The acoustics echo. He is viewed at odd side angles. Is this a hostage video?

Presumably, this is a speech to Americans, and yet for nearly the first minute he speaks about Jews and Israel. It could just as well have been written by Jared Kushner. At 7 seconds, he was supposed to say, “This week, Jewish families across our country …” Instead he said, “Jewish families accurse our country …” The word “accurse” means to consign to destruction, misery, or evil by a curse, as in, “And the city shall be accursed” [Joshua 6:17].

Passover, or “Yahweh,” involved the killing of Egypt’s first-born males. Alternatively, locusts eating up everything before moving on to the next goy land.

Something else of which to be aware. Watch this “Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment” video. The possibilities of such technology are chilling.

One more for good measure. “Bill Hicks: Mr. President, any questions?”

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  1. kushner needs to be removed/whacked asap and the purge of all zionists inus gvnt by the military (ie mattis). And as for trump, god only knows. He could be an mk ultra victim, under hostage situations, etc

  2. It seems to me that much nefariousness is in play in the WH. Trump’s abrupt and complete about-face on so many issues is indicative of interference not that he was trustworthy from the beginning but your images surely show a man under medication for something. The Jared and Ivanka show is bubbling up. One wonders how long they will be allowed to prevail as he must have enemies as well and those who backed Trump in earnest are certainly not ignorant of what is going on. As always, we the people are completely marginalized and can only watch it fold and unfold. Thanks for bringing us info we can trust in a sea of psyops, mind control, and false flags.

  3. Don’t tell me the New Nationalist is now among those who think Trump is/was good-intentioned but is merely being led astray!!!

  4. Probably CGI like Obama’s funny occult curtain act! If you don’t remember that CGI (one of a couple), then look it up on YouTube and watch! It was so fake, and that’s why the took out the very beginning on one of the major media outlets (either NYT or WashingtonPost) of that famous obama speech more remembered for those manufactured horns they did in their CGI fakery! They had to take out the beginning AND the preview panes because Obama was missing in the Preview Panes but was clearly there when you watched that portion of the video! How could the preview panes just take out Obama and not the rest of the room? Because it was digitally altered, AND that’s why the MSM had to pull all of the “original” footage and any “original” version that had preview panes.

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