Commentary on the Syrian Chemical Attack False Flag

Are we supposed to believe that right when President Assad of Syria, who took Aleppo and got help from Russia — and allegedly from the U.S. — in beating back the ISIS boogeymen, suddenly and out of the blue decided to attack his own citizens with “chemical weapons” so that fraudulent media can run atrocity photos of dead children to use against him? There would be zero strategic advantage for Assad to do this.

When I first saw this story, I thought I was reading the satirical publication The Onion. The alarming thing is that Rex Tillerson and Crime Syndicate hack Nicki Haley (more on her later) are accusing Assad “loyalists” of carrying out the attack. Once again, we are at 2 minutes to midnight.

I used to believe that members of the Crime Syndicate were masterminds that meticulously planned out every single operation years in advance. Perhaps at one point in time that was true. But in the last year or so something has changed. These are increasingly sloppy B-team operations. Did someone critical in the operation go senile or something? Whoever is running all these crazy campaigns of late is insane and has gone just too deep into a cartoon world. And they just run too many of these ops with mistakes and errors, as we have been reporting.

Is it because they’ve been getting away with their corruption for so long that they’ve grown too complacent? Are they failing to keep up on the psychological methods and black magic involved? Is this some kind of final torment of a torturer before the lights go off? Have important ops retired or refuse to go along in some sort of spiritual upheaval among the criminals? I don’t know, but they’re definitely getting sloppier and less skillful.

Unfortunately, although that’s how ridiculous it all seems to those of us who are awake, I believe an aspect of the sloppiness is to check for reactions and to determine how many people are still asleep. If it is still the vast majority, then that expands the envelope and power of the black magic cartoon world they are implementing. If they can reach a certain threshold, as measured on the psychological AI, then even the most ludicrous false-flag, staged-deception or wild-ass scam will be successful.

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    • You complain about censorship and trolls on Reddit, yet when I complained about a troll on your site, you censored my comment.
      So what is that, Russ – irony or hypocrisy?

      • Deleted your comment after blocking and deleting the distractionary troll. You were never blocked. I am pretty strict on comportment and that’s a good thing. You should see what never makes it through.

        And completely different forums purposes. I expect Reddit to moderate too, but they have completely gone overboard.

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  2. Very heavy handed censorship and moderator abuse at Reddit now on a number of issues. They don’t like the Syria false flag accusation, and for some reasons the South Africa story is being controlled. see below

  3. Neocon Haley and the United Comintern green ligthing another zionist war. Same for Libya and Iraq and soon Syria and North Korea.

  4. Davos/Builderberg call boy Rick Perry added to National Security Council. He wears the glasses to make himself out to not look like a complete whorebag imbecile. He never wore them in office while in Texas.

  5. I am not in Trump’s shoes, but logically he can take a road that allows him time and cools things off so investigates(as Russia did before) can clear this up.

    All Trump has to do is state something like this “We will do a full investigation along with other neutral parties. We do not want to make the same mistakes that were made before with Iraq.”

    “We will investigate openly for all of the international community to see.”

    I am sure Bannon or another good aid can write a good speech for him to cover this part.

    Light up your congressmen phones lines and say you are against jumping into war.
    Also call the White house and say the same.

    Then the blog sites, any other media plat form, youtube guys post videos, and the comments section light up saying
    NO WAR.
    Or remember the last fake Syria stuff…ect ect

    This WILL be stopped if we have the WILL to stop it.

    No BS war, Meme it to reality.

  6. Sick shit man. US MSM Media are all singing in chorus when on any other day they’d be playing the faux outrage/dialectic routine. Does any joe six pack notice? No, they are just glad to see how ‘tuff’ Trump is by blowing some people up. And these sickos clap for the American Flag being in our churches.

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