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Under Pressure, Amazon Stops Selling Holocaust-Revisionist Books

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By Nathan Jeffay | 9 March 2017

THE JEWISH CHRONICLE — The online retailer Amazon has stopped selling three Holocaust-denial books after Jewish groups voiced growing frustration that the website was giving a platform to antisemites.

Amazon has been criticised for years over the revisionist titles for sale on its website, but the recent upsurge in antisemitism across America promoted Robert Rozett, a senior official at Yad Vashem, to write to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos last month calling for immediate action.

On Wednesday morning, the three titles that Mr Rozett had complained about were unavailable for purchase. Two were not showing up in searches, and one was listed but with a note saying that it was under review and could not be bought. This was the case for both US and UK stores.

Mr Rozett said the company had taken a “positive first step” which showed that they were listening to him and other Jewish groups that echoed his demand, such as the World Jewish Congress. […]

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  1. I always wonder why so many of my books in my wish lists suddenly become “This title has been removed”

  2. Alkinskyites and Marxists know what is good for you!
    You WILL listen and you WILL like it because You are stupid, compliant, and passive.
    And Jeff Bezos knows who controls the enemedia …..

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