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Mel Gibson is Back after a Decade in Hollywood Exile

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By Merle Ginsberg | 25 February 2017

PAGE SIX — Right now, no one in Hollywood has a more dramatic villain-turned-hero story than Mel Gibson. After a decade-long, self-inflicted trip to hell, the actor/director is back on top with six Oscar nominations for his film “Hacksaw Ridge,” including Best Director for Gibson himself.

“Guys like Leo [DiCaprio], Tom Hardy and Bradley Cooper are dying to work with him,” one studio exec told The Post. At his rock bottom, Gibson was dumped by agency WME; now he’s been picked up by flashier powerhouse CAA.

So how did the man who a year ago was considered a Hollywood pariah — guilty of racism, misogyny and homophobia — manage to come back smiling?

As always, money talks: “Hacksaw Ridge” has made $174.9 million at the box office worldwide.

“Hollywood is so fickle,” said one box-office expert. “They don’t forgive [just because] you have life s – – t going on. They know addicts can make great artists. But can they make money? That’s the real question.” […]

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