German Ad Attacked for Fat Shaming Over Story of Boy in Town of Obese People But Escapes by Losing Weight and Flying Away

  • A German supermarket chain has been criticised for fat shaming
  • Edeka produced an advertising campaign that critics say is insulting
  • A boy who wants to escape a town full of fat people loses weight and flies away
  • The supermarket say they wanted to encourage healthier eating habits 

By Rod Ardehali | 20 February 2017

DAILY MAIL — An advert made by a supermarket chain famous for its viral campaigns has been criticised for fat shaming.

German supermarket chain Edeka’s new campaign called ‘Eatkarus’ is has caused controversy only a few days after its release.

The short film, which has amassed 8 million views across social media platforms combined, tells the story of a fat young boy who lives in a town inhabited only by the overweight.

Everyone in the fantasy world eats the same grey mash for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, the plump boy dreams of flying away like a bird – drawing on the Greek myth of Icarus who created wings to fly with.

The boy, distracted by creating his own wings, and inspired to eat berries by a crow he has been chasing, inadvertently loses weight in the process. […]

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