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German Concert Audience Jeers, Walks Out on Degenerate Music

Cover of Steve Reich's album 'WTC 9/11'

A concert-going crowd in Cologne (Koln), Germany, brought to a halt a performance by “virtuoso” Iranian Mahan Esfahani as he played an infamous piece of degenerate “minimalist” music by yet another overrated American Jewish “composer,” Steve Reich.

Philharmonie Köln management said it was “stunned at the unforeseen reaction to Sunday’s concert. We expect artists to be treated with respect.” It insisted that Cologne’s prime concert venue would remain a “forum for cultural diversity.” Is this some kind of sick joke? The value of this music apparently can only be explained by those chosen to appreciate it. I can only imagine how many real composers lose their opportunity over this nonsense.

This is a 1-minute excerpt of Reich’s “composition.” The prospect of carrying this on for nearly 20 minutes would be enough to provoke an uproar anywhere.

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