Raw Deal with Jim Fetzer, Bill Bonitati, Victor-Hugo Vaca, Russ Winter

Most of this show was focused on the horrific threat to humanity of Judeo- Christian end times Mosiach prophecy. These fanatics have assumed far too much power and influence worldwide.

Show is here

There are endless out in the open videos of Jewish extremist rabbinic spewing of genocidal hate against Goyim.  We showed a small sample on the show. Those can be examined as follows:

The Gog-Magog Situation

Is the Old Testament a Made Up Mythical Story?

The Old Testament Yahweh Situation

The Plans of Mendel Schneerson

Talking Head Explains Why Christian Goy Should Aspire to be Jewish Wannabes

Christian Zionist Finds Out Chosenites Despise Her


5 Comments on Raw Deal with Jim Fetzer, Bill Bonitati, Victor-Hugo Vaca, Russ Winter

  1. The only Christians that respect zios are fraudestants and sellout Vatican 2 neocon Catholics. Traditionalists do not buy this BS. It’s plain as day in the Scripture who killed Christ and how their own hubris is what severed their connection from God. Anyone singing their praises is a fool, although non-believers shouldn’t be so hasty to throw out the baby with the bath water. Their protocol enforcer masonic and illuminist acolytes have been trying to subvert and destroy the Church so long for a reason.

  2. What’s up with “the new Bitchute?” I had to go to “the old Bitchute” in order to use the app I use, “4k youtube to mp3” in order to turn your podcast into an mp3. That app works on many platforms. I don’t like the new Bitchute!

  3. FWIW – 2001, I was only just waking up. Yes, knew the gov. lied/covered up loads of things, but the towers did it for me and with the help of internet went on a discovery purpose with no guidance. Which means I had to sort out more truth from lies (neatly placed propaganda); lots of rabbit holes. It took about 8 years to unbrainwash myself and re-learn history. Another 5 of finding/sorting reliable sources. Educating the population is a monumental task at this point as you are up against brainwashed, propagandized, dumbed down people. This is a problem we need to find solutions for.

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