The Plans of Mendel Schneerson


Jewish Forward-

Kushner Foundation Gives $342K to Chabad — Still Surprised About Jared and Ivanka’s Synagogue?


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  1. the khazar fake jew rebbe schneerson told satanyahu that he would be the one to hand over the keys of the state of israel to the incoming moshioch. the chabad jew will try to kill putin.

      • Yep, here is a video of the Jews bragging about owning Russia and their relationship with Putin:

        Conspiracy experts like Joel Skousen who believe Putin is his own man and a separate entity independent of the West seem to have it completely wrong. It was Jewish banks that financed the Bolshevik revolution. Everything happening in Russia/Ukraine today is exactly what Mendel planned. It just blows my mind how everything these Jews plan seems to work out to perfectly, they truly seem to have some sort of Midas Touch.

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