The Fraudulent Stanley Milgram Authority Electric Shock Experiment

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The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social-psychology experiments conducted by Jewish Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram (1933-1984). Milgram first described his “research” in a 1963 article in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology and later discussed his findings in greater depth in his 1974 book “Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View.”

By sheer coinkydink, these “impartial” Jewish-run experiments began in July 1961, three months after the start of the trial of Germany’s Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem. Milgram devised his psychological study to develop the holocaust narrative, which was still being rolled out, of mindless goy “just bowing to authority.”  Milgram asked the question: “Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders? Could we call them all accomplices?”

The experiment was repeated many times around the globe with fairly consistent results. Curiously, most of the scientists involved had Jewish names: Ancona & Pareyson (1968), Rosenham (1969), Mantell (1971), Power & Geen (1972) and Kilham & Mann (1974). Philip Zimbardo in 1971 explored this as the “Lucifer effect.” In another sheer coinkydink, Zimbardo stated that he knew Stan Millgram when he was young, because both hailed from the same Jewish hoods of the Bronx, New York. Today the Zimbardo experiment is widely considered bogus and loaded. 

The Bogus ‘Experiment’

Participants were led to believe that they were assisting an unrelated experiment, in which they had to administer electric shocks to a “learner.” These fake electric shocks gradually increased to levels that would have been fatal had they been real.

The teacher and learner were taken into an adjacent room where the learner was strapped into what appeared to be an electric chair. The experimenter told the participants this was to ensure that the learner could not escape. In one version of the experiment, the young confederate was sure to mention to the participant that he had a heart condition.

At some point prior to the actual test, the teacher was given a sample electric shock from the electroshock generator in order to experience firsthand what the shock that the learner would supposedly receive during the experiment would feel like.

The teacher and learner were then separated, so that they could communicate but not see each other. The teacher began by reading the list of word pairs to the learner. The teacher would then read the first word of each pair and read four possible answers. The learner would press a button to indicate his response. If the answer was incorrect, the teacher would administer a shock to the learner, with the voltage increasing in 15-volt increments for each wrong answer.

Photos being disseminated of Eichmann at trial at the same time

Now, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, a video of just how hokey this experiment was can be viewed. Only a very brainwashed pyjama person would not detect a high degree of phoniness with the pre-recorded screams and protest. And only a fraudulent actor (dressed to resemble Adolf Eichmann) would continue on with administering the torments for a $4-an-hour payment. Then, notice starting about 4:00 that the shock recipient is getting hysterical, and yet we are asked to believe he would have just continued on with giving answers that render shocks.

The haute Stanley Miligram, as shown at minute 1:50 in the video, was a caricature of the neck-bearded, big-glasses, egghead “scientist.” The acting itself is risible and demonstrates the ultimate in chutzpuh.

Incredibly, as cover about the dubious ethics, Milgram then claimed 84 percent of former participants surveyed later said they were “glad” or “very glad” to have participated. Many later were said to have written to Milgram, expressing thanks at being duped.

Winter Watch Takeaway

These epic fraudulent experiments were not intended to stay in a little circle of psychologists and academia. Naturally, the lugenpresse picked up on the results and, without question or vetting, ran national stories that inserted this faked behavior into the public psyche to “explain” the alleged Holocaust and to make the goyim feel guilty. In the real world, goons and flying monkeys who would willingly administer shocks such as these are groomed and selected for their psychopathic/sadistic tendencies. This “experiment” distracts from that.

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  1. I had Stanley Milgrim as a lecturer in my first year of college (’67-’68) at the Freshman Program at the Graduate Center of CUNY. Most of the students were Jewish, and my recollection was that most of them thought this film was funny, even as they admitted that many people are easily pressured by presumed authority figures to do things they would otherwise be uncomfortable with.

    • Quite a comment. Of course most students were Jewish and thought torture videos were funny. Misery loves company and the Jews are miserable because they deny truth

  2. By sheer coinkydink, these “impartial” Jewish-run experiments began in July 1961, three months after the start of the trial of Germany’s Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem.


    One might expect the Eichmann trial to have been a veritable treasure trove of indisputable proofs of the ‘Holocaust’, and therefore Jews would be eager to preserve it and show it to future generations (as opposed to jailing ‘Holocaust deniers’, which happens in many countries) — but you would be wrong.

    Related: The trial, conviction, and later release of John Demjanjuk.

  3. The entire field of psychology could best be summarized as a paramilitary psychological operation conducted by those just clever enough to manipulate but not intelligent enough to innovate.

    Psychology is the collective racial/religious psyche of Judaism. Fundamentally dishonest and manipulative people defined by their ability to rationalize and justify their absence of morality.

  4. Can you really look at today’s society and say this experiment is bogus? Get serious. Most people are sheeple.

    Not surprisingly, this experiment has been replicated numerous times by other researchers, with pretty much the same results.

      • The video may be “cartoon world”, but the exact same sheep-like behavior gave us real world covidmania and widespread uptake of clotshots. Sorry, but human nature really IS that weak.

        • Don’t think it is “exact” at all. Most of the Covid operations was heavy handed coercion and confusion to get people to comply. I also think a good portion of the Covid compliance social pressure were bots and fake personas to develop a bandwagon effect.

          Milgram in contrast was just giving the subjects quite unsophisticated simple instructions to inflict actual harm on others – as opposed to coercion and black magik to make a poor choice for oneself.

  5. The milgrim experiment takes a kernel of truth, “Peer Pressure”, and proceeds to extrapolate ad absurdumium.
    The big tell, or to use psychobabble terminology, The invisible gorilla in the middle of the room is…. Peer pressure doesn’t work, when total strangers are involved.
    Hebes brow beat goys into paying honorable lip service to what was an inside joke.
    Until a new miracle of mass communication allows the truth to be uncovered.
    Milgram and Zimbardo will be flushed down the memory hole, as if the multi-decade scam never happened.

  6. Someone took the trouble to trace as many of the ‘TEACHERS’ as possible years after they had taken part in the experiment. Virtually all of them said that they had guessed what was going on but just went along with it. The reason for that was the fact they didn’t want to loose their fee for taking part !

  7. Adolf Eichmann, the head of the Gestapo’s Jewish Office, was likely Jewish himself. He visited Palestine several times, was learning Hebrew, was friends with Vladimir Jabotinsky and Avraham Stern. This was why they had to keep him locked in a soundproof booth during his ‘trial’- otherwise he would have spilled the beans.

  8. Huh?!? I’m sorry but this has got to be the most absurd article you have ever put up … regrettable, as it tarnishes some of the great other ones that you have written on various topics.

    Firstly, it’s irrelevant that Milgram was a jew. So what? His findings are valid. Ultra valid. Absolutely valid. Look at the covid fraud: 90%+ of the dumb cowardly sheeple abdicated critical thinking, common sense, and courage, and complied en-masse with every absurd “mandate”, no matter how crazy, across all of the Western world.

    You don’t address anything that Milgram concluded: that is, that the dumb goyim will obey authority and abdicate personal responsibility, all with relish, and for the flimsiest reasons. That’s a fact that has proven Milgram a genius. Again, ever hear of covid?

    Okay, so explain clearly what is wrong with Milgram’s findings and conclusions … even if the experiment seems bogus. Ironically, even if the experiment itself is a fraud, his findings are still absolutely true … i.e. how the dumb masses complied with covid.

    • Getting subjects to inflict pain and suffering on others in a phony experiment is the same as real world cowering before heavy handed Covid legal threats, arrest and job loss? I totally fail to see the connection or similarities between the two.

  9. Good article. Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention.
    I discovered that the Milgram’s experiments were fraudulent only recently and for very different reasons.
    Everyone involved in these experiments was transgendered.
    The ‘males’ are actually female to male transgenders.
    This means they are all Freemasons.
    It’s all a hoax, a fraud and a narrative to get us to believe that humans are weak and easy to manipulate.
    This is NOT true.
    We are strong and moral beings.

    • some are, through the dumbing down of the indoctrination centres aka schools
      most people have lost the ability to think for themselves, common sense is no
      longer common, the convid psy-op was classic leading the sheep to slaughter

  10. Russ ….. it seems that have a difficulty to admit that you have been wrong. Milgram OBEDIENCE TO AUTHORITY experimentation was proven and replicated several times on several occasions. Our current predicament is a proof of such paradigm.

    • Nonsense, replicated by other sketchy frauds as noted in the post.

      The people who voluntarily carry out the machinations of authorities are sought after selected and vetted psychopaths aka flying monkeys, not Joe Public. The latter needs to be cohersed and under duress far more than demonstrated in these phony experiments.

      • The “confusion”, if we can call it that, is that we clearly have divergent interpretations of Milgram’s experiment. From what I understand, the experiments were designed is such a way as to demonstrate an average person’s obedience to authority.

        Let’s assume that the experiment was fraudulent and fake, and the participants just actors with scripts. So what? It still reveals a deep truth: that is, that people do act that way in real life. It mirrors the magnificent Julius Evola’s conclusion about the Protocols: he said that even if it were conclusively shown that the Protocols were a forgery, it would not take away one bit from its extraordinary insights and the truths that it reveals (in his preface of the Italian translation of the Protocols in 1937).

        The bottom line is this: regardless of whether Milgram was a cabalist and a “made man” of sorts, his conclusion of how the average moron blindly obeys authority is devastatingly true.

  11. This makes me wonder about the Third Wave experiment in a high school in 1967 where the students played different roles from WWII. Sounds like another hoax. Have you looked into it at all?

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