State of the Union Biden-style

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The Cloward-Piven turtles on the fencepost infestation installed under Obama-Trump-Biden have set up a sight to see. Do your research– Trump was responsible for the extension for Venezuelan migrants on his last day in office. The invasion of late has brought in every Purge like zombie the planet has to offer. And it’s not even hidden in “hater conspiracy theory” circles any longer. Venezuelan and Haitian criminals in particular are heavily represented among more recent border crashers.

In the, you can’t make this up category, the Biden administration has flown in 320,000 undocumented aliens to 43 US cities.


Other low lives such as the Chinese snakehead gangs have entered the human trafficking and fentanyl rackets.

Chinese ‘snakehead’ gangs are working WITH the cartel to bring migrants into the US – as others walk in LEGALLY with help of CBP One App that 320,000 used to fly in | Daily Mail Online

It is such a cozy arrangement with Crime Syndicate running the border protection.

When called out for his nonsense, Alejandro Mayorkas invokes the Holo$cost-

So many killers have gate crashed the US that Venezuela is reporting a large drop in homicides. Bloomberg reports:

A CBP source provided Fox News with an internal CBP intelligence bulletin revealing tattoos and identifiers for Tren de Aragua, a Venezuelan prison gang. Members of that gang have been entering the U.S. illegally through the southern border.

 Venezuelan gang members are extremely difficult to deport because Venezuela is currently not taking them back.

Fox News reported this week that the brother of the suspect in the killing of Georgia student Laken Riley has ties to the gang. Both the suspect and his brother are Venezuelans who entered the U.S. illegally. The gang is teaming up with the establshed entity MS-13.

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) Gang: Major Players in Sex-Slave Trafficking and More

With the cartels in full ascendancy the “enriched” associated people are full borne discordian creepy. A Mexican serial killer, a woman, one La Chely, was just arrested in El Paso. Her claim to fame is extracting hearts from her victims. Her ultra-violent handiwork was an aspect of a Santa Muerte cult called Artistas Asesinos aka Doble AA. These are perverse people … the majority of their executions, they recorded themselves.

The gang is in the thick of drug and migrant trafficking often leaving the migrants themselves murdered, robbed and dumped in the open like so much garbage. The gang operates on the streets and inside prisons in Juárez and is spilling over the border into the US. Of late Doble AA teams up with the Interstate Mafia in borderland US for meth distribution, human trafficking  and Murder Inc activities.

The Juárez Organized Crime Sex Trafficking and Murder Cartel

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  1. According to Brother Nathanael Kapner Mayorkas was born in Beverly Hills, CA to affluent parents. Hardly what you would call persecuted Holohoax survivors. I no longer reside in the JUSA, thankfully. It may interest some people to know that here in Panama no one coming from Venezuela can obtain legal residency, yet the JUSA flies the Venezuelans in and grants them what amounts to legal status. This will not end well. Now a new wave of low life criminals will be escorted in from the worst country in the world, Haiti. There has never in the history of the world been a worse government than the one in the JUSA. Consider yourself warned. If Trump is elected he will do nothing to fix this.

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