Ramadan Has Arrived, What’s Next?

The Ramadan March 10 deadline Israel set to wrap up a hostage release and ceasefire deal is today. Thus an assault on remaining militia strongholds in densely populated Rafah is in play.

The IDF has had to continually go back and reclear so called secured areas like Bet Hanoun in north Gaza. A full five months after the ground attack on Gaza began, Israeli forces are still dealing with tunnels there.


Israeli media has revealed that the field command structure of the IDF has endured significant losses. There is an admission that the IDF is now short of experienced officers.

In the south, the IDF has declared that Khan Younis is cleared. However in this footage of the aftermath, I see new firing platforms everywhere for the militias. Khan Younis will be on the flanks of the Rafah push and the targeting of the IDF command will continue up close and personal.

What is the construction of a pier in central Gaza all about? Much of the surrounding neighborhoods has already been flattened to the ground.  I would suggest this will be the main processing point to gather and ship Palestinians out of Gaza to points abroad. Egypt can be largely skirted.

The pier can also be used to avoid the IEDs and mines and transfer new Israelis in to build new settlements nearby after the genocide and ethnic cleansing.

IED used on bulldozer.

Shlomo getting off the boat at the Gaza pier.

As Rafah explodes all eyes will focus in the northern Hezbollah front, where activity grows and peak saber-rattling arrives. If the Israeli extremists damage or destroy the Al-Asqa mosque/ Rock of the Dome, all out Middle East war is on, timed perfectly with the US “pier building” operation.

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