Countdown to Oblivion and Show Down at Rafah

Bibi N made his unconditional surrender speech last night to his fawning fanatical maniacs.  The key takeaway follows. Does this weasel language mean- leave to Egypt? – “operate in Rafah & two central camps, the last remaining strongholds of Qhamas. And here, when the time comes, the IDF will act according to international law and allow the population to safely leave the combat zones”

Eyes are on Egypt, which has declared this a red line. Most wags, do not believe Sisi will do a thing and that this sinister speech signals the surviving poor souls in Gaza will be dumped into the Sinai across the border at Rafah.

Bibi admitted that this final solution will take months to execute, suggesting that the genocide will continue unabated. Reported slaughtered in the genocide so far is around 28,000, and 75,000 injured. This is an example of the so called infrastructure the IDF is so fond of alluding to.

It is official that Israel is pumping seawater into the tunnels. All the militia has to do is close passageways, but the intruding water pollutes the groundwater making dense urban settlement off limits.

Here Israelis in their standard mocking fashion reveal a mass clearing and razing by the bulldozers of a major throughfare of Gaza. Open Source Intel is a pro-Israel site I use as a frequent source.

Here we can hear sinister IDF whopping and hollering as whole neighborhoods are detonated. turn off mute

Just doing some business in Gaza. Who are these people, carpetbaggers?

An investigation by Israeli media reveals that dozens of Israelis lied about attending the October 7 Nova festival in exchange for Shekels.

Detainees of some undetermined sort held by IDF.


When you get bored just fire your tank on horses and put it up on TikTok. Paid for by US taxpayers. Unless you have super high speed internet will need to be watched on X.

Wash, rinse, repeat – shooting Palestinian livestock. Classy.

“religion” involved–


Israel is finally fessing up to the casualty levels in their operations.  Yedioth Ahronoth aka Times of Israel, the largest newspaper in Israel states 13,000 casualties, 55% of them being reservists. No break down of KIA but obviously far higher than the 250 admitted to. A large number of the wounded are serious. The IOF is finally considering changing its training of reservists.

In combat footage we see an ace sniper at work in north Gaza in the so called secured zones. He took out two officers in a matter of days. This offers new clues as to the nature of militia tactics.

The other sniper ambush is blocked by X from embed but the clip is here starting at 0:48. 

IDE being utilized against Merkavas. Note large secondary explosion.

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  1. Absolutely HORRIFIC!! Looks like nothing is going to stop these psychopathic demons.

    Also, I’ve noticed some Anti-Zio Jews on twitter push the line that this is not Jewish Supremacy, but is actually “white supremacy.” I think the only Anti-Zio Jew who is willing to call it out as Jewish Supremacy is Norman Finkelstein- he’s also said that Israel is a Satanic state.

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