Is Military Recruiting the Canary in the Mine Shaft? America: Dumb, Fat, Sick, Criminal and Girlie Boy

Possible recruits follow exercise and diet plans to get fit and be able to enter the Army. PHOTO: via CNN

Only in Hollyweird cartoon world is the United States a potent military presence in terms of the quality of its personnel recruiting pool. The country would be well advised to abandon all neocon pretenses and foreign military adventures. The reality is in stark contrast and speaks to the truth about the American gutless wonder. According to 2017 Pentagon data, 71 percent of Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 are ineligible to serve in the military. That’s 24 million of the 34 million people of that age group.

“I would argue that the next existential threat we have,” Army Major Gen. Malcolm Frost, the commander of the Army’s Initial Military Training Command, said, “is the inability to man our military.”

The main causes of this situation are inadequate education, criminality, health and obesity.


A legendary West Point “tank study” (good link) from the 1980s showed that smarter tank gunners are actually more-accurate tank gunners. In effect, smarter soldiers are better soldiers. It’s not simply that smarter recruits are more capable of operating sophisticated weapons systems (like the F-35). They’re better fighters, too, which is, after all, the whole point.

Marine Corps Recruiting Command Major Gen. Mark Brilakis, said, “There are 30-some million 17 to 24 year olds out there, but by the time you get all the way down to those that are qualified, you’re down to less than a million young Americans.” Of those, only one in eight actually want to join the military.

To join the armed forces, the military across all branches requires that an individual have a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED). This qualification ensures that recruits possess a minimum level of education, including a basic understanding of written and cognitive skills.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that in the 2014–2015 school year, “the adjusted cohort graduation rate (ACGR) for public high school students rose to 83 percent.”

However, dropout expert Julian Vasquez Heilig said that “the only people who believe it’s [over] 80 percent are probably the politicians who are telling us that.” In addition to other shortcomings, this statistic from the NCES does not account for lowered graduation standards.

Among those high school “graduates,” 30 percent failed to pass the Armed Forces Qualification Test (the AFQT).

In certain demographics there are virtually no proficient students.


According to the 2009 Mission Readiness report, criminality prevents one of every 10 young adults from being able to join the armed forces. That means that 3.4 million people who would otherwise make the cut are unable to join. For many, these patterns of crime that disqualify them from the military begin early in their youth.

The U.S. Department of Justice reported in 2015 that nearly 1 million juveniles have been arrested [U.S. Department of Justice, “Statistical Briefing Book,” March 27, 2017;].

The National Institute of Justice, citing The Pittsburgh Youth Study, stated that “52 to 57 percent of juvenile delinquents continue to offend up to age 25.”

The opioid epidemic is a public health emergency — and it predominantly occurs among that same age group.


“The obesity issue is the most troubling because the trend is going in the wrong direction,” Gen. Milley said in 2015. “By 2020, it could be as high as 50%, which means only two in 10 would qualify to join the Army.” The trend out to 2025 and 2030 is nearly parabolic.

Another 32 percent of the young-adult population cannot join the military for health concerns other than obesity. These issues include asthma, hearing and eyesight problems, autism and mental illness. Combined with weight issues, the number of 17 to 24 year olds who cannot join the military for health reasons exceeds half that age group. In numbers, that means more than 17 million young adults are disqualified from military service due to health issues.

The situation is bad even among current active military, according to a 2018 RAND report. It painted a grim picture of the military’s physical fitness and sleep standards. The study, featuring roughly 18,000 randomly selected participants across each of the service branches, showed that almost 66 percent of service members are considered to be either overweight or obese, based on the military’s use of body mass index as a measuring standard.

In terms of problematic sleeping patterns, 59 percent of soldiers reported getting less sleep than needed, and 33 percent answered that the lack of sleep contributed to being regularly bothered by an energy deficiency. What happens in actual war combat conditions?

Moreover, West Point noted in 2017 that the future of war will rely more on mental rather than physical fitness.

MODERN WAR INSTITUTE AT WEST POINT: There will always remain a central place for brute strength and superior physical fitness in warfare, of course. But future wars between nation-states are going to be decided by which side can best protect its infrastructure, command-and-control capabilities, cyberspace, and assets in outer space (e.g., satellites, etc.). Future battlefields will entail “less sweat, more sit.” Hence, the United States will need more personnel with the cognitive acumen to deal with electronic threats and other intangible problems that arise in different battlefield domains, which cannot be solved solely through excellent physical fitness.

Girlie Boys

If recent YouGov polls are any indication, the New Underworld Order’s feminization campaign for American men is bearing fruit.

Americans were asked to rate themselves on a scale of 0 to 6, where 0 is “completely masculine” and 6 is “completely feminine.” Interestingly, 65 percent of limping, crotchity, low-T old-timer men over the age of 65 said that they are “completely masculine,” whereas only 28 percent of men ages 30 to 44 and 30 percent of men ages 18 to 29 said the same.

Among those under 30, some 13 percent put themselves halfway between masculine and feminine, while 12 percent said that they are at least slightly feminine.

Only 4 percent of those over 65 said that they are all feminine.

Read “Fewer Young Men Self-Identify as Masculine”

The Heritage Foundation reports and the Pentagon freely admits that the Army — more than any other service — has has been frittered away by years of boogeyman counterinsurgency (COIN) operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“For the past 17 years,” according to former Secretary of the Army Mark Esper, “the Army bore the brunt of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. For over a decade, we postponed modernization to procure equipment tailored to counter insurgency operations.”

One might suspect someone was deliberately wrecking the U.S. as a nation and its military. Brigade and division capabilities were reduced and realigned to facilitate COIN warfare. Combat Training Center rotations focused almost exclusively on COIN scenarios.

Is the U.S. prepared for asymmetrical warfare and small drones?

In March 2019, Gen. Milley assessed that only 28 of the Army’s 58 Total Army BCTs (48 percent) had reached the highest readiness levels.

Historical evidence shows that, on average, the Army needs 21 brigade combat teams to fight one major regional conflict. Given the poor emplacement pool, how would the Army replace combat losses in these units if seriously engaged? 

The Army is using equipment designed primarily in the 1970s, fielded in the 1980s and incrementally upgraded since then. For example, inferior artillery.

According to its 2019 aviation plan, the USMC currently fields 16 tactical fighter squadrons, compared to 19 in FY 2017 and around 28 during Desert Storm.

The Marines are fully ready for one major regional conflict. Only a third of the force — the deployed force — could be considered fully ready.

  • Two-MRC Level: 36 battalions.
  • Actual 2018 Level: 24 battalions.

The Air Force needs quite high standards. The service is 2,000 pilots short.

Winter Watch Takeaway

One can easily imagine that America’s foes are fully engaged in opening up at least a two major regional-conflict strategy. One conflict auto triggers a stretched thin second. If war opens up in Iran, look for Russia and/or China to become very aggressive in another theater. This probably is the real reason the U.S. is retreating in Syria. As the U.S. can spare few combat-ready soldiers and pilot losses, personnel attrition (the General Grant strategy) would also be deployed against the US to draw down ready combat units and quickly bring about qualitative impairments.

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  1. Well sorry, but all these potential wars with Iran or Russia or whatever are staged theaters behind the scenes, organized by the owners and their controlled fremasonic lackeys. There is zero authentic reason for America to fear any of their “enemies”, who are all in the same sistema (matrix) and under the UCC / Admiralty law etc.

  2. I used to frequently fly into Columbia, SC on business. Often, I would see new army recruits on their way to basic training at Fort. Jackson. They looked more like the high school glee club than even boy scouts, let alone the football team. I thought that if I ever sat next to one on the plane, I would strike up a conversation and try to get them to change their mind.

    Ironically, as our government seeks more and more war, their “terrible, swift sword” becomes more like a pen knife.

  3. You have to consider that these flag grade officers spend their lives at the Pentagon and develop a very myopic world view, much like someone engaged in a doctoral dissertation. They build fiefdoms around their pet ideas for warfare and “hope” it gains traction. There will be another to claim that the military can be cut in half personnel wise through some strategic structure or composition.
    As a former enlisted; 82nd Airborne and former Officer, Captain USMC I can assure you that the below video for the future “Super Soldier” is also possible

  4. As much as it bothers me to read such alarming statistics on our youth, it disturbs me more as it relates to the unlikeliness in our increasing numbers in the white race then it relates to there being enough doofus, idiot, goyim to serve in the military for Jewry wars.

  5. Military personnel are much worse than their illuminati order givers. Why? Because they are following orders blindly without any questions or feedback with their conscience. Thus they are much more immoral than the order givers. What is worse – to kill someone or to suggest it only? Thus GWB & Co. hope to keep their karma from getting too poluted, while the real satanic deeds are carried out by “stupid dogs” and “cannon fodder” “cattle”, called “patriots”.

  6. It is intuitively difficult to think that a person can be too fat, stupid or evil to participate in the human destruction which is the U.S. military

    • It’s all about keeping up appearances. Trust me the military has no shortage of scumbags. Covert narcissists are the core of military leadership now days. They pretend to have high standards and integrity but the minute they realize you might be a threat to their agenda they come at you with knives out. The obsession with money and power in this realm has polluted almost all aspects of life.

  7. “Among those under 30, some 13 percent put themselves halfway between masculine and feminine, while 12 percent said that they are at least slightly feminine.” I’m certain the figures are very close in Canada, from what I see up here. Much of this started when Females started being recruited in the Boy Scouts(in Canada at least), when Homosexual scout masters could join, and in the military. I was in the Canadian military before this nonsense started. I have spoken to a few who got out for that reason. The current generation is so brainwashed, they believe this is normal. I’m glad you included the Hitler Youth film. That was the high water mark for Male youth in the world. Doesn’t the Male youth of today look pathetic stacked against that? It is mentioned the smartest and best educated make the best soldiers. Is that why the Germans were the best in WW2? My Mother-in-Law who passed recently in her 90’s was in the Hitler youth. She said plainly they taught athletics, good health, politeness and being friendly to non-Germans. The opposite of the propaganda we hear from the Kosher Presstitutes.

  8. “The Air Force needs quite high standards. The service is 2,000 pilots short.“

    Over 20 years ago the Air Force dropped its Warrant Officer program. It was a way for enlisted men and women to become pilots without becoming a commissioned officer first. It cut out some of the unnecessary requirements and allowed people without the means or education to become pilots and earn more pay for more highly technical professions. This not only hurt the military but it kept some very competent people from moving on to more successful careers. No real specific reason was given as to why this was done but my time in the military got me more familiar with how the world really works. I figured out that the reason they got rid of the program is because upper-class people from wealthy families don’t like to share the limelight or associate with people they feel are “beneath” them. I think the Air Force brass couldn’t figure out where warrants fit into the social hierarchy of the service. They didn’t want to give them the same benefits and incentives the officers had but at the same time they hurt the readiness of the AF by getting rid of them. A self inflicted wound created as a result of the pompous egos of military senior leaders.

    • Over 20 years ago the Air Force dropped its Warrant Officer program.

      Thanks — per this info (link), the AF stopped promoting new warrant officers way back in 1959:

      All U.S. armed services employ warrant officer grades except the U.S. Air Force. Although still technically authorized, the Air Force discontinued appointing new warrant officers in 1959, retiring its last chief warrant officer from the Air Force Reserve in 1992.

      As for the reason, you could be right — after WWII, the AF was carved out of the Army — perhaps as part of an effort to distinguish itself from the other services, and establish a reputation as an elite force, the AF decided early in its history to do away with warrant officers, traditionally a way for enlisted personnel to join the officer ranks.

  9. This I expected to be implemented worldwide earlier in the years 2020-2021, and I have alerted others of the possibility.
    No reactions! Not that there is anything anyone can do about it, but . .

    The suggestion below falls within what Herman Melville long ago (paraphrase, don’t have the quote handy): “The whole existence is an immense practical joke.”

  10. 65+ and low T men. I’m 60, Lol. I rank zero, which in PJW speak means that I qualify to be culture cancelled (fired) from any job for being a heterosexual male. In May of last year, I was fired from a job here in Cambodia for complaining about a gay African 4th grade teacher I caught molesting a 9 or 10 year old Khmer boy right out in the open in school. Of course the entire school administration was African, and mostly pederast, so they had to cover his ass.

    So I walk 1.5km to the gym every day now (and back), and lift weights until I’m drenched in sweat and either on the verge of passing out, or until my hands won’t stop shaking, even after 2 sport replenishment drinks. I’m thin, but that is mainly from deliberate long-term, ongoing, intermittent fasting. Shooting for 6 pack abs this year.

    I’ve got to start going back to the men’s clinic though, to monitor hormone levels and sperm quality.

    I turned 60 this year, and yeah, got to reverse that andropause hormone ratio prior to fathering kids, just to maximize the chances for healthy kids.

    My biological clock is really ticking now, and no kids yet, except for one kid I got aborted just outside of Mexico City, back in 2000.

    The only problem with marrying a young woman at age 61 is that it will end up making me 1000% mafia if any other dude tries to mess with her.

  11. David Starr Jordan’s book comes to mind, the Blood of the Nation and the Human Harvest. Warfare is against natural selection as it removes the smartest and most physical fit beings from the gene pool. Repeat so many generations and…

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