Is the IDF Finally Pushing Off the Beaches of Gaza?

Little progress has been made by the bogged down IDF in Gaza since our post update of two days ago. We are no longer posting IDF casualties as they are not accurate.

However we see evidence that some armor penetration into the Beit Lahiya took place yesterday. This second footage below offers clues about the tactics of both sides. Hamas is operating in smaller decentralized squads that moves qucikly between firing spots- firing, reloading and then relocating.

This aerial bombing tactic doesn’t work in Gaza as the Hamas troopers have popped underground or cleared to nearby buildings. The result of this aerial bombing or large caliber shelling is to create more rubble to block the streets, and provide more firing cover, and vantage point nooks for Hamas troopers.

In this next clip we see the use of Hamas’ excellent anti-tank weapon the al-Yassin and it’s small squad tactics. You can hear the loud calling card sounds of the IDF tanks- hardly stealth like. Drones are flying overhead- are they IDF or Hamas? probably both. If the drones spot and vector on Hamas they aren’t staying put for long. Hamas fighters pop up from points in every direction.

In the next scene you can see the tanks exposed from multiple angles, and being pummeled by the al-Yassin. This weapon, utilizing a loader and holder, can fire 4 projectiles a minute with a range of 100 meters. If IDF infantry are screening the tanks they are raked by machine gun fire. This video offers clues about the Gaza City proper fighting.

Next we have two Hamas armed with al-Yassin confronting a tank right out in the open street like it was Dodge City. Does not bode well for IDF and seems to suggest infantry cover is non-existent and vision from the tank is inadequate. Hamas claimed 15 tank in the last twenty-four hours.

The IDF typically does not release operational footage. Hamas uses head cams.

Infantry exposed from about a dozen directions and firing locations. There is chatter that IDF sappers (mostly civilian reservists)  are going into the tunnels. I wonder, and have seen little evidence so far.

And suicidal Israel is flirting with war with Hezbollah (many times better suited and booted than Hamas), Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Really?




Remaining civilians in Gaza City are clearing out. There was a four hour pause Tuesday that allowed this excavation.

Bibi playing chicken again. Last call for Hezbollah et al to enter the war?


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  1. At point-blank range, Hamas fighters engage and destroy an IDF Namer (Leopard) armoured personnel carrier in Al-Shati camp. The weapon used is a locally-produced tandem-charge Al-Yassin 105 round, fired from an RPG-7.

    Noteworthy: The Israeli APC appears to be isolated, unaccompanied by other vehicles or dismounted soldiers.

    Bonus word game: Complete the following sentence:
    “If this is how the IDF will conduct its invasion, then…”

  2. For those vigilant in countering confirmation bias – here is an opposing view for consideration from an obviously not neutral source:
    sample claim: ” … “I think it’s going slightly better than I expected in terms of the rate of advance, the ratio of casualties,” concurred Eran Lerman, vice president of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security …”

  3. good questions from Peggy Hall:
    Why did Israel promote and fund them in their early years of organizing? How did they get that many weapons in their highly guarded and restricted territory without Israels surveillance and intelligence knowing? How were they able to paraglide/parachute into Israel when Gaza has no operating airport? How were they able practice this paragliding without being detected? How could they be so diabolically clever to bulldoze through the tightly guarded Gaza border, which had recently been fortified with even more security measured to the tune of $1 billion, completed in June of 2023. (video and more at the link)

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