Lyme Disease: Escaped-from-a-Lab Affliction Crafted by the Usual Suspects?

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Plum Island Animal Disease Center

Lyme disease made its first appearance in 1975 in the town of Lyme, Connecticut. Perhaps by sheer coincidence, this town is located a mere nine miles across Long Island Sound from Plum Island, the site of highly secretive biological warfare experiments conducted by government scientists. For two decades, the vast majority of documented Lyme disease outbreaks were within a few hundred miles of the secret labs. Since the mid ’90s, it has spread across the U.S.; and in the last decade, globally.

Stranger still was that the carrier of the Borrelia bacteria responsible was caused by the sudden and inexplicable appearance in the Northeast of the relatively rare Lone Star Tick, a sedentary tick species formerly confined to the state of Texas. Despite the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s repeated denials of their work with these organisms at Plum Island, there are documents that reveal otherwise.

Over time, the disease spread slowly but gathered steam. In part, this is because of a slow medical response and understanding of the organism and its affect. Incredibly, in 1981, such organisms and bacteria were subject to patents and privatization, which made research more closed and difficult. Yes, some star chamber “justice” system has allowed patents on disease organisms. Naturally, publications like Winter Watch must ask: Did the Crime Syndicate play a role?

The disease itself has nasty neurological symptoms and effects. One of the key researchers, Dr. Alan McDonald, who conducted research on his own dime and without aid from the usual Foundation suspects, determined the bacteria had characteristics similar to syphilis on the human body. Other researchers have stated that not a single case of MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Lou Gehrig and Alzheimer’s did not involve a Borrelia bacteria. In fact, Dr. McDonald has stated that Lyme disease is a misnomer and is actually a cocktail of disease caused by an entire Borrelia complex.

Dr. McDonald and his successors published studies indicating that the Borrelia complex had developed an almost unprecedented and rather unnatural biofilm and/or cyst form, which acted to protect the germ strands from the human immune system and standard antibiotic treatment. In addition, it had a shape-shifting quality that makes detection via blood and urine tests that modern medicine depend upon problematic. One couldn’t design a better affliction.

As a consequence, the standardized “scientific method” medicine promoted by the Foundations and Abraham Flexner were not well suited for this disease. Instead of listening to patients, for some time and to some degree even to this day Borrelia complex sufferers were and are dismissed and gaslighted as psychomatics and mental cases.

In addition, our open-source search for media articles on this subject revealed a high degree of what can only be described as suspicious “poisoning of the well” from the lugenpresse.

There was also a small group of IDSA gatekeepers who wrote the guidelines for treatment of “Lyme’s disease.” They recommended two weeks of antibiotics and claimed that would cure the legitimate cases. Those not recovering were considered candidates for mental health attention.

This, in turn, allowed insurance companies to not reimburse for more lengthy, aggressive chronic disease. In contrast, TB can require a year of antibiotics. A Connecticut state attorney general anti-trust probe later identified and settled collusion and conflict of interest cases involving these gatekeepers. The slimy details can be viewed here. But the overall policy on Borrelia complex treatments remain clouded to this day as the disease spreads.

The medical establishment itself revealed a sinister mafioso side that was turned loose on those physicians who treated the complex more aggressively, typically with longer duration intravenous antibodies. The usual suspects in the lugenpresse failed to investigate and engaged in their favored “quack” and “nut” labeling. A number of key doctors had their licenses revoked and others were deterred from treating patients. This was well presented in the 2006 documentary “Under Our Skin.”

Eventually, as the number of cases mounted into the millions, public outcry ended the worst of the witch hunts against “Lyme doctors.” Then, the ever corrupt CDC shifted gears and declared that new cases were grossly understated and that instead of 30,000 new infections a year, there were 300,000.

Then — surprise, surprise — by sheer coinkydink came news that a questionable Lyme vaccine was in the works. The expressed views of opponents to this is that a cheaper regime of antibiotics is the best course. Unfortunately, treating Borrelia is not a quick fix and can last a lifetime. Remarkably, some of the same characters involved in Lyme doctor suppression were involved with the vaccine promotion as well. This is covered in the updated 2014 version of the documentary called “Emergence: Under Our Skin 2.”

 Takeway: This Borrelia complex disease is still spreading and is now a global affliction.The response to it is still too political and gamed looking, which promises worse times ahead. Readers are advised to take caution entering woods and brush in the outdoors. High risk areas in the U.S. are shown below, and various tick-borne disease in Europe is endemic.

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  1. Yes, it’s a US bio-weapon, and so far the only one I see speaking out about this is Rep. Chris Smith:

    Lyme disease a bioweapon gone awry? Rep. Chris Smith pushes Trump to investigate

    My sister had this and it was horrific (she had the neuro-lyme version). Doctors were basically of no help. We had to get special testing from igenex (other testing is not reliable). My sister had no tolerance for the heavy-duty (and dangerous) anti-biotics, so we went the natural route and got her cured with Borrelogen made by Dr. David Jernigan, who runs the Hansa center. We learned about Borrelogen from the healingwell/lyme forum (that is what health care in the US has come to–joining a free-forum and getting help from fellow citizens). Also, my sister NEVER had a bullseye rash. We have no idea where she got it from–(my sister is disabled with Down Syndrome, and has never been in the woods).

    FWIW, we’ve heard of people getting cured from the Buhner protocol (herbalist with books and info online). We’ve also heard of people getting cured from the Cowden protocol (natural herbs)

  2. I went to High school with John Bolton’s nephew, who told me that Lyme disease is “man-made.” He also told me that you can treat it using calcium carbonate from “limestone”… thus the double entendre.

    “Our observations have shown a significant decrease in the levels of cytosolic [ionized calcium] Ca2+Iin PBMCs of Lyme borreliosis patients when compared to healthy controls.”

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