Zelensky asks Marina Abramovic to be ambassador for Ukraine

MSN.com | Sept. 22, 2023

Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Marina Abramović, the performance artist, to be an ambassador for Ukraine.

‌Ms Abramović, a fierce critic of Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion, said the Ukrainian president had asked for her help in rebuilding schools.

‌The 76-year-old Serbian is holding her first solo exhibition in the UK and is the first female artist to have a major show in the Main Galleries of the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

‌Visitors to the exhibition must squeeze between two nude models to enter the show, or opt to bypass what one journalist dubbed the “naked gates”.

‌“I was the first artist to support the Ukraine war against Russia and to give my voice. It is definitely a repetition of history,” she said in an interview with the Modern Art Museum in Shanghai.


4 Comments on Zelensky asks Marina Abramovic to be ambassador for Ukraine

  1. Well the sorcery is designed to make Russia appear squeaky clean. Putin is the same but the mind doesn’t like ambiguity, needs a good guy and a bad guy to function. The mind is electrical and needs positive and negative polity to function. This is why metaphysical training is foremost about quieting and disidentifying with the mind. Once you learn to keep your consciousness in your gut, you are free from the mind and this is especially helpful for people whose minds are reasonably disfunctional. This disfunction always comes from throughs about me. Me me me me me me me, Says the mind. I’m not this, I’m that blah blah blah. But a highly functional mind used as a tool by people freed from it’s burden of me me me know squeaky putin set up as a good guy is laughable by virtue of obvious evidence.

    This is why the whole idea of nationalism is turning to rotten fish. Culture is a living organic process and superimposing this mental concept of nation onto it is … well it is what it is based on an understanding of what mind is, especially group mind. It is obviously a mental concept used to rally people to die in defense of borders either containing resources but also mental constructs in the minds of megalomaniacs who would like to go down in posterity as controlling AND nations are a convenient notion for people who simply relish the joy de vivre of bloodshed and of course getting these same supposed nations to borrow more money from them to manufacture weapons. I was reading about the ancient Armenians in now Azerbaijan… I see just an hour ago Armenia said it would evacuate this culture tied to the land for thousands of years.

    This is why “putin’s brain” Alexander Dugan has made such an effort to infiltrate and steer nationalistic identitarian movements in Europe. First of all, from what we know know about the mind, we know identitarian is a mental concept and bound to be dual in nature and easily manipulated kabbalistically. You see… when people in Germany, for example, design machinery and invent things, when composers create masterpieces, scientists flashes of brilliance leading to new theories, when good cooks tweak recipes and try now things, when farmers toil on the land they love … none of these activities that define culture involve the base dual mind yelling me me me, I am a German. I used to follow the European identitarians for a while and I’m quite familiar with the players connected to Dugan so it’s interesting to see triangle G in bed with them now. He of course has no clue this has happened but he has character flaws that have led to his heart becoming involved with ideas of nationalism that he believes could defeat the enemy. Shades of kamikaze Japan knows all about fostering. But Japan is regarded as a spiritual entity by Japanese which gives sacrifice a different flavor from what Dugan identitarians yap about tho they could develop I. That direction too. Everything can be used for I’ll. Which brings me to russ who by all accounts has not jumped to bed with the identitarians because his mind is more supple. He left his homeland and disidentified with his nation, he has other interests, investing, music, sports that bypass the dual mind. So yeah I think it’s amusing his only contact with the Dugan influence cones from across the pond. Triangle G probably has too much anger. I hope his videos are cathartic and not feeding more anger becaise really America is not worth saving culturally. I’ve been here for 15 months now and there’s interesting pockets of culture in placeswhere people make an effort like the Penn Dutch and Amish and some other immigrant communities (!!!) but Appalacia is totally useless and braindead and so is most of the rest of rural America. When your culture is based on whittling crude woodwork and the occasional well crafted knife, raising pigs for Thanksgiving, playing a homemade fiddle, then you better stick to it even tho it’s flimsy because there’s nothing else between you and your nationalistic emotions for that ridiculous flag that represents more than 100 countries invaded and cowed in your name. Just Total Neurosis … which is why the games they play with nationalism are so distasteful, Trump and Jan 6 and whatever ridiculousness is still to come

  2. Ukraine – the “capital” of child trafficking and organ harvesting — the “perfect post” for Ms. “spirit cooking” herself — lots of “available resources” for her “culinary creations”.

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