Robert Phoenix & Russ Winter Discuss Wider Implications of the Architect Rex (Heuermann) Serial Killer

Robert and Russ deep dive into the lesser known background of the LISK case. Hour 2 opens up the can of worms and cover up of the Obama’s chef fatality on Martha Vineyard and what this may be all about.

This is Architect Rex’s munster-house in an otherwise posh neighborhood.

Show is here

The Munster House


8 Comments on Robert Phoenix & Russ Winter Discuss Wider Implications of the Architect Rex (Heuermann) Serial Killer

  1. Glad to here the news on your health Russ! I’m 54, and I had some issues with my gallbladder awhile back; anyhow, this medication I was taking caused some inflammation of my prostate, which you’re already aware of the issues that can cause.

    When your having health issues, it can really consume much of your energy and be extremely demoralizing at times. You can’t do the things you normally do, or, if you can, it’s accompanied with irritation and discomfort.

    Great to hear and see your positive outlook! Been reading your articles and listening/watching your interviews almost since you started, so I’ve come to know you a bit, and one can’t help but care from my end. I know some others here feel as I do. Hope the healthy run continues my friend!🙏

  2. No more obvious patsy to LIers than Rex Heuermann.
    A disheveled German, perfect!

  3. Finally had time to listen. Great show and glad your health is in better shape, Russ.

    As for this case, I’m sure you’re familiar with the details that came out about the former Police Chief Burke’s alleged connection to snuff films and the sex parties out on Long Island. Another show I listened to pointed out that Heuermann’s wife (Asa Ellerup) is pictured with a red string Kabbalah bracelet and what appears to be a checkerboard masonic keychain in the pictures that have come out. Her hair was found on the bodies and, at least according to the source I listened to, the haplogroup it belonged to is only found among the Dutch and Jewish populations. This show also brought up that her and her sister (who admins some kind of esoteric Quora forum.) both have worked at Jewish hospitals. Perhaps not unusual for the area, but still worth noting. Could these have been some kind of ritual murders? NYC is known for weird cult activity from the Son of Sam/Untermeyer killings onward. Is there a connection? Unfortunately we may never know.

    Pics of the bracelet:

    Show with more info:
    (I’d say skip to around 30:00. Lots of confusing numerology speculation before pertinent info)

    His wife’s sister’s forum
    “The Forbidden Thrice-Fold Path: a welcome home for the practice if witchcraft, alchemy, wicca and esotericism”

    Not sure if the posts were deleted, but there are reports that she wiped her youtube playlists, which were all centered around Kabbalah, gnosticism, etc., after this news came out. She’s also a new-age author. A lot of high strange as you like to say.

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