(Babylon Bee) Scientists Warn That Within 6 Months Humanity Will Run Out Of Things To Call Racist

Babylon Bee | July 16, 2023

Calling brand new things racist – that no one would ever have thought could be racist – is fun, and everyone loves it. But as each new day people breathlessly inform us of the racist history of things like crossword puzzles and punctuality, scientists are warning of an impending catastrophe.

“At this current rate of coming up with new things that are racist,” warned racism scientist Frank Greene, “we’ll run out of new things to call racist by the end of this year.”

Anti-racism activists met this news with both fear and denial. “Running out of new things to call racist would be devastating,” said activist Brooke Snyder. “I mean, you’ll only get attention if you come up with something no one knows is racist. You can’t just say things like, ‘Ethnic slurs are racist.’ Everyone knows that.”


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  1. “RACIST” A made up word by the Jew Leon Trotsky (real name Bronstein) in 1927 and used to browbeat all dissenters of the Jewish Bolshevik Marxist/Communist ideology and still used today to keep white people walking on egg shells regarding other races. Only whites are racists according to these traitor sons of bitches, like John Mann, Labour MP.

    — Brother Charles

    “Racism – how about you, do you spend your days hand wringing and getting all bent out of shape over other ethnic groups that don’t reciprocate the same weak pusillanimous stupid feelings towards you.”

    — Brother Charles

    “”Racism” as an accusation, was shaped by Trotskyists and then sharpened politically by Magnus Hirschfeld, before being fully launched as an anti-white weapon by ethnic others in the American academic system.”

    — John Piggot

    “Roses are red, violets are blue, race doesn’t matter unless you’re a Jew.”

    — Henry Makow webpage

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