The 9/11 Tale of the Pentagon’s Disabled Security Cameras

Editor’s Note: In the lead up to the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Winter Watch continues a three-day running series that focuses primarily on the elements of deception and obfuscation around the events.

Part I: “A Look at the Nonsensical Claim That Hijackers with Box Cutters Commandeered 4 Planes on 9/11”

Part II: “NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Pants Were on Fire During 9/11: A Case Study in Lie Spotting”

One of the most revealing tells of a false flag and/or staged deception — beyond grainy and blurry imagery — is a blatant dearth of security camera footage. It’s gotten to the point that the Crime Syndicate doesn’t even bother to offer to explain this anymore, as it doesn’t seem to even occur to a neuro-linguistic programmed population to inquire about this MO.

Reminder: French Authorities Ordered Destruction of CCTV Images of Nice Terror Attack (UPDATE)

Back in 2001 after the Pentagon was hit, people were still asking about such things. Accordingly, the criminals needed a story line.

The explosion occurs close to the Pentagon’s heliport, an area that normally would be under 24-hour security surveillance, including video monitoring.

In this document from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, we can read through an interview with the staff responsible for the cameras at the Pentagon. The interview is long and distracting verbal diarrhea, but ultimately we get to the who, what, where, when trivium bottom line:

“Many security cameras at the Pentagon that could have captured the building being hit were switched off or had been taken down due to construction work that was taking place and therefore do not film the attack.”

More specifically, this incredible story was offered up:

“There are a lot of cameras within the facility at any one time,” commented Steve Pennington, a private consultant responsible for the Pentagon’s security cameras. However, due to renovation work that is being carried out on the Pentagon, many cameras close to where the attack occurs are currently out of use. Some cameras have been taken down temporarily. “There were cameras on poles at the other end, along the roadway, but they were down for construction projects or being changed out during the process,” Pennington recalled. Other cameras that would normally focus on the area where the crash occurs have been switched off. “Because that area was being renovated, a lot of the connectivity of these cameras and the infrastructure that allowed those cameras to be connected back to the building had been removed or destroyed, so they weren’t capturing images and offering fields of view,”

Furthermore, a number of cameras near the area of impact are either destroyed or lose connectivity when the crash occurs, he adds. “

The lugenpresse at CNN inform us that two cameras did miraculously survive and were operating that day, but the story has since been scrubbed from the Internet.

Two recently installed cameras north of the crash site are apparently the only Pentagon security cameras that capture the building being hit.

Without further ado, here is an analysis of the only images captured from the security cameras on the Pentagon exterior grounds. Note that when you hear Crime Syndicate narrative about this scene, it is usually prefaced with the words, “the plane hit the Pentagon.” This is neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) designed to answer the question for you. Always disregard the narrative and examine using your own senses, asking the fundamental trivium method: who, what, where, when, why and how. The question of what is not even remotely answered by this Pentagon video, nor any Pentagon video.

Further on the trivium question of when, the video shows the date Sept. 12, 2001, not Sept. 11. The time is also wrong: 17:37 instead of 09:37. To cover for this glitch in their matrix, the operatives explain in the interview above that this was when “they made the video.” What possible rationale is used to time stamp evidence with the date it was “made.” This is ludicrous on its face. Once again, the NLP trick is employed as the word “plane” is inserted on lower right on the first photo.

2017: 9/11 Pentagon Video FINALLY Reveals Truth About Attack That Changes EVERYTHING!

April Gallop was in the Pentagon on 9/11 working in her office as “the object” hit. Here is her eyewitness account of what she experienced. The money part starts at minute 2:00. She saw no evidence of a large airliner.

Pentagon Employee Witness Says There Was No Plane on 9-11-2001!

Later, Gallop gives clues about how the Crime Syndicate controls the process. She said that while she was in the hospital, men in suits visited her more than once.

“They never identified themselves or even said which agency they worked for. But I know they were not newsmen because I learned that the Pentagon told news reporters not to cover survivors’ stories or they would not get any more stories out of there. The men who visited all said they couldn’t tell me what to say, they only wanted to make suggestions. But then they told me what to do, which was to take the (Victim Compensation Fund) money and shut up. They also kept insisting that a plane hit the building. They repeated this over and over. But I was there and I never saw a plane or even debris from a plane. I figure the plane story is there to brainwash people.”

One of the refrains that we hear about 9/11, etc., is that people would eventually talk if there was a cover up or conspiracy. The fact is that people do and did talk. One was a Pentagon taxi driver and husband of an FBI employee, Lloyde England. He fessed up on camera that his story of a “plane” striking the light poles, with one landing on his vehicle, was a lie and deception. Be sure to watch the last 90 seconds starting at minute 4:00.

Pentagon Attack Cab Driver Lloyde England’s Virtual Confession

The Boeing 757 That Magically Vaporized in Shanksville on 9/11

The mystery of Boeing 757 Flight 93 at Shanksville on 9/11 reminds me of my socks: They just keep disappearing. There must be a wormhole near my laundry basket that sucks socks into The Great Void. I’ve never been able to solve it.

But not everything disappeared at Shanksville. What was found? Clean and unscathed red bandanna believed to belong to “hijacker.”

And, of course, “hijacker” “Saeed Al Ghamdi’s” Saudi Arabia passport was located.

Passport photo from flight 93:

But as for the “Boeing 757 aircraft” in Shanksville; no signs of it. Of course, for somebody like “Bin Laden,” who could totally obliterate three sturdy tower blocks with two planes, and then manage to wipe out the accounts department in the world’s best-protected military headquarters with another, making a fourth huge aircraft completely vanish into a small hole in the ground should barely have presented a challenge. /sarc

This is an interesting exercise in how the Crime Syndicate controls the scene and the narrative. In this case, news media showed up on the scene, flew overhead and interviewed witnesses. You have to see it to believe it though. These short clips are entirely scrubbed from the Internet. What you are watching here is ultra-rare. We will see how long it lasts online.

What’s amazing about Shanksville is that USGS aerial images show a hole and trench there before the crash. Here is one taken in 1994. Whodathunk?

9 11 Shanksville Crash Site Exposed Proof) YouTube

Here are more witnesses at Shanksville that got out of the bag. Coroner describes Flight 93 crash site as a hole of nothing.

TLC – Coroner describes Flight 93 crashsite

Mayor is on the scene, sees no aircraft, no body parts.

911 – Flight 93 Shanksville Mayor Eyewitness No Airplane!

First responder firefighter.

BANNED FROM CNN Flight 93 eyewitness admits not seeing dead bodies

This eyewitness describes something that was anything but a commercial aircraft. Yes, something did hit. A missile.

Eyewitness to Shanksville Crash – It Was Not a 757

22 Comments on The 9/11 Tale of the Pentagon’s Disabled Security Cameras

  1. Cognitive dissonance is a real and valid force today. How anyone can believe the 9-11 fairy tale this day in age is beyond me, but believe it they do. I like to show this short video to people and watch them deny in their non critical thinking minds every fact stated in it.

  2. Of course that was an American Airlines plane that hit the Pentagon, Mark Pettit was there as an impartial eyewitness.

  3. The CIA claimed that all the cameras monitoring the Soviet consulate in Mexico City malfunctioned as the reason that there were no photos of Lee Harvey Oswald during his supposed visit. Seems to happen a lot.

    Also seems to be a problem with tape recoders as well, including a critical phone call LBJ made to Hoover the day after the JFK assassination and of course, Nixon’s 18 minute gap.

  4. You dumb moron goyim! CCTV is there for our rulers to catch us out, not for us to catch THEM out. You kidding? C’mon! They OWN the cameras, so they own the film, and they can do what they like with it. Even if they don’t own the cameras they can confiscate the film for “security” reasons, and they own the police, so it’s the same difference. They don’t need Zapruder anymore. There’s a Zapruder in every light pole and traffic light, but the film is for THEIR use only. Got that? Good. And, talking about TV, don’t forget to watch Master Chef tonight.

  5. On the pentagon snapshot. Even if the plane exploded on impact (there wouldn’t be a fireball until the wings hit FYI) you would still see the rest of the plane still colliding with the building. Where is the tail? The rest of the fuselage? It is truly a gift they claimed that photo is the proof it was a plane because there is no plane in IT!!!!

    • Flt. 93 landed in Cleveland…that’s where the cell calls came from..these poor souls thought they were participating in a drill…..

      • Thats what happens when a group of people with no humility no ethics different values comes into our countries, on purpose…because that groups business model us abusing our high values, ethics and trusts. They dont care about sacrificing lifes for their greater goals.

        That being said even James M Rockefeller writes isreal did 9/11 and mossad killed JFK.

        People need to see this group is incompatible, and them abusing their host countries, for centuries their scheme. And currently the US is still their host.

  6. It is ironic that Rumsfeld said the following at a memorial service one month after the attacks:

    “It is the will to power, the urge to dominion over others to the point of oppressing them, even to taking thousands of innocent lives or more, and that this oppression makes the terrorist a believer not in the theology of God, but the theology of self and in the whispered words of temptation, ye shall be as gods.”

  7. “…but the theology of self and in the whispered words of temptation, ye shall be as gods.”

    Truly ironic.

  8. 4 hijacked “planes” to “hit” 4 targets, WTC1, WTC2, WTC7 and Pentagon. Somehow the 4th 757 ended up in a small hole Shanksville instead of on WTC7, 911 can be cracked if that is explained.

  9. Buy a bag for your socks in the laundry section of the store you shop at. A little mesh bag. Put your socks in the bag before putting in the washer. You will stop losing them.

  10. I’ve abandoned all hope for many popular “tools” for their acceptance of this toilet’s explanation of MOSSAD’s ?CIA’s successful attack. Most, I firmly believe, know damn well what’s gooing on but love their money/fame more than justice. pretty damn pathetic.

    Nearly 500 foreign nationals from over 80 different nations had been killed in the World Trade Center. A large number of Israelis had worked in the buildings and so a proportionately large number of Israelis could be expected to have died there. To give the impression that this was the case, President Bush, primed by his Jewish minders, announced soon after the tragedy that 130 Israelis had died in the towers. To his subsequent embarrassment, 129 of these Israelis were found to be alive and well. The number of Israelis who died in the Twin Towers turned out to be ridiculously small, in defiance of the law of averages —only one man! And he was a chance visitor who happened to be passing by. It appears that hundreds of Israelis who ordinarily worked in the buildings, or had business there every day, had either been forewarned to stay away, or, by sheer good luck, had been kept away by mysterious forces. In total, three Israelis died in the 9-11 attack: two on the ‘hijacked’ planes and one in the Twin Towers, a casual visitor. The rest had been warned to stay away by the Odigo messaging service.
    Coincidentally, Odigo had a branch office only two blocks away from the World Trade Center. Even more coincidentally, Odigo’s headquarters were located in Herzliya, Israel, a town just north of Tel Aviv where — wonder of wonders! — Mossad is also headquartered.
    ALEX DIAMANDIS (Odigo’s vice president, admitting Israeli foreknowledge) :The messages said something big was going to happen in a certain amount of time, and it did — almost to the minute!
    DR ALAN SABROSKY (former director of studies at the US Army War College): What we need to stand up and say is that not only did they, the Israelis, attack the USS Liberty – they did 9/11 also. They did it! I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period. The Zionists are playing this as an all-or-nothing exercise. Because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what really happened,they’re done!

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