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Whole Foods Closes Its “Flagship” San Fran Store After Just A Year Due To Crime

Zero Hedge | April 11, 2023

It’s yet another story of a major company leaving a U.S. city: this time, it’s a Whole Foods in San Francisco that is closing after barely being open for a year. The location in question is a 64,000 “flagship” Whole Foods store that you just know the company wouldn’t be closing down unless things truly had run amok.

The Whole Foods Market at Eighth and Market streets is reportedly shutting down this week due to concerns about safety.

The company said: “We are closing our Trinity location only for the time being. If we feel we can ensure the safety of our team members in the store, we will evaluate a reopening of our Trinity location.”

report from the San Francisco Standard said that “deteriorating street conditions around drug use and crime near the grocery store” are the reasons it is closing.

2 Comments on Whole Foods Closes Its “Flagship” San Fran Store After Just A Year Due To Crime

  1. I live in that area. SF, Berkeley, Oakland, and most of the surrounding areas (eg El Cerrito, Emeryville, Richmond) are totally trashed. I go into stores all the time and people are shoplifting brazenly right in front of me. Newsom and the rest of the communists running the state have practically legalized shoplifting and other crimes. Of course it is all by design to terrorize the population by bringing in the dregs of the third world and enabling the black population as well.

    But what is worse, is that the multitudes act as though everything is normal and continue to vote for the same people who mistreat them.

    We have no decent services here. Even the Dollar Shop had to close from so much crime — and they had to hire an armed guard. There are no shopping malls anywhere near Berkeley, and almost no stores. Those who work in retail are preyed upon. And no one seems to notice or care.

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