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Cathay Bank Reveals Biden Crime Family’s Activities

Armstrong Economics | April 17, 2023

The Biden crime family’s activities are coming to light after a bank with ties to China handed over records to Republican lawmakers. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa reached out to numerous banks for information without luck. “We are investigating the domestic and international business dealings of President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and other Biden associates and family members to determine whether these activities compromise U.S. national security and President Biden’s ability to lead with impartiality,” they stated in a joint letter. Cathay Bank was the only bank that was willing to aid in the investigation.

Cathay Bank revealed that Rob Walker, a Biden family associated, received a $3 million payment from a Chinese firm. Walker distributed these funds to the Bidens the following day. The alleged payments were made to Hunter Biden for $610,692; the president’s brother James Biden for $360,000; Hunter’s mistress and wife of deceased son Beau, Hallie Biden, for $25,000; last of all, $70,000 was paid to an unknown Biden. Twelve additional transactions are currently under investigation.


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