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Train Derailment by Malice?

Of late there has been a series of train derailments resulting in explosions and the release of hazardous materials. The most high profile event was East Palestine, Ohio on Feb. 4, 2023.

This has been led off with a predictive programming film called White Noise.

Adding insult to injury the toxic sludge retaining dam in East Palestine has collapsed releasing contaminated water.

Next up is Florida.

This weekend we see more rail cars just “inexplicably” derail at Springfield, Ohio even as the train is travelling at quite normal speeds.

The US has 1700+ derailments every year. However the vast majority of those derailments happen at the rail yard and don’t result in crashes. When the wheels of a train touches ground, its a derailment. The latest off yard incidents involve toxic chemicals. This is not typical or at all normal.

The stage for this was set by systemic market incentives that lead to these results.

— Monopolized infrastructure within a system that has minimal accountability and zero reason to provide quality. This ultimately allows for the ability to pursue profit with minimal expenses. This is known in economics as negative externality. This occurs when an activity or producing a good causes a harmful effect or social cost to a third party.

— A judicial system that fails to adequately protect the property rights of all individuals, which leads to little risk of real restitution following the harmful actions of those with power or influence.

This is well illustrated by the following clip.

We submit that a more sinister intent overlays these developments. A convenient secondary effect for the New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate would be to facilitate a plunge in property value to a massive discount as a result of environmental issues.

Additional motive? Think Agenda 21 rewilding of farm lands. Also these disasters can be used as social change agents to move people who normally have no desire to move.



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  1. Russ, I am a new follower of yours (website and various podcasts). Your research continues to provide “missing links” to my own lifelong (armchair) search for truth and clarity of how our world works. I ran across a piece in an RT “Feature” article today that I simply would not have caught or understood if it weren’t for a Timothy Kelly podcast I heard you on. Thank you to Timothy Kelly.

    Here is the excerpt that jumped out at me from the article on Stalin, which spent a good deal of time comparing him to Trotsky:

    “Trotsky is now considered more as an intellectual and a victim, regardless of the atrocities he committed when in power – particularly in his Ukrainian homeland – and his ideas have not vanished. Irving Kristol, the “godfather of neoconservatism” in the USA, was a former Trotskyist, and the political views of the architects and proponents of globalized financial capitalism mesh with Trotsky’s internationalist views.” – Feature Artice on RT News titled: 70 years after Stalin’s death: How Western propaganda has rebranded the Soviet dictator from villain to hero, and back again. March 5, 2023.

    Specifically, this was my greatest takeway:

    “…the political views of the architects and proponents of globalized financial capitalism mesh with Trotsky’s internationalist views.”

    A cursory look at how the “usual suspects” have built China’s economy reveals – to me atleast – that Trotskyism was the model used and will continue to be the model used worldwide.

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