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Is The Greater Idaho Movement A Model For National Divorce From The Political Left?

Zero Hedge | March 7, 2023

They said it was an absurd waste of time, but now, the progressive coastal regions of Oregon and Democrats in Idaho are getting a little worried about the “Greater Idaho Movement,” with at least 11 eastern Oregon counties officially voting to leave the state and join their more conservative neighbors in Idaho.  Democrats were saying that the move was impossible, but with momentum growing they are now suggesting that the break-up is “bad for the country.”

Why is it bad for the country if a handful of conservative counties decide to freely walk away from the state of Oregon and join with Idaho?  Leftists do not explain the assertion, but one can deduce from their behavior a number of probable conclusions.

Common arguments Democrats in Oregon and Idaho make against the move are usually an attempt to dissuade Idaho citizens from wanting to pursue secession measures.  The core claim is that the state of Idaho would have to subsidize the new counties, with Dems suggesting that rural areas are a drain on high revenue centers like Portland.


2 Comments on Is The Greater Idaho Movement A Model For National Divorce From The Political Left?

  1. Secession is a bad idea, no matter how good it looks in terms of defeating the Commies. It can only weaken the United States = divided you fall!

    The only way is for loyal people to declare war on Communism and Cultural Jew Marxism, and declare those that proclaim this treasonous ideology as enemies and traitors to the American Republic.

    Then get organised and remove the Jews from any positions of power and influence, then end usury and taxation on wages.

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