1 Comment on How The Powerful Captured The Public During The Pandemic: Kim Iversen Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  1. Good interview, although he tells us 33 percent are not afraid and 3.3 million businesses locked down straight off, so that’s interesting to put in context with his known relations with the UN-linked Academy of Divine Knowledge which has been rebranded … info here https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/academy-of-divine-knowledge/
    I think these “good” esotericists and freemasons really believe they must have the power to defeat this evil because they are “gods” but its a psychological scam. When I was involved with a mystery school I was researching in the realms of alice bailey since it was reading material listed, and I had to leave an email to comment and they emailed me back and then called me, total cult intro pitch. Of course back then I thought only my cult was the real deal and these guys were fake real deal, and learned the hard way that my cult is also up their own ass and none of this light crap is any good becaise it all is based on WORKS, and so we know why the Christian reformers hammered this point.

    Kennedy is very nostalgic and for Americans it is true that it was nice place once upon a time and the indistrial revolution backdrop to shirley temple (temple?) And an Irish immigrant bringing home a side of beef for christmas for the first time, all loveliness and snowflakes and hard work and a washing machine for the wife and Italian restaurants. He also sets out legal realities we might be able to use to plan for the next few years but once the bombs start falling people will quickly take their governing and military strictures back. That’s why the war is covert, such as the Ohio train derailment becaise it can’t create real opposition because, in fact, people are misty eyed after listening to Robert here.

    I do think experience of all this esoteria is going to be part of humanity’s future but we can’t go there in our fallen state. The multidimensional mind technologies are well mind-boggling and personally I believe those who submit to the truth of Jesus christ and that only he can endnthi all with a flip of the switch, are fit to have the privilege of experiencing a totally different kind of world and that the nostalgie of America pales in comparison. Kennedy makes too many emotional appeals red blooded men should take note of and what the hell are all those crosses doing stuck up there on his bookshelves anyway. They weren’t there before and people watching him should know he’s a gnostic at the very least so poles apart from your grammys kjv getting mouldy in the basement.

    Otherwise, your other news link, yes the slavs and Russians who run the nation of Israel and think they are jews are being thrown to the dogs and I knew this would happen as its kabbalistic and the fake Tribe of Judah (who don’t actually have the nerve to call themselves that, hence their jews label) is neccesarily expendable. In fact the bible is fishy with Joseph centralising power, as russ thinks, but what if Egypt was just finished and these Egyptians so degraded and indoctrinated by the “magick” of Egypt (the “good” side where there’s no evidence of blood sacrifice) Seems like God just needed to close the chapter and exit with the power because thats what happened. I wonder if there were a few Egyptians who said please, take us with you? More than this, Daniel and Ester and the “jews” returning to Judah with the filth of Babylon in the bible is also fishy. It’s the “bad” side so pretty obvious. Which is why Israel has always been a proxy for whatever power base lies deeply hid in iraq/Iran to this day. Russ knows someyhing about these things because his kid works on it in DC right, and his insight would be so enlightening.

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