A Cover Up Of Epic Proportions Is Happening In East Palestine, Ohio

Economic Collapse Blog  | Feb. 19, 2023

If you want a perfect example of how corrupt our system of government has become, just look at the massive cover up that is going on in East Palestine, Ohio right now.  Federal, state and local officials are telling the public that everything is just fine when everything is obviously not just fine.  On February 3rd, a 50 car Norfolk Southern train derailed in East Palestine.  5 of the cars were carrying vinyl chloride which is an extremely hazardous substance that has been proven to cause several types of cancer.  Unfortunately, with the approval of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, a decision was made on February 6th to conduct a “controlled burn” of the wreckage.  They knew that burning the vinyl chloride would create vast amounts of phosgene gas.  By now, most of you already know that phosgene gas was actually used as a chemical weapon in World War I.  The cloud of toxic chemicals that was created by the “controlled burn” was so large that it could literally be seen from space, and the long-term health problems that are being caused all over the east coast could stretch on for decades.




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  1. I thought the train was 150 cars long. That’s what other news sites have reported. That the length of the train is also what was a contributing factor in the derailment.

  2. with all the food factories being burnt to the ground and now several train derailments, do you think it was sabotage, on purpose?

  3. Now, so far, Lee Merritt, MD and Jane Ruby, (MD?) are looking at the Agenda 2030 land grab angle. Merritt, on The Sage of Quay, while not minimizing the harm it’s caused there short-term, looks at the chemicals involved from a long-term perspective.

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